You Are A Creator God In Training

body of lightImagine that your life in the matter dimension is a game of mastering the self. Your game token to help you skillfully maneuver through the matrix of projection is through the apparatus of your thoughts. Each frequency of your thought is coded to materialize in the visible realm.

In other words, your thoughts birth live energetic substance into motion. This stream of living light energy then responds back to you through a superimposed projection upon a reflective screen that appears right in front of you.

You, as the thinking game master, are then living out an experience from what is showing up on your personal life screen. Everything that you experience is the hologram of your thoughts and emotions. These trigger the creation of the reality all around you. Whatever you predominantly think about is creating the hologram of your existence, and that which you may think is solid and outside of you.

What you perceive are the sensory-based projections from your own mind. These mental perceptions attract to you circumstances, things, situations and people to play in the role as your game pieces. The reality that you perceive “around you” is actually created from you, whether consciously or unconsciously. Your thoughts control every single thing that happens in your own unique and individual hologram.

You may want to reflect further upon this idea and especially how your entire life has been created by how you believe and what you hold as truth for you. Then, contemplate upon all of the times that you have changed your beliefs and, as a result, new outer reflections appeared. This can be oberved in all sorts of life navigation including your relationships, jobs, and projects. You have only been limited by how you have believed.

Physical reality reflects to you the strongest idea that you have of yourself. All realities lie within you. You do not exist in physical reality. It exists within you. Belief, emotion and thoughts form the ego structure that allows you to function as a physicalized representation of your vast consciousness.

Tiara Kumara
I AM Avatar!


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