Pleiadian Teachings Part 4

pleiadesDo you know how many people are willing to look at the negative and the dark? Not too many.

Do you know how many people are living in the dark? Do not run from the shadow of life, for there is much healing to be completed once the pain of the darker side of life is felt, realized, and understood.

Archangel Uriel: Light and New Life

urielWe are in a time of expanded Light frequencies. New doors are opening for your ability to perceive in more expansive ways. The power of keen perception is available to all who ask and take the time to receive.What you require now is to relax into the Divine Light flooding the planet and allow it to complete the rewiring process that is working within your energy system to create your ascended Light Body.

Deepening your breath is a key ingredient in opening and expanding into the new empowered frequencies of Divine Light.

Pallas Athena: Manifesting a Love Relationship

456786543Love is one of the core expressions of the Creator. Love is the most truthful feeling and experience which resembles, aligns us to and awakens the Creator’s pure vibrations within. Love is the label for the human and physical reality experience of the Creator. Love represents the purest vibration of the Creator in existence within your being.

The Creator can be expressed in numerous ways, qualities and energies, it is the same for the quality of love. There are

Awake Beloved Ones

147464310297779Awake beloved ones,

Awake to understand who you are. You are more than just a human form. Everyone has loving life force energies running through you.

They are the vibrations of love. You are eternal. You are sacred. You have abilities to overcome all and I mean ALL obstacles.