The Founders: Sociology

e045fcf45c3389fea8ea588eb53fb057It is important for you to realize that we are only covering the bare essentials in our discussion of how the Earth changes will affect the various fields of study that humans rely on for their knowledge. Due to the importance of this material, the channel will be organizing our messages in book format and they may not necessarily be dictated in the order in which they were received. This is because the volume of information is just too large to accommodate in a neat and tidy manner. You will note that we often repeat the same information in a slightly different way from time to time. This is intentional. If you receive several different angles on the same reality, it is like viewing the elephant from each side. Eventually you get a pretty good idea about the nature of the elephant.

The sociological impacts of the Earth changes are probably of greatest concern to us and the other groups currently assisting your world. When we detail the roles of the various ET and Earthly groups later in this discourse, you will see what we mean.

The psychological issue of fear predominates much of what goes on in your social structures. The fear of change, particularly, will play a huge role in how human beings respond to the accelerating changes taking place on Earth. Your society is set up to reward individuals who play by the rules and who fit nicely within a hypothetical “box” mentality. We do not believe any further explanation of the “box” is necessary, as you are all familiar with limited belief systems and habitual thinking patterns.

The vast majority of humans are therefore afraid to climb out of the comfortable box (aka rut) in which they find themselves and will wait until there is an immediate crisis before acting. Many of them are like deer frozen in the headlights. They are paralyzed into a state of shock, apathy, or denial. The “business as usual” mentality will come abruptly to an end very soon and those whose whole lives are invested in keeping things basically the same are the ones who will have the hardest time coping with the changes. Your media system is devoted to keeping the masses ignorant in order that the ones who have the illusion of control will continue to maintain that illusion. The illusion is maintained only so long as the masses believe they can be controlled, or as long as they are ignorant of the entire structure of control and domination. Therefore, the so-called “dark forces” that control approximately 80% of the material wealth of the world are dependent upon an ignorant mass consciousness.

As soon as a sufficient number of humans begin to wake up to what is going on within the power structure of the ruling elite, the game rapidly disintegrates. The best, and ultimately the only way to overcome the illusion of control; i.e., victim and perpetrator, is to evolve one’s consciousness to the point where the antics of a few souls desperate to maintain control over the general population no longer have any effect mentally or psychologically over you. You will become aware that your well-being originates from within and has nothing to do with outer supply and demand.

Physically, it seems to take time to extricate yourselves from the controls, regulations and forces that apparently dominate your world. However, as this channel and his guides have previously taught, it is possible to become psychologically invisible (and eventually physically invisible) to those who would seek to do harm. This channel and others have, therefore, often elected to remain “below the radar screen” until such time as they have successfully integrated their own psychological issues and are confident they will no longer give their power away, overtly or covertly, to anything or anyone outside of themselves.

In other words, the power and presence of the Creator will eventually manifest itself through the lightworkers of Earth strongly enough as to automatically create immunity to the negativity of the ruling elite. This is not to say that you should ignore the dictates of the controlling and dominating factions. It is important to remain aware of their activities and state of consciousness, while recognizing the false nature of their belief systems. Attempting to avoid dealing with them only serves to magnify the illusions, as avoidance is a form of fear, and fear plays into the hands of those already lost in its grip.

As the Earth continues to accelerate into higher frequencies, the members of the ruling elite that are invested in power, control and domination will find it increasingly difficult to maintain their presence on your world. That is because the vibrations associated with the lust for power and egotistical domination have a very low frequency, and that frequency will become increasingly out of phase with the emerging new frequency of the Earth. A large percentage of the current rulers will experience immune system dysfunction within the next few years. Some of them will “see the light” and change course, opting for a path of holistic healing and atonement for their perceived sins. Others will go insane, in the clinical sense of the word, and end up on a path of self-destruction. Some may bring others down with them.

You have all seen the symbolic sheep following their leader off the precipice of a cliff. We anticipate a small, but significant number of souls choosing this method of departure from the Earth plane. Whether they march off to war, or accept some cancer-causing implant to be inserted in their bodies in order to “keep them safe” or are duped into eating toxic food additives, the method of departure will be irrelevant. The method of departure is not what is important, but rather, the decision to exit itself and the motivation behind the decision. Ultimately, there are no setbacks in God’s Creation, but in the lower worlds, setbacks appear to be a reality of life.

The souls that make poor choices will reincarnate on a world better suited to learning lessons quickly and efficiently. They will not have failed, because failure is ultimately an illusion, but they will have delayed their awakening.

