Add A Little Lavender Love Into Your Life

148738271458016The nostalgia of lavender can bring to mind long summer days, nature’s magick, childhood memories, nurturing baths, tender moments, and of course our enchanting faery friends.

Perhaps it was yesterdays’ “summer-like” weather while we enjoyed a beautiful hike, or maybe it’s just been my own faery craving, but I decided to make some little lavender muffins last night to add to the morning pleasures we’ve been enjoying.

Be it biscuits, scones, or cornbread, they’ve been much more fun with the lavender-infused dandelion “honey” that a little faery friend of mine freshly brewed up for me. 🙂 Thank you!

I’m currently not much for putting lots of time into food preparations these days, unless inspired or having a gathering, but am so grateful to have access to the plethora of healthy food options where someone like myself that likes to eat organic, non-gmo, vegan, gluten-free foods can find so much to satisfy that is easy and quick.

And, personally, I love lavender-infused foods. Maybe it’s the faery me, but I find flowers and herbs very tummy-and-taste-satisfying, not to mention add a fresh zest that takes you on an “Eden experience.” I also gravitate to the more exotic kombucha flavors (over basic ones) that infuse such things as lavender, elderberry, hibiscus, orange peel, chamomile, fresh-pressed ginger, bilberry, honeysuckle, and red clover.

But, on the topic of lavender, it is not only beautiful, fragrant, and calming, but also extremely powerful with many natural remedy uses, along with the yummy baking, gourmet cooking, and tea infusions you can enjoy it in.

You can explore its many uses online or in books, of which some include in food and drink, in body care and natural household products, in an aromatic sachet, in flower arrangements, essential oils, and remedies, as well as you can create your own. I find that everyone is unique and there are different things that work in different ways for each person. So while you can find much information on lavender uses out there, it’s always good to find what works best for you.

For instance I love lavender in my food and drink, and the fragrance is very enjoyable to me, however when it comes to essential oils, I have personally found peppermint to be my go-to over lavender for soothing clarity and fresh relief that feels both calming and invigorating to me. There just isn’t a black and white guideline you must stick to except your own body’s gauge.

That being said, lavender is known for many to be most useful for relief of anxiety, nervous tension, and stress, as well as good for aches, pains, muscle and joint stiffness. If you’ve ever gone to get a massage you’ll note how lavender is most always used in your session.

In general, lavender is a powerful plant remedy with both physical and uplifting emotional benefits that include being a good sleep aid (helps with insomnia), aiding fatigue, good for insect bites and stings, mild burns and cuts, nausea and motion sickness, skin problems, sunburn, dandruff, cold sores, earaches, headaches and migraines, menstrual cramps, infections, etc.

So if you’re feeling the need to nurture yourself a bit more these days because of the intense energies, over-stimulus of things in the environment, or the challenges of change, perhaps lavender may be one way that supports you to relax into the flow of life more with ease and embrace.

Try taking a lavender-infused bath, have a lavender massage, use an oil burner to fill your space with lavender breath, enjoy some deep breaths of lavender steam inhalation from essential oil placed in a bowl of hot water so you can breathe the vapor, soak your feet in lavender oil infused warm water, make a lavender compress, or simply enjoy some lavender tea.

However you bring some lavender into your experience, your life will increase in enchantment. You will find another way of connecting to nature that will heighten your sense of honor, gratitude, and partnership with Earth.

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