Change Your Protocol, The Galactic Confederation, Higher Realms and America’s Vote

Greetings Beautiful Souls! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). Today, in this message you may feel slightly a different energy compared to other times we have delivered our messages.

We are in times of great change, but for most, slow, exhausting change, or so it may seem to us here on Earth. Probably because we are the ones creating the change, the ones experiencing all the tough moment to moment challenges. While others sit in their space vehicles and/or clouds and cheer us on.

If who wins this election mattered so much, not just for America but for all of humanity, and 65% if not more of all those that choose to vote, know that the American election system is rigged(it has been rigged since the J.F.K assassination). Why don’t The Galactic Confederation and the Higher Realms intervene, and also do a little bit of rigging for the sake of humanity and America?

I mean the technology the Galactics and the Higher Realms have, the perhaps slightly better candidate would win in a landslide. Right? Of course.

Yes yes we know the Higher Realms do not interfere with freewill. We know this is the collective’s decision. But the majority of the Earth’s Collective is still asleep or else we would be in an entire different(more joyous) timeline.

Nevertheless even those asleep wish for nothing but world peace. They just do not know how to bring this peace about, so they rely on others, political leaders. Unfortunately we do not have enough lightworkers to go around and teach.

The truth is no matter what happens in any election of any country, Earth will ascend, peace is the imminent future of Earth.

The pure hearts of humanity on Earth will experience the best outcome, no matter what happens in the elections, economy, or natural disasters.

The Galactics and beyond know this very well.

However, this best outcome is taking too long. For even those with a pure heart, with nothing but great intentions, are tired, exhausted and in dismay. For that which we have been informed about and promised for it(GCR/Event) to occur years ago has yet to manifest in our lives.

For years, week after week, month after month we see nothing but delays. Instead we are bombarded with love kill messages from the Higher Realms, including myself, from Earth. I’m guilty of that too. But I do it because I care for humanity and Earth, and I know that the Galactics and the Higher Realms also do it because they care and have great love for us. But, as great as their love is for humanity, it is not great enough, for them to take more/direct action. At least be more involved with the lightworker community. Start doing more, together with us here on Earth instead of just daily channeled messages.(I have nothing but immense gratitude for the Channelers, for their time and courage).

Assist us more directly so we can do more, and we all know what we need to happen for us to be able to do more, to cure diseases and poverty. Here I am talking about physical action.

Through many sources of channeled messages, often they speak of how there are celebrations happening in the Higher Realms for what humanity is accomplishing in these times of change.

However, I fail to see any body celebrating here on Earth, for what we are accomplishing.

I think I speak for many when I say I am not at the celebrating moment yet. There is no doubt that most of us(lightworkers and more) are staying positive, not losing hope and faith, and always believing. For if we did not have hope, faith and did not believe in this, we would not be here, where we’re at now. And we will not stop believing.

Once again, with all of my heart and all of Earth in my mind and heart, I say to the Galactic Confederation of Light, Higher Realms, Inner Earth, Ascended Masters, The Elders, it is time for all of you to CHANGE YOUR PROTOCOL. Change your protocol for the sake of humanity and Earth, as we have endured enough unrighteousness. This, I also say and know that I am heard, to Prime Creator/ Father/Mother God with your divine timing. Enough is enough.

It is our understanding that what happens on Earth will affect the entire galaxy and far beyond. So you of the Higher Realms, Ascended Masters, Elders, do your part, stop with the delays, so we can do our part. Let’s get moving NOW, PHYSICALLY, working towards a brighter future.

Let love be your intention.
From heart to heart, KejRaj.