Mike Quinsey 10/14/2016

147403459048849The Presidential Election is the main focal point for millions of Americans, but there is a strong possibility that they may not go ahead after all. The reason appears to be because one candidate looks like pulling out. It could be the most helpful happening in view of the imminent beginning of global currency revaluation, that can be focussed upon without distraction It may in fact have already commenced, and it is certainly very near to taking place at the first opportunity to do so.

Matthew Ward: Unfolding Truth

matthew-mediumWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Earth’s energy field of potential is teeming with activity like never before in your recorded history as powerful waves of light are propelling efforts toward outcomes you will heartily welcome. This influx of light is fast weakening the Illuminati’s hold on their fragments of economic, political and media control and has motivated many minions in lower ranks to leave so there will be distance between them and their former associates when truths emerge

Breast Milk Protein Can Fight Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

top-10-breastfeeding-problems-2160x1200With superbugs well on their way to dominating the world, scientists are looking for new and effective ways to stop this growing threat. Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the rise of antibiotic resistance to be a global health crisis that could signal the end of modern medicine.

Unless we find a solution, the WHO said that common infections and curable diseases such as tuberculosis and gonorrhea could become