Preparing the Way for Peaceful Transition

forgivenessThe ego has many voices but not one of them is founded in True Love and Compassion. That is not to say that the ego is out to ‘get you’ or deliberately misguide you. The ego tries its best to keep you safe and protected within the walls of human consciousness and the comfort zones found within the halls of Illusion.

We have always guided you that your truth lies within, but we know it is sometimes difficult to hear this guidance clearly especially if you are facing great challenges in your life that evoke the limiting aspects of the human consciousness.

The Archangels and Ascended Masters are there to guide and support you always, but know that these wise Celestial Light Beings exist within you also.

Beloveds, we remind you that there exists nothing outside of you, therefore let us guide you on the absolute importance of going within and “checking in” with Source on a daily basis in order to prepare the way for a peaceful transition at this ‘time’ in the Great Shift.

Once or twice daily, afford yourself the time and space to sit in peaceful silence and focus your attention within your Body and High Heart center. Focus on the Breath and allow yourself to become centered. Then, when you are ready, call upon the Highest Light within you, to ground Itself IN and THROUGH you deep into the Planetary Core of Gaia, thereby assuring that you are fully connected both above and below (on Heaven and Earth). Whilst within this Sacred Connection and vortex of Creation you are in Presence and being empowered, re-energized, and re-Sourced on ALL levels of being.

It is whilst you are in this Sacred Space that you are Co-creating with the Divine Source of Everything in a profound and significant way!

It is this Sacred Connection that will transform your entire existence!

If you do not avail yourself of this precious connection with your Source energy then you may find that your life experience (reality) can be likened to one of those battery-powered children’s toys that move in slow motion when it is running out of power, going nowhere slowly.

Connecting with your Inner Core power raises your vibration and keeps you in tip-top shape on a physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual level.

This inner connection will bring you a sense of true Peace and instill within you a sense of knowing that all is well, regardless of the chaos unfolding around you. Know that whatever is unfolding is part of The Divine Plan and that everyone is playing their intended role in the Plan in order for the events to occur which need to occur at this particular time. Trust and have Faith!

Know also that ultimately Love prevails, always. The Will of the Creator will prevail and ensure that The Divine Plan plays out as intended for the highest and best good of All.

All is well. All is Love. And so it is.

We leave you our Highest Blessing and the assurance that You ARE Love(d).


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