Discover the power within, a date with destiny 7/8th January 2017

Horoscope circlePluto conjoins the Sun, Venus in Pisces conjoins the South Node of Fate and Mercury stations direct.

On the 7th January, Pluto who represents our soul’s purpose and passion will exactly conjoin the Sun in Capricorn, empowering us to take control over our lives and destiny.

It’s time to take back your power and to take charge of your life and focus on the direction you want to go and create the life that you love!

We can no longer let our fears choose our destiny.

On the same day, Venus in Pisces is exactly conjoined to the South Node of fate and a few hours later Mercury stations to go direct.

It’s a date with destiny.

As Venus meets up with the South Node of fate on the 7th of January, there may be a strong desire to connect with a soul mate and soul groups, who operate on a similar vibration. Synchronicities will be strong and magical, inspiring and karmic people and potential new loves can enter our lives, events that happen now have the potential to change the course of your life.

Existing relationships can benefit from a magical, romantic and forgiving energy, upgrading all relationships to the next higher level. Releasing and healing relationships, addictions and delusions will be easier to do now, that are no longer serving our highest purpose and good. Enabling us to live from our true authentic self, from a deep soul level. Trusting and moving away from fear. Deep healing will be available to us, as Venus meets up with Chiron the wounded healer in the last week of January.
All Planets will be direct from the 8th January until the 6th February, opening up a powerful energetic window for positive change, surprising opportunities and meetings in all areas of life. Leading us directly into a powerful eclipse on the 10th February in Leo, where life will move forward at a rapid speed that will help to manifest our desires of self-expression and success.

Our confidence, optimism, inspiration and creative inner spark will grow day by day now. We will loose our fear of the unknown and change.

It’s a cosmic green light to forge ahead with our newly found insights, revelations and clarity that we gained during the Mercury retrograde in Capricorn that ends on Jan 8th. That`s a good time to start making important decisions in your life and to break out to new horizons that the Jupiter-Uranus opposition is pushing us to do with potent and revolutionary energy.

As Mercury turned retrograde , he was conjoined to Pluto, now as he emerges from the underworld, after digging deep into our subconscious minds, the Sun is conjoined to Pluto, putting all things Pluto, who is the ruler of Scorpio into focus.

Transformation, reclaiming our power and living from our soul’s true desires are at the heart of all things now. Pay close attention to the realizations that you have made during Mercury’s retrograde, they are the clues for releasing and transforming deep psychological and emotional blocks, often deep rooted since our childhood. The days leading up to the full moon in Cancer which promises a release of long deep-seated emotional blocks could be revealing.

Pluto is in a tense aspect to Jupiter and Uranus, making any constraints or limitation feel unbearable. There is a chance for a radical shift in perception and a need to break out of old ways and patterns of behavior, thinking and limitations. We are no longer willing to play it small. There is a huge urge to expand and grow beyond our limitations within and without, as we evolve and develop to the next level of our journey.

“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” Albert Einstein

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