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Mike Quinsey 10/21/2016

Few people are aware that for a very long time there has been a war in Space between forces of the Illuminati and Space Beings. The Illuminati have made it possible because they have re-directed trillions of dollars into their … Continue reading

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Pleiadian Teachings Part 3

The essence of what everyone must manufacture is the value of self: “Hey, if my body manifested sickness, it can manifest wellness as well. Whose limitation and whose decree of illness am I going to accept?” You have stored within … Continue reading

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Archangel Zadkiel: An Interdimensional Message

Blessings, I am Zadkiel, here to communicate with you. We wish to tell you that there is what may be “membrane” that encompasses every reality. Yes, there are many realities that are birthing within this NOW of your planetary transition … Continue reading

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Lady Nada: What Would Love Do?

Greetings, Beloveds. I AM Lady Nada and I come forth into your consciousness, illuminating your Pure Love Essence that is at your core. I reflect and illuminate this immense potential you have to allow Divine Love to be at the … Continue reading

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The Council: Break The Chain

Once again we return to an important topic in order to approach it from a perhaps unthought of perspective. Please understand that one of the reasons we do this is that as we address each of these topics over and … Continue reading

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Pleiadian High Council Of Seven: Past Life Memories

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom. You have created a large storage of memories from all of your various lifetimes as human and as other expressions of … Continue reading

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Mysterious Flashes Discovered Beyond Milky Way

Strange X-ray emissions have been discovered in two galaxies and researchers can’t explain what’s causing them. The “massive flares of energy in X-ray binary stars” were discovered by University of Alabama physics undergraduate students under instruction from professor Jimmy Irwin. … Continue reading

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