Pleiadian Teachings Part 4

pleiadesDo you know how many people are willing to look at the negative and the dark? Not too many.

Do you know how many people are living in the dark? Do not run from the shadow of life, for there is much healing to be completed once the pain of the darker side of life is felt, realized, and understood.

Emotions are the sum total of your wealth as a human being. Emotions trigger the inner pharmacopoeia, your body’s personal drugstore. In the drugstore of your body, you are the pharmacist. You write the prescription according to your emotional response or reaction to events. Your emotions create a corresponding chemical release inside your physical form.

The endocrine system, which is responsible for the chemical responses to your emotional choices, will evolve. New chemicals will be produced inside your body that will help you change. Choosing a different way of receiving or translating reality will trigger inner doorways to open and produce substances that will take you into the higher realms.

You are being reorganized on a subatomic level. Within your body, the light encoded filaments – fine, threadlike fibers – are subtle forms of energy that connect everything together. These gossamer threads are reorganized in your body through stimulation by rays and photons that come to the planet bringing cosmic energy.

They are reorganized to rejuvenate your body when you drink pure, clean water. They are particularly activated through the process of oxygenation and deep breathing. There are also ways of oxygenating yourself by ingesting herbs known as blood purifiers.

When you purify your blood, it is able to carry a greater amount of oxygen. The reorganization of fibers on a cellular level builds and grows, and the fibers invigorate your body in a variety of ways. All this involves activating your brain. You have the keys and the codes to open up the rest of that dormant area.

The plan of intention is for human beings, based on the increase of light, to evolve into multitalented beings. Some people are operating on 6 to 8 percent of their brain capacity. Someone who is using more of their brain, an Einstein for example, is using at best 15 to 20 percent.

Ask yourself these questions: What is the other 80 percent of my brain doing? Why is it dormant? What is not hooked up?

The endocrine system will evolve as DNA evolves, producing chemical substances that are combinations of intelligent geometric shapes. These shapes will exist all over the body and will not be localized simply in the brain. Everything will happen simultaneously.

The endocrine system can secrete psychedelic like chemical substances that catapult you into new forms of intelligence. You have a conflict in your society about how you view drugs. Anything having to do with mind expansion has been promoted as very bad and fearful. Yet, at the same time, a good portion of the world is addicted to prescription drugs that keep people sedated.

In your society, prescribed drugs that suppress the natural chemical process are fine, while drugs that activate the mind and open other realities are bad. Major control is in effect concerning your ideas about what you can and cannot take into your body. Take a look at this.

Your endocrine system is going to go through a massive upheaval. It is in the early stages of this at this time. Think of a small grocery store, one that is old and decrepit and has had the same brands of food on the shelves for twenty years; the store is outdated and is not suiting modern habits, tastes, and desires.

Someone comes in and says,

“This supermarket’s too old. I am going to soup it up to meet the needs of society. I am going to change the products that this supermarket carries.”

Supermarkets serve certain needs, and as the needs and tastes of human beings change, the food on the shelves of the supermarket must meet the new taste qualities and requirements.

Your endocrine system is doing the same thing. What is making the endocrine system decide to serve new food? You are – you loving yourself, pulling the pillar of light into your body and reorganizing the basic genetic structure of who you are. As the strands of DNA begin to discover their identities and come alive, they will change the endocrine system.

Your decision to be in the moment, to love yourself, and to work with love on the planet with yourself and all people will completely change what happens inside you. This is a key to rejuvenation, most definitely. Be willing to experience yourself, your life, and your body, as your own creations.

The accelerated energy will create havoc on your planet, leading to a great deal of confusion coupled with radical, revolutionary, overnight change. Never in your recorded history has there been as much energy on the planet and has there been the kind of consciousness that there is now, so you have nothing to prepare you for what is coming –  nothing. The radical change that these movements will bring about is beyond your conception.

Focus on the best that you can be, knowing that you will affect many probabilities around you. Know that for yourself this will be the opportunity to activate a major change. Your pineal gland is being activated through the infusion of light energies, releasing a new vision of possibilities in which peace and freedom are felt and recognized from inside.

Your thymus gland is pivotal in sending the signal to your body to hold the pattern of rejuvenation. Your thymus gland shrinks the older you get; it shrivels up. It is like the gatekeeper at the base of your neck that regulates what comes from above and what comes from below. Your upper glands, the pituitary and pineal, as cranial temples are inactivated; they are basically dormant. Your thymus gland does not continuously remind your body of its idealized blueprint because it is not getting the messages to do so from the temples in your head.

This is because your temples have been disconnected from the full strands of DNA.

Your thymus gland will return to its own vitality when it receives the message that your body has done its preparation and that your consciousness is ready. If you think in terms of life expansion, some of you have barely begun your work. Others have had training that is going to implode you into the next shift; your work is a gift to the planet, a gift to civilization.

If you are beating up on yourself or feeding yourself negative ideas, then you need to examine your dual loyalties. To be here in this moment says to us that you have an interest, an excitement, and a loyalty to transcend the ideas that the human species has been fed. If you are fighting this – looking in the mirror and saying, “Oh, look how I look. Bad news” – then you have a duality, a doubt, a conflict.

If you have such a conflict, then the more the energy builds, the more you will feel like a rubber band being pulled out and snapped back, over and over again. So, if you are feeling like a rubber band being snapped, then the corresponding avenue to look in would be the inconsistency of your beliefs as you are expressing them, silently or out loud.

Your hypothalamus regulates the temperature and water in your body. You are water, you understand – electrified water. The elements and balance of ocean water match the blood in your human body. Humans were made from the ocean. This is one of the greatest secrets of creation. The Pleiadian gods came and used the energy of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. It is from this that you sprang. This is the basic key.

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Channel: Barbara Marciniak
Book: Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library