The Collective: Looking At The Broader Picture

collective.gifThe latest guidance from our friends, the Galactics, Earth Elementals, Ascended Masters, and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

Our writer has asked that we address the disappointment and chagrin that so many of you are experiencing at present, on the day of the beginning of a new group sitting in places of power in Washington, DC.

First, understand that what appears before your physical eyes offers very little indication of what is actually occurring in your world.

There has been for many centuries a façade constructed by those who placed themselves, via usurpation, in places of power, creating a power structure that they then commandeered—and that façade is at present one of “business as usual,” with those who enjoy stamping out human rights and freedoms having apparently taken up what they consider to be their rightful place of governance once again.

Now, we are aware that there are many who believed President Obama to be part of that power structure, and it is true that he was, on his mother’s side, born into a family that is part of that old order.

But that particular gentleman was also a very great exception to the rule, in ways that are not yet apparent to the mainstream of human thought and information.

He had a very great role to play in the restoration of human sovereignty, a role he will continue to play in other arenas, both Earth-bound and Galactic.

The person who was today placed in what is considered a position of power is currently in the process of realizing that far from being the one in charge, he is now an employee, for perhaps the first time in this Earth life, and answering to those he has long considered “below” him.

If you have felt intuitively that his energy is extremely low and dense, we would say, that is a perceptive reading of his intentions, and that is fine.

But that is not a complete reading of what will occur while he is in office.

There are numerous powerful structures now in place, thanks in part to President Obama, in part to the Galactic presence that is part of the United States government, and in part to the rising global human consciousness over the past decade, which will ensure that mass destruction is not part of this man’s agenda, regardless of what he may say.

There are numerous constructs now in place that also ensure that the environment, including air, ground, water, and ethers, will not be over-toxified or endangered to the degree that his overlords would prefer.

And there are numerous constructs now in place that will ensure that human rights are not lost to the depths of his preferences and the orders he has been given.

Perhaps this information does not come as a great relief to you.

Perhaps you are holding onto the feelings of anger, sadness, or despair—the deflating realization that you have gone from a highly evolved Lightworker in the Oval Office (albeit, one who had to play as if he were part of the power structure at times) to a sad and sorry excuse for a human being.

And we would say, it is possible to see this new development as a continuation of all of the steps forward that humanity has taken over the past eight years, rather than a step back.

It is possible to see this “new regime” as a larger door to full disclosure of the Galactic presence, and therefore NESARA law, than you might have ever imagined.

And it is possible to see inwardly, even where you do not see outwardly, that much good can come of this new phase, which no one could predict now unless they were seeing things from our higher view of the state of the Earth.

And how can I feel good about this man, when he chased human rights, climate change, healthcare, and LGBT rights off of his website within minutes of being inaugurated? you ask.

You can feel positively, dear ones, by looking at the broader picture—the great cosmic scheme—and not only this localized one.

Understand that many traps are laid for consciousness, to pull human awareness and overall emotional vibration down to the level of sadness, fear, shock, and despair, as often as possible.

This is apparently one of those moments—and yet, is that truly the situation?

Are you not seeing a growing awareness in the mainstream population, of the delicacy of peace and human welfare and equality and justice—an awareness not squelched by the present moment, but spurred on by it?

Are you not seeing commentators and writers and whistleblowers report the truth more often, even at risk of losing their careers or even their lives?

And are you not yourselves feeling the immensity of the waves of higher Light coming in now, as your Sun reflects and engages in powerful activity that cannot help but shift the engagement of human thought and feeling with your current reality to a higher level?

Nothing is lost.

You are still the brightest stars in the Universe, all of you who came to Earth at this time knowing full well what lay ahead.

You are still on your path of empowerment, wresting your minds and emotions from the old, fast-dissolving matrix, and absolutely, unequivocally, using your Voices in ways and at levels that human voices have not been used in many thousands of years.

We hear you, and you hear you, and you know this is so.

We invite you to sit quietly today or tomorrow, and say to your Spirit team of guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self, “Show me what is happening! Why has this group come into power—what is different, this time?”

Ask, and they will show you.

Even if you do not hear direct words spoken into your inner heart-mind, they are able to energetically send you a higher understanding of how this man’s presence—the opposite of what St Germain envisioned when he spurred on the birth of the United States—in the current energetic environment, is actually a move in support of humanity up to its next level of evolution.

This is so not only for the United States, but for the entire planet.

Is he functioning that way willingly? you may ask.

And we would say no, as his awareness is too full of the dark to understand the depth and full meaning of the role he is playing.

But stand where you are able to take in a higher view—we are sending you energies to aid in that—and realize that it is exactly this sort of haphazard, rule-breaking presence that enables the lid to be thrown off much that has been hidden for too long. 

The element which, once added to the pot, unwittingly throws open the doors to investigations and exposures of long-hidden secrets—exposures capable of leading to the downfall of the millennium-long reign of that which must now be overthrown.

And consider that rather than waiting for positive events to unfold, you are creating them, just by being on this Earth and seeking and demanding the Truth, and magnifying within yourselves the Light that reveals the Truth.

Just by anchoring these powerful energies as they flow into your planet and human awareness, whether you call them photonic, electromagnetic, or by any other term—they are here, and they are upending all the carefully laid secrets, even those seemingly protected by technologies once thought impenetrable.

And so you see the doors to great vaults swinging open, dear ones, revealing information that explains how and why the planet has been so oppressed and misused for so long, and revealing those family, government, and off-planet structures that have overseen that oppression.

And understand, with each new revelation—this is not something you have “waited” for.

This is something you yourselves are now creating.

Whether you take to the streets and march, or write books or blogs or poetry in favor of Truth telling, or simply speak your own truth to those you know, you are paving the way for far more than a new paradigm in government, and an end to high-level criminality.

You are creating a whole new way of life on your planet.

All is not lost, dear ones.

Demand that what you believe in come forth—how is a great democracy formed, otherwise?

How else it is kept?

And how else is a planet made free?

Namaste, Light Warriors!

We stand beside you, honored to be a part of your path.

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