HeavenLetters: Once and for All, We are One

heavenlettersGod said:

In Our Godwriting spree today, dear Godwriter, with this Heavenletter being your third Heavenletter this morning, you have the feeling that I hold you tight.

Imagine that you count how many Godwritings you receive as if you are to measure what is immeasurable and never nonexistent.

To you, it may seem like I tie you to the Helm so you will not go off on a tangent, as if I keep you tied to the mast, as if there is a possibility of your getting away from Me and wandering off.

Have you not desired this — never to be even be an inch away from Me, never to be out of My Sight? Of course, this is how it really is with Me and My Children. This is the Story. You are with Me always. You and I, We have this Constancy of Oneness.

Your thoughts have wandered, that’s all. Never have you been anywhere but close to Me – actually — inseparable from Me. This is how I like it. This is how it is. This is how it ever is, total surrender to your Very Self. You have never been capable of wandering off. This is how it is.

Close to Me does not mean confined. It means expanded. Not even expanded because We are never what you might, carelessly, call compressed. Well, We are not even in space to be expanded, for We, you and I, are boundless.

There is no-jumping off place. Eternity and Infinity are not part of time or space. There is no time and no space. They do not exist.

At this presumed moment, you may want to be released from Me because you hesitate to be stretched. You, all My Children, are never away from Me for even one second. Get away from thinking that you need a break from Life!

You find Me intense, yet with Me is where you ever are. You might prefer to watch something striking on TV and pretend to escape from you-know-not-what or where – until – until what, Beloveds?

You may equate Me with the way it is when you have eaten too much of a gourmet meal. Yet with Me, there is no overdoing.

As you consider Our Oneness, you may feel you are in a hot seat. You want to fan yourself. Free from the junctures of the world, you think you can hardly breathe. Dear Ones, you aren’t caught in a whirlwind.

In Truth, there is no escape from Freedom or from Nirvana or whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t matter. We are entwined. There is no separating us. Our permanent state is Oneness. We are incapable of diverting from Oneness. I never heard of such a thing. Less than Oneness does not exist.

Heightened awareness isn’t too much for you. You may think so. You have often wandered off in your thoughts. Strange, isn’t it, that you would have the perspective of wandering off as if wandering off from Me could be your preference.

The Eye of the Hurricane is all there is, yet you are not actually in the eye of the hurricane. You are the Oneness of Everythingness, and you are the Oneness of Nothingness.

Let’s face it. There are no words for Our Togetherness. We are intransitive. We ARE. Never were We separate. We simply always ARE and have been.

There is no such thing as nonExistence.

Our Relationship cannot be described. Only in the world do We attempt to describe the Indescribable. You cannot come close to describing Our Entwinement, for you are Being, and so am I.

I must say, though, that What Hath God Wrought is a good question, for there never is an answer that can begin to contain the Depth and Breadth of what I wrought when I wrought you.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff