Pleiadian Teachings Part 7

pleiadesToday, there are very few geographical locations on your planet that broadcast the love frequency. That is about to change, of course. Earth, as you well know, is going through some challenges – to put it mildly. However, if you think this is intense, hold on. You are in for a grand ride. In a very short period of time, there will be a catapulting of energies on a global scale that will take you further and further toward what will look like the destruction of your planet.

We want you to know this. We want you to understand that sometimes, when energy evolves, even when you yourself go through evolutionary processes, there is a disorientation, a chaos, a confusion, and a lack of identity.

Toxicity may come out of your body that makes you sick. You may have dancing of the bowels or an upset stomach or a closing down of the bowels. Many different things indicate changes at hand.

You can liken Earth to a gigantic mirror for what is transpiring inside human beings. Earth at this time is reeking in toxicity. She held it off for so long. For many, many years Earth was filled with toxicity not only from radioactive wastes and all kinds of garbage, but also from the collective dumping of human anger. Humans are creatures of energy, and your emotions create a collective force that is broadcast.

You not only broadcast chaos and fear, which is basically what your collective lives have been about for a long time, but you also broadcast anger. The anger is about what you know you are being denied deep down inside.

There are almost six billion of you – on the verge of doubling –  dumping your anger onto the planet. What do you imagine that does? It creates a stirring and mirroring of the planet’s own anger from the lack of care and the lack of love. All of this is being spewed forward now, so in the long run you are going through a clearing. You are all coming to a new realization.

You are being pushed, as a people and as a planet, to your limits. You are going to be forced to define new boundaries about what you will and will not stand for. No one is going to sit home like a couch potato and miss this one. You all must participate; if you don’t, more than likely you will vanish in one form or another.

We remind you that you create your own reality and that the collective anger you feel has to do with the discrediting of your imagination. Feel that for a few moments. Imagination is the key to brilliance, to unifying conceptualizations, and to bringing ideas into manifestation.

When was the last time you were encouraged on a regular basis to invest in your own imagination?

You rob yourselves of the inherent qualities through which you can save yourselves, change yourselves, and redefine freedom. Imagination is, indeed, a ticket to ride on the mercurial carnival of Earth.

Earth is inhabited by a multitude of intelligent forces, not by humans alone at this time. There are dimensional locks that keep various life forms separated and segregated. With the collapse of time, humans are being impulsed to activate Earth’s grid. When you are infused with cosmic light energy, it alters your nervous system, which is like a highway for energy impulses to travel to your brain.

Like road construction, your nervous system is being rebuilt, widened, and strengthened to accommodate an increase of data, like traffic moving through your body. When you face an experience that is out of the norm, that does not fit into the category of the known, your nervous system tends to shut down. Your body goes into shock, unable to process the out-of-ordinary reality.

As energy increases on the planet, blocks in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are magnified. Unexpressed feelings and ideas create obstacles to the flow of energy, whose purpose it is to connect you. You must help the process by being responsible for who you are.

Wherever you have a prejudice or difficulty – “I don’t want to know that. I hate this about myself. I don’t like that.” – you can trust that the magnifying glass will be put over it.

You will squeal and squirm until you get it right. And if you don’t, you will manifest the block in the form of a difficult challenge. Everything is intensifying in order to teach people about responsibility and maintaining a clarity of purpose and intent. Utilizing different modalities of bodywork in this day and age is key to your survival.

Pursuing avenues of discovery through bodywork facilitates and quickens the recognition of your identity.

As more of who you are unfolds, the dramas that have trapped you can be more deeply understood. The dramas are released from cellular holding patterns that faithfully steer you into the very situations that are left unresolved and unforgiven. Actually, you invite all the players in your life, and you, as director, cast the parts and run the show. If you are now finally tired of your script, remember, you write it!

Blame and victimhood are the ultimate traps to insure a state of disempowerment. Remember, you have dramas that are ancient god dramas that influence you now. All of reality is connected and is seeking a healing of union.

There is great humor in highly evolved energies, especially those who work with the love frequency. It can be recognized as a trademark. With energies you encounter, make certain there is an expansive sense of humor, for laughter is a key to freedom. There is plenty of room for joy in all of existence, and this is a concept you are seeking to grasp.

