Frequency Shift: Acceleration of Divinity

img-00Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Yet another higher frequency entered yesterday, open your hearts to its transformational light. Feel into its calming effects, it’s like a light spa; let it wash away the turbulence of last month’s timeline shift. We learn to be responsible creators of our future trajectory right here, right now, in our moment by moment choices. Let this light comfort and rejuvenate you, Beloveds. Your realities are becoming much more mulitdimensional, and with that come anomalies, phenomena and sensations of expansion that are brand new to our collective – and personal – experience. Do you see how unified we are with this unfoldment, beloved Ascension Tribe? I do hope you can appreciate the experience of becoming one with all that is.

The Last Seal is Gone

Gatekeeper and Gridworkers involved in the removal of the last seals completed that task prior to the third wave. The entire operation was brilliant and intense, Beloveds. In brief, this affects political structures, the Divine role the US has in Ascension, the Melchizedek order, the collapse of old timelines, clemency scenarios, the removal of negative Atlantean tech tied to DNA lineages, and activation of brand new crystalline levels. Much has been on the bargaining table since August, as this wave’s effects were anticipated to be the most powerful to date. That’s all I can reveal at the moment about this splendid multifaceted operation.

Thank you to every Pacific Rim Gridworker who found themselves called to the East coast and Europe in September. The grand clearing through the old Atlantean vortexes after the wave entered allowed the accelerated timeline to fully anchor. It also involved the removal of blockages to the global Ascension process, so expect to feel a more refined level of light. This wave, like the previous two, continues for months. Technically it is a Galactic stargate, and many of you are having Cosmic visions of going through the Gate. As always, these are evolutionary changes to our consciousness, and we stay present with the energies as our embodiment accelerates.

Purity, Take Command

Personally, my state of consciousness is expanding into a state of purity that makes it difficult to write all of this down. As I merge with Higher levels of light, the experience of oneness is taking over. Ironically, it provides consistent visions, intel, council meetings and a wider range of races (lots of new faces to learn); all of those beautiful encounters and experiences we love to share in this Tribe. I AM experiencing a new level of liaisonship as the veils drop between us. Mount Shasta was a great training ground for interdimensional communications, and this journey to the crystalline Ark has been profound. There is so much more to all of us than we realize.

Kindwhile, I will be in Boulder, Colorado next weekend. Saturday, October 15 is our Full Moon Gateway (one of our dates from the 2016 download list, hearts up). Lauren Galey is creating a gathering, please help her out if you have space and Tribe in the area. Everyone is exhausted, however laughter, hugs and collective sharing are good medicine.

In Love, Light and Service,

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