Zap/Poofness 10/16/2016

And again the beat goes on. The world turns every 24 hours and the clock is ticking and the time bombs go off and the depth finders keep searching for bottoms and the end of all things. And nothing happens. You ponder and wonder and search and get upset or whatever the word you wish to use— an then you let go and figure nothing is going to happen. And we know all of those twists and turns like yesterday, we know. We get it. And we see it and we too feel it. Nonetheless just know that the timing is not yours nor ours nor anyones, but the evolving consciousness of the masses and the powers that hold the key to all of this. There is but one key: time. Time that yields the necessary mix of changes and fixes and the removal of certain issues and the management of all these tidbits toward the fullest known measure of good overcoming the not so good stuff that has gone on for years.

NESARA Report By Veritas: Full Press On

nesarappStarting with NESARA and my comments on safety..

This is really the story of power and how it corrupts people, organizations and nations. I am often questioned on my beliefs as to what is happening in America. It goes like this, “This is the United States. How can you possibly believe that something like NESARA could happen here?” Then there is my favorite, “How can you say these things and alarm people. That’s irresponsible.”