Ultra Sensitive Empath Transmission: 11:11 10:10 Ascension Transformers Gateway

thebluerayStress, Overload and Time out for the Evolutionary New Cycle 13

Many of the ultra sensitive blue rays, starseeds, forerunners and old souls who have been on path for a long time may feel fatigued, burned out. A review of the way you are meeting the present energies that includes your mediations and spiritual practices. And it may be challenging to do your normal work and to get things done. There is a call for you to have some inward, down time and enjoyment. This is from the years and decades of evolving and transforming the energies.

There is an 11 11 and 10 10 Evolutionary Gateway for the starseeds who are ready to enter into this new multi-dimensional Universe of new awareness.

Gateways Number Sequences Meaning

The 11 11 portal gateway is a pre-encoded triggering sequence to activate a higher mission to accomplish in your connection together.

The 10:10 Ascension gateway endings, rebirth, new life in a higher frequency, a full cycle is complete and whole. Once you reach this level you may experience a higher frequency and choose your next course of activation. Through this gateway into your new lifetime, you can bring the greatest aspects—empowerment of soul wisdom, love and what you have acquired. You cannot bring through the gateway what does not serve your new life and purpose, relationships and ties to the past.

13 is “The Return of the Goddess in all things” The Sacred Power of 13 brings and carries the frequency resonance of Transcendence of matter and the embodiment of ascension, the new earth frequency code, Unity and Oneness, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Shekinah and Sophia; natural rhythms coming into balance and sacred order; taking back your power through the sacred divine feminine.

You are the new forerunners code carriers and steward ambassadors who have been on the front lines bringing in through the multidimensional realms the download into this plane. You have been giving birth to the divine vibration frequency to anchor in the grid and new templates.

Others may not understand what your mission and path has been or recognize how you could be so fatigued and need for review and recuperation. For them they do not have an understanding of this and those realms or of service. They maybe trailblazing around you and saying, “lets go to the next project”. Without regards and reverence for the needed allowance for your integration and peace. As this time stabilizes within you the energy fields so grace of harmony and the right alignment of the gateway may occur.

The combined gateway of the 11 11 and 10 10 at the same time is showing you to take some time to review and retreat as the new signals are being presented to you. Be still and watch the new direction of spirit. If you continue on doing to keep pushing in the way that you have you will miss this opportunity even doing the same rituals and routine in the same way. Take this time of renewal, quiet and not pushing the energies. You are allowing for the high-frequency energies to pierce the veil and connect with you in new ways of being.

Joy, love and laughter is calling your inner child wishes to play. Are there things that you loved to do and have forgotten and can you allow them back in your life in new ways.

If you’re having re occurrences of health issues of energy drains, fatigue and new sensitivities crop up your being asked to tune in. And not necessary do what you did in the past and or what is standardized. Nature and another level of self love to your connection to life and others are playing a key role here. What is required for your renewal and transcendence is very specific that is in balance to your body sensitive’s template and suitable for you are therefore not necessary good for another.

The ultra sensitive empathy starseed and blue rays need to honor your unique path, rhythms and cycles as they have beautiful gifts to give to you. An upgrade of a greater stability and foundation is being created for you. Your presence of being is a grand frequency gift to the Earth and humanity. You are re-establishing the empathic sacred resonance fields to Earth, Nature, the Universe and Cosmos. You are greatly loved and cherished, please accept this light force love that is coming to you in new ways and patterns of life and living.

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