Baldor: Freedom of Life

spiral starThere is a time coming when all of the concerns that are present on the earth right now will be set aside and the solutions will be in place. That in itself will change all of the concerns to satisfied results of ease and peace on the planet. It will be as if these concerns had not been in place, but a mere medley of what it takes to bring oneself to a place of appreciation of what it means to be at peace, with joy, through the Love that is within and all around everything and everyone.

I look forward to this essence of having all in place and everything going to the music of freedom and honor that each person on the earth and within has for all of life. Yes, even the animals, insects, trees, plants, and all of life will be in harmony. This is coming dear ones, for I see in the essence of truth that it is in the process of coming for all of existence. You all are a part of this freedom of life.

I, Baldor am so happy to see that you are coming to that stage of life where you can see the pleasures that are in the process of being the way of life for all of you. I see that so many of you are either living it right now, or are taking the steps to bring it into your life and for those around you. Take a moment to look within and thank yourselves for the beauty that you are creating in your thought process and beyond. That is the energy in which the truth is brought to the front. Life is the perfection of what Love is all about.

I leave this message now to go and sit in the cloud of Love that you have already created, for it is so wonderfully full of promise for the coming essence of Love expressed, which has already been in progress.

Thank you dear Baldor, Much Love, Nancy Tate.

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