Energy Update: Your Ticket To Freedom Is Close At Hand

video-film-awaken_kneao_1Don’t start out your day without checking in with the highest part of yourself, or you could find yourself having a rather bad-ish day which can end up going from bad to worse if you allow your ego any say in the matter.

Too many times we’re in a rush to get going and do whatever it is that is needing to get done and we forget what is most important in our lives. We miss the BIGGER picture, quite literally, and end up losing the plot or the sale!

At this time in your transition, you are fully aware of your multi-dimensional Self up to a certain frequency level, whether you perceive of this or not, it is true. You are hearing the many voices of Self and you are choosing which voice you wish to listen to.

Learn to block those voices that do not resonate to the highest frequency of Love and tune into those that do.

At this stage, you are learning to become the Master of your own energy field. You will need this training so that you will be able to consciously navigate the sub-planes of the 4th dimension of which there are seven, and beyond into the sub-planes of the 5th dimension.

It is in the 7th sub-plane of the 4th dimension that you are merging with your I AM Presence, the Highest Light within you.

Once you are in the clear of all the unwanted baggage you had stored within the lower, emotional and mental sub-planes of the 4th dimension, your merging will take on a higher level of Light frequency that will serve to propel you over the threshold into the lower sub-planes of the 5th dimension. This is your ‘ticket’ to freedom and it is close at hand! However, bear in mind that your dominant state of consciousness always determines your reality.

Be assured that it is your I AM Presence that is governing your transition and monitoring your progress.

It is your I AM Presence that is co-creating with you to provide your every need and manifest your every wish that resonates to the highest frequency of Light and Love.

It is your Beloved I AM Presence that takes 10 steps towards you whenever you take just one step towards the Light by loving yourself fully and unconditionally. Therefore we say to you, love yourself, forgive yourself and accept yourself, no matter what.

Allow yourself to BE fully present in the NOW of the Moment and do not dwell in the lower levels of your consciousness worrying about nonsense. It is quite literally non-sense because it makes no sense in worrying about it. When you realize how little sense it makes you will wonder why you ever gave it your precious energy in the first place.

Rather place your attention and intention on creating joy, peace, and happiness in your life and through these higher frequencies your reality will always be filled with Love and Light.

We, who are your family of the Light, are so excited for you, we’re ecstatic on your progress thus far. We await you with smiles on our faces and our arms open wide to receive you back Home!

We leave you now, although we are never far away from you, our Precious Love, and remind you that we love you and wish you a most magical week ahead!

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