Archangel Michael: Breathe Deeply, Open Your Hearts Wide

aa michaelYou are holding the current energies and LIGHT with grace, and greater intention.You are becoming skilled at riding these waves of enlightenment.You are more prepared than ever, for the daily influxes and nuances and for the most part, you are flowing in sync with all that is transpiring.

The energetic and ascension waves that are distributing through and within your bodies are most understandably now allowing you a KNOWING of what to do. You are no longer fearing these symptoms, there is greater acceptance and awareness around all that is happening, within and around you.

Dear Ones, it is a long held knowing that your true Sovereignty is being returned to you.

That is what this incarnation is all about.

How you began your journey on Planet Earth will look nothing like what these up-coming years will lay out before you. To be able to live in a time of complete abundance, when all who inhabit the Planet share in the equity and joy that brings, it will be such a unique time. A time you were all so eager to experience once again, and now it is right out in front of you.

When life on Planet Earth is no longer about “survival” and instead becomes a life of abundance where all life forms “thrive” – ALL Beings will take back their power and liberty. Fear will leave your vocabulary once again.

The current re-alignment of your Chakra systems is monumental in what is transpiring. Moving your bodies out of lack, limitation, poverty to once again fully empowered Beings of Light – amazing transformation happening as you “go about your day.” What incredible Beings you are Dear Ones.

All Beings will be living and loving, sharing the Earth in peace and harmony. You have strived for this time, and you will experience all you have anchored on the Planet.

The LOVE THAT YOU ARE will shine forth – your true-self will radiate for all to see. You will all communicate from the Heart – no more lies, only TRUTH.

Your bodies as they proceed through this metamorphosing will become ‘LIGHT BODIES’ therefore, there will be less consumption of resources from the Earth. Mother Earth once again returning to her own Pristine Wisdom and True Beauty.

Dear Ones, the significance of these times has been conveyed to you from many sources of wisdom. In your current rational mind thinking, sometimes this seems unimaginable, but as you begin to allow and trust more of what we share, you will be filled with the awe of what awaits you. Your Higher Mind holds greater Wisdom and Insight and this will replace the lower mind rationale.

My Dear Friends it is always a joy to offer this information and our own excitement of what lays before each of you.

One of my previous messages from earlier this year stated “that the months of 2017 would feel like weeks.” You are indeed noticing the quickening of time as already nearly half of your earth year has passed.

Time is an illusion Dear Hearts – the NOW moment is all there truly is – stay in these moments. Do not stress or fear what you cannot control. All is in Divine order and timing – you know that to be true.

Allow, Dear Hearts.

Breathe deeply, open your hearts wide.

Honour yourselves and each other as you walk each day closer to bringing your New Earth into reality.

Holding your hands and hearts as always. I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.
» Source – Channel: Leslie-Anne Menzies