Reader’s Thoughts: From Nancy Joy Hefron

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Nancy Joy Hefron –

I had an amazing dream last month right before our final court hearing with our neighbors after 11 long years. It was vivid and emotional but I will make it short but it is poignant. I was in the Court House searching for the assigned hearing room which I couldn’t find. (Very frustrating) And I was worried I missed my last chance to heal this 11 year painful mess. As I sat down in despair in the court house foyer feeling like the world was growing worse every moment for me, a wonderful cowboy ( I know weird right) appeared with startling blue eyes. He pointed to a beautiful huge (three story high) real white horse in the middle of the foyer and simply told me to “hop on.” I looked at him in confusion and he said, “It’s your choice Nancy Joy!” With that I closed my eyes and I was on this amazing horse who had sprouted white wings. A huge earthquake began to shake the ground beneath us and the whole court house crumbled into debris around us as we flew off into a beautiful starry night sky. I awoke in a bliss that has stuck with me ever since.

As a child, I loved the story of Pegasus the winged white horse who grew magically out a decapitated monster in his final death throws to carry his rider to the sun. This is what is happening folks. We can hang out in the crumbling debris clenching our hands and protesting the inevitable underway as the monster that has jailed you dies or you can find your Pegasus and be free. By the way, we absolutely won our court case and even received some damages and a new agreement is legally in place protecting the next family to enjoy our property. It’s over and we are free.

We are all at the divine choice point of potential to change ourselves and our planet and it isn’t done by continuing the same old patterns of the old earth we are more than ready to leave. This may be a shocking point of view for some of you but never-the-less I’m going to say it… global warming, pipelines, climate change, the political game immigration and even Fukushima etc are all part of the earth we are leaving behind as we soar into our dreams. The more of our heart, emotions, time and energy we give those out dated things, the harder it is for the collective consciousness of humanity to vibrate in the new leaving duality and fear behind and feel our freedom and expanding our creativity.

So my soul family, please use the powerful energy over the next few months including the coming Solar eclipse on February 26 at 6:10 am CST and carrying this incredible energy all the way to Spring Equixox on March 20th at 5:29 am CST. Let this be truly a new spring birthing the new reality we all dream of. Let the old earth go and choose to use our emotional energy to create our dreams rather than live in the past we are done with. It has never worked and certainly doesn’t now. Whistle Blower Corey Goode explains from his knowledge of the Secret Space Program and the ET’s working to assist us, that they cannot interfere until human consciousness has shifted and emotionally supports the ascension and shift. As my cowboy said, “It’s your choice.” So choose to join the heart lights shining more brightly with every breath and Catch the Magic leaving the old earth and its dualistic shenanigans behind you in the dust. Pegasus awaits you!

From Reader: Nancy Joy Hefron – Thank you from the Era of Light.