Awake Beloved Ones

147464310297779Awake beloved ones,

Awake to understand who you are. You are more than just a human form. Everyone has loving life force energies running through you.

They are the vibrations of love. You are eternal. You are sacred. You have abilities to overcome all and I mean ALL obstacles.

Celebrate yourself. Rid yourself of limiting thoughts and start to take control to live the life you desire. It starts with focus, with a change

of habits that don’t serve.  You are loved and love. Fly sweet one’s fly forever in your own light.  Remember:Your essence is love.

Gift Of Flight  By Star Blossom

Wrapped in an auric cocoon, I am.
The butterfly maiden of love.
I stretch, turn, and vibrate,
opening passageways of cells that expand.

My inner self longs
to spread woven pinions in flight.
My inner compass pulsates
aligning with rays of light that spiral.

When all is ready,
my enveloped cloak is disrobed.
It falls to ground with grace
opening gateway to endlessly soar.

And as rainbow wings merge with rays of sun
I take off to glide inside peaceful dreams.

Star Blossom Goddess
Emissary of Love
Leader of Temple of love
Angel card reader
Spiritual Lecture and workshop facilitator
Reiki Master
Sound Healer
Interfaith Minister
Coordinator of Meet-up Meditative State
Owner of Healing On the Hudson
Coach for Peace
Professional children’s entertainer/storyteller
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