Reader’s Thoughts: From Darrel Andrew Green

148737733790302From Darrel Andrew Green –

Current events are unfolding emotionally charged incidents nationally, and globally at an accelerated pace, more people know the same things and our connecting through all forms of media platforms with exploding emotional, mental, spiritual, morality, scientific, nature, economy, governmental content on multi technological devices especially the fuel of politics and geopolitics.

We now have a means of staying informed more than ever, thank God for the internet for it is a means of critical mass, collective consciousness of the Zero Point Energy Communications.

Ascension is the awakening from 3D unawareness, unconsciousness, to remembering our true identity of love expressed by receiving and sending 5th dimension and above love and light energy individually and collectively.

Global currency reset is a process of a falling away of the old debt slavery system, and ushering into a newly improved freedom programs: RV/GCR NESSARA/GESSARA are movements of the 5D ways of self governance/empowerments of which is going to be our New Golden Age.

Politics are just the trigger for the new transparent government which is genuinely loving, accountable, helpful by the new consciousness power of we the republic people as our constitution visioned.

Thank you for your services to planetary, and humanitarian projects which help all of the above.

From Reader: Darrel Andrew Green – Thank you from the Era of Light.