HeavenLetters: You Are Ever Sprouting New Leaves

heavenlettersGod said:

You, who My Art My Created Beings, you do not stay the same. You cannot stay the same. You may want to stay in your nest with your favorite blankie pulled around you. You may want to stay safe and comfortable and not change gears. Dear Ones, what is the extant world about if not change? Life does not stay the same.

You may seek to dig your feet in because you desire to feel grounded and stable. Beloveds, groundedness comes from deeper than the evidenced world.

Let’s look at Heavenletters for a moment and their place in your further expansion.

This Heavenletter looks at how it it may be for all the dear assembled Heavenreaders as you read My Words.

On occasion, when Heavenletters appear before you, your Heart is so enthralled and light-hearted — it is as if I kidnapped you! The world is so wondrous that you feel I hand-picked you for a certain Heavenletter, perhaps even that I wrote it expressly for you. Something happens to you when your Heart is taken by a favorite Heavenletter.

Sometimes it can be as if I race off with you at the Speed of Light. I twirl you around. You can hardly catch your breath. And then I plop you back down where you started from.

Some Heavenletters may at first seem overwhelmingly meaningful to you, and perhaps other Heavenletters don’t grab you much at all. How does this happen? Even as you crave to be taken apart and put back together again in a great way, you may also resist. It is as if you crave to be taken apart and put back together even as you put your hand brakes on. Could this mean that you are holding on more than ever perhaps, or could it be that it means nothing at all?

Some Heavenletters may take their time and plod, and others breeze along.

Beloveds, desist thinking. Just listen ever so quietly as you hear what you may have never heard before. Let the mist of Heavenletters clear the sky within yourself so that Heavenletters can whisk you around in a Higher Dimension.

Let go of past impressions. Past impressions may well be out of date. You are a Created Being who is recreated every day. Who told you to hang on to the past as if for dear Life? Be like an acrobat who jumps from rope to rope. As an acrobat, you jump, you leap, and you gain a grip on a new rope. Be an acrobat of Life.

As My Created Being, you enter a vaster horizon. Certainly, I did not freeze-dry you to be adamantly as you used to be, or as you used to see yourself to be. Now you come from a greater Vision. It is more than yourself exactly that you behold.

You are now coming from a new perspective. You see a whole new world. You don’t hold on to old ideas for their sake. Holding onto old ideas keeps you in place. I do not tell you to change for the sake of change but to expand. It’s not that you have to change. You have to allow change.

As you gravitate to a new Life before you, you are making a new world appear before your eyes and others’ eyes as well. You have long been seeking a new world.

You expand not only yourself but the world before you and others. Those that are seen as others are truly other glimpses of yourselves, darlings, seen simply from another angle. The so-called others, they are now also coming to see themselves and you in the Light that I see in.

One way or another, all are coming closer and closer to My Vision.

You are great today, and now you bring yourself closer to the Greatness of My Vision. You are Greatness Yourself, and now all your pictures of Yourself and seeming others match closer and closer to Mine.

In the past, even with all your ego, you took a back seat to yourself. Now I am pulling you into the Driver’s Seat. Come.


» Source – Chanel: Gloria Wendroff