Porda of Mushaba: Like A Thief in the Night it Will Come

67789I am Porda known as Papa Force of the Mushaba Family of Earth. I come to you today to tell you something of interest. There has been so much information being brought forward about the RV/GCR event. There has been information about delays and assassination attempts of General Dunford, and that the US Corporation is still in control. I will address that, but first let me address something that is important. What I want to address is your soul journey through creation, but in particular, through this lifetime that you are now living. When I speak of your soul journey I am not going to get all woo, woo and philosophical with you. I am going to get straight down to the nitty gritty with you.

The Team: Being Triggered to Bloom

puritylotusbluelightWe are here supporting you as you move through the incredible chaos and the rapidly flowing energy of change. Realize it is out of the chaos that a new reality will come forth. The very events that are occurring are pushing the evolution of consciousness forward.

We realize you might have difficulty in believing that things can change, especially when they seem so hopeless and intense. However

The Collective: Raising Your Vibration

the-teamBeloved Ones,

Know we are with you always, in every moment with every breath. We are here in service to help and guide you, to assist you in your unfoldment into your greatest potential. Every time we address you, we are assisting you in raising your thoughts and vibrations. For those of you who find it challenging to remain positive, to keep your thoughts uplifted, and to stay out of so many things

Saul: You can only Love God by loving yourselves

joyAll are loved.  There are no exceptions. All are children of the Divine One.  Nothing can change that because God, Source, Love – choose whatever word works best for you, resonates most powerfully  with you to signify the Supreme Intelligence of infinite Love – eternally and without conditions loves all that It creates.

Choosing not to love even one other person, however unlovable they may appear to be, is in fact a choice to remain separated from God

Mystery of the “Alien Megastructure Star” Deepens

147630478234684Our galaxy’s weirdest star, KIC 8462852, is even weirder than previously thought, showing changes never observed before in a star like this.

To quickly recap, last year it was announced that the object experienced dramatic and rapid changes in brightness, which led to the wild speculation that the object was surrounded by an alien megastructure. New observations have shown that there are

Dental fillings are raising mercury in blood to alarming levels

san-jose-teeth-cleaningThe next time your dentist tells you that you have a cavity and need a filling, make sure that what your dentist wants to put in your mouth is mercury-free. Dental amalgams containing mercury still exist and numerous studies have shown that they can be very problematic.

A recent study found that people who had more than eight dental fillings exhibited blood mercury levels that were nearly twice as