We encourage you to operate out of your feeling center –  your solar plexus or gut. You have the same capacity and activity inside your stomach lining as you do in your brain cells. Reconsider yourself. You can instantly see that you alter your experience when you believe in and find opportunity in every event you create. We remind you that opportunity is often disguised as loss.

The solar plexus area is where you hold power in your body and where you extend your power out to the world. It is also where you perceive the world. This is the feeling center. This is where you get your threads of data, for through the solar plexus you feel your way through events that may make no sense to your logical mind. Step back and take a look.

Reroute your decision-making process, taking a detour into your body.

Notice how you feel and acknowledge your body’s innate wisdom speaking to you as a loving adviser, if only you would listen! Your body wants to work with you –  often it is you and your thoughts that work against your body. Your logical mind, remember, has been trained by those who want you to perform in a very limited paradigm and in a certain limited frequency.

We want you to accept the idea that you are very significant. There is great value in who you are, in what you intend, and in what you allow yourself to experience. We would like you to feel a tremendous upliftment and sense of personal value for your ability to weave multiple realities of consciousness together and leap into territory that many would not support.

We give you a gold star for daring to be foolhardy, because you are playfully freeing the bondage of human perception as you explore the seasons of yourself. There are many teachers who will show you in which slices of time you have flourished and developed, and where you have affected an interconnected reality, and what those times and places have to do with now. One day, you will understand that those other times are now.

Everything occurs in the now. This very moment of existence – where you are is truly the ongoing, spontaneous, significant moment. It is, over and over again, where you can find yourself.

Be aware of receiving simultaneous information from other civilizations. Notice it and find out what you can synchronistically tie together.

Often you are impulsed with a knowing. Yet, even though this commonly occurs, it takes you a while to convince yourself that you do, indeed, know something. There are adjustment periods. Be patient and you can go anywhere you choose. Be clear on what you intend and then let it go.

The dolphins do not keep secrets from one another. They willingly share the accumulation of knowledge they have. You can tell the evolution of individuals by how willing they are to share what they know. The more you share what you know, the more you are filled. The more you hold onto and grip the wisdom you have been given, the more quickly it will run through your hands and you will lose it.

Open your hands and your wisdom will fly off like a butterfly; then new butterflies will land.

All life has chakra systems. A town has roads, cars driving through it, and refueling places that store energy. It is the same with the chakra systems. They are energetic storehouses around and inside of life forms. The chakras connect the internal workings – the physiological third dimensional operations – with the multidimensional, etheric layered goings on.

They bring energy from the nonphysical realms into the physical, if utilized properly.

All forms of life have these energy portals as doorways and places where they can be refueled. What each form of life does with its refueling is within the blueprint or the DNA of the form of life itself. As your DNA is being reordered into a new expression of itself, the frequency or identity that you carry is speaking something on a nonphysical level. Every place you go, you carry the mutating energy that announces itself.

Your consciousness announces itself to all life forms.

Maybe those who are next to you in a shopping mall or restaurant are not quite aware on a conscious level of who you are. However, when you take a walk in the woods and fields, or go into the oceans, you will see other life forms around you that are much more aware of who you are. They change their response, and their DNA changes because yours is changing. Through you, all of nature becomes more available as the Living Library.

From your perspective, there are very few people who have lived thousands of years, yet the creator gods are able to extend the longevity of the cellular body. Life extension and the rejuvenation of cellular life are coming back into fashion. This is part of building the light body, a body that is not so dense, so that it does not self-destruct – a body that self-generates and self-replenishes.

That is what you are striving for. You would be there and you would feel it if your logical mind were not so worried about whether it is possible. We cannot emphasize to you enough that you must stop listening to society and to official versions of reality. This involves choice, not disrespect. This is going to be the hardest task for you, and the biggest break to make – to cross the bridge between your societal self and your spiritual self.

Which one is going to become sacred? Which one is going to be your source of authority?

The sooner you make that leap, the more you will enjoy yourself.

Allow your intuitive self to be the standard bearer of your experience – an experience that no one else is going to validate, and an experience that springs from the assignment that you are knowing, and not necessarily remembering, you are on.

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Channel: Barbara Marciniak
Book: Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library