Reader’s Thoughts: From “the well-dressed yogi”

148737733790302the well-dressed yogi writes; Hello KejRaj, your post confirms what I have been ‘getting’ from my Inner World, from my Higher Self MySelf 🙂 Last week, during meditation, I got the message ‘Disclosure coming soon’. Now, I don’t (and haven’t) focused too much on ‘external disclosure’ because to me, more important is My Disclosure of/to MySelf 🙂 So I was surprised to hear that message.

Then few days back, I asked my HS casually ‘what’s happening with chemtrails, when do you think it will stop’, and It said ‘very soon’. The message was very clear and firm.

And the most ummmmazing thing is the dream that I got few nights back. I had this dream with my previous employer. He gives me a project with a client. And upon asking who and what the client was, he said the client is someone who deals in/produces Gold. And then I saw, in the dream, he’s asking me and fellow colleagues to go into the server room and unplug all the network cables from the ports and then replug them in.

As I woke up and thought about the dream, initially I didn’t get it. But then the penny dropped! It was my Higher Self who got ‘represented’ in the dream by my ex-employer because his name is similar to my HS (only one letter in the name is different!!!) and perhaps because I don’t exactly know how my HS looks, so to make it easy for me to decipher the dream, this person was shown? My best guess and it feels right.

Gold is representing something to do either with the gold standard of currency or as one my friends said it could also mean Higher Harmonics. And the unplugging and replugging is a sort of a RESET – global currency reset, reset of the cosmic fabric, reset of this paradigm, reset of the story on this planet so as to being anew/afresh? Even though I am cautious and leaning towards thinking that the message could be more personal, I feel that there’s a deeper and precognitive GLOBAL message to this dream. Well, that’s my get on it. And it rings true.

Just thought of sharing this with You 🙂 Keep UP the Light, brother ❤

From Reader: the well-dressed yogi – Thank you from the Era of Light.