We will now spend a little time reflecting on the many ways your society remains in denial about the Earth changes that are already occurring and that will be accelerating quickly in the years to come.

As you know, your media systems are controlled by a few huge conglomerates that in turn control many of the industries that advertise (aka support) the media institutions themselves. The industries doing the advertising have various products and services they offer to the public (or various segments thereof). In order to keep their profits maximized and their hierarchical structure intact, they depend on an ever-increasing number of customers and consumers of their products and services. Therefore, they tend to support those news stories that portray the idea that “business as usual” is humming along. After all, to keep people buying more and more stuff, you have to give them the impression that the economy and social structure will continue to grow and get better and better.

A panicky population, or one undergoing profound change, tends to make significant alterations in buying and consuming habits. For example, if everyone on Earth recognized the health effects and impact on the environment of eating beef, the consumption of this product would likely drop significantly (although there would be a portion of the population that would simply shrug and say, “Okay, it’s killing me and the planet. Who cares?”) Therefore, the beef industry will give funding to those media outlets that ignore the facts and promote the product as safe, healthy and good for the environment.

Much of what passes for news in your daily media is a lot closer to “infomercials,” segments devoted to information about various products and services. Add to this your government propaganda and the selective distribution of historical data, and you have an ignorant population with a very narrow viewpoint of reality. For every “news” story approved for distribution, there are likely a hundred news stories not considered worthy of distribution by media outlets. In most countries on Earth, any story overly critical of the government or industry tends to get blocked from publication in the mainstream press.

Another important aspect of keeping the masses ignorant has to do with the work ethic. While it is important to develop your creative skills and abilities, the amount of time necessary to attend to the daily tasks of keeping your physical form safe and healthy need not amount to nearly as many hours as it does for the average human. Your work ethic dictates that in order to be a productive member of society, you must spend the majority of your waking hours being a busy little beaver, following your master’s orders, in order to produce as many goods and services as possible and make as much profit as possible for your employer or customer. You even have a state in the USA (Utah), whose symbol is a beehive.

The work ethic, combined with consumer mentality (always needing more and more things and never being satisfied), results in a large portion of the population spending almost all of their time earning and spending money. During the week, they work long hours to earn their “daily bread” and on the weekend they go to the shopping mall to spend the money they earned on clothing, electronics and other mind-numbing entertainment devices.

Some souls caught in this earning/spending merry-go-round pause for an hour each week to go to a church service, where they are fed belief systems designed to keep them fearful of an angry, vengeful God.

Is it any wonder that the vast majority of souls on Earth have little or no knowledge of the coming Earth changes? A few have heard of the Mayan calendar and know there are prophecies about 2012, but how many really understand what is taking place? How many even want to understand?

In order to change the society significantly, there are two methods:

(1) Initiate a massive program of real education. Teach courses in the schools on what it means to be a human being. Teach people to think for themselves (aka critical thinking). Structure the society in such a way that teachers are valued and paid to reflect the contribution they make to society. This channel once remarked that the LOSER in a heavyweight prize fight lasting a few minutes makes more money than a teacher does in a lifetime. Restructure the priorities to make education and open-mindedness imperative.

(2) Create a situation where people are forced to change, such as a massive series of Earth changes that jerk people out of their consumer-induced stupor. If the store shelves are bare because the crops are under the sea, or the banks have no money, the whole charade comes to a screaming halt. This is obviously not a very eloquent way of waking up the populace, but it can be quite effective, and it is the most likely scenario at the present time.

The social structure of the world during the Earth changes will, of course, undergo profound transformation. Many industries will vanish, especially the ones that depend on maintaining the illusion of power and control. Legal entities (law firms), insurance companies, mortgage companies, banks, and other organizations that accrue karma or depend on fear and control in order to maintain themselves will be greatly altered, if not eliminated. With a few exceptions, these industries depend on the misfortune of others, or act as mediators for ego disputes between souls struggling to dominate and control one another. The banking system in itself is not bad or evil if it simply serves to make the trading of goods and services more efficient. However, as most of you are aware, the central banks have been taken over by entities whose primary desire is to maintain a position of power at the expense of the working class. The monetary systems of most of the developed nations on Earth are based on what is commonly called “fiat currency” or currency backed simply by the people’s faith in their government and banking system. That brings us to the economics portion of our message.

We have already discussed ascension symptoms and the Master Template in earlier dissertations, and so we will move on now to other topics.

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