Mike Quinsey 10/28/2016

147403459048849The changes are progressing well and as they take hold so the power of the dark Forces is diminishing, so much so that they are becoming confused and unable to control events as before. In any event they are only allowed a certain degree of freedom to carry on with their plan for world control. They will not succeed as the end times have already been written and victory for the Light is inevitable and assured. The period that you are now in is full of potential changes, all leading to the uplifting of

The Arcturians: There Is Only ONE

147483740665260Dear ones, we see many still experiencing confusion with regard to world conditions.  Know that what you are witnessing in these turbulent times is the emerging of old energies long suppressed and hidden in need of exposure in order to be observed, evaluated, and changed.

Never fear to look right at any appearance, not hiding from it or pretending not to notice but instead realizing it to be the material sense of a spiritual universe–pictures formed of

Pleiadian Teachings Part 7

pleiadesToday, there are very few geographical locations on your planet that broadcast the love frequency. That is about to change, of course. Earth, as you well know, is going through some challenges – to put it mildly. However, if you think this is intense, hold on. You are in for a grand ride. In a very short period of time, there will be a catapulting of energies on a global scale that will take you further and further toward what will look like the destruction of your planet.

Preparing the Way for Peaceful Transition

forgivenessThe ego has many voices but not one of them is founded in True Love and Compassion. That is not to say that the ego is out to ‘get you’ or deliberately misguide you. The ego tries its best to keep you safe and protected within the walls of human consciousness and the comfort zones found within the halls of Illusion.

We have always guided you that your truth lies within, but we know it is sometimes difficult to hear this guidance

7000 Studies About Turmeric – Why You Should Use This Spice Daily

c6093a6ab7b87b6757f2bc6c4af9cf69Turmeric has become more and more popular day by day.This powerful spice has an impressive list of benefits and medicinal uses, it’s especially well known for the antioxidant content and the anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s highly recommended to use turmeric every single day, want to know why? Have a look at this list, health benefits

NASA Confirms that Planet Nibiru is Falling Towards Earth

meteorite-earth-atmosphere-spaceJust when you thought things couldn’t get worse with presidential election cycle upon us featuring a pair of candidates you have to decide whom you dislike the least, now we find out that soon there may not be much of a United States left to govern. At some point. Maybe. If you believe in conspiracy theories.

According to a report by Disclose.TV , NASA has “confirmed” that a planet called Planet X, or Nibiru, is hurtling towards earth and will