HeavenLetters: The Real God Stirs Within You Now

heavenlettersGod said:

Yes and No about going along with where your heart wants to take you. Yes and No. There are times you resist going along with your heart, however. It’s okay! How do you know when your Heart is telling you true or taking you down the garden path? When is your Heart true, and when is it whimsy?

Sometimes you might like to fly off without any responsibility. You want to be free of responsibility at least for a while. You may go with your desires every now and then as a free spirit. Other times you may well have passed opportunity by and thought yourself wise. Once upon a time, you were perhaps sure or, at least, hopeful that there would always be better opportunity waiting for you down the road.

Perhaps the lure of partying egged you on. Nothing wrong with having a good time. Parties are a good thing. So is applying yourself. Years spin past you. Suddenly later seems behind you. Oh, no, where did the non-existent time go?

Maybe you took the easy road, and now you feel what you saw as a good future ahead of you no longer exists. You could have been a great athlete. You could have been a great artist or a good designer, yet you were off somewhere. What you were sure would always happen didn’t. Now you see through a long tunnel of what might have been.

I tell you what — be glad for the Life you live now.

Who can say you didn’t tread a fine path? Is there really something wrong to not have caught a star? Maybe the way Life turned out, who can say for a fact that it was right or not? You caught the Life you caught. Had you gone another route, what might you have missed? No one can know with certainty to assess his Life or another’s as a mistake or a success. Both the road you travel as well as the road you don’t travel may go far beyond your Vision.

In any case, for everyone, tomorrow is another day. Be a good guest to your Life. Welcome your Life as it arrives.

Who knows for a fact what anyone’s Destiny is meant to be? You may have yearned for a long lost Love all your Life. All you know is that on this Fantastic Voyage, you sailed one ship and not another.

All along you may have missed the boat of the Revelation of who you really are. That is, you did miss the boat, unless your True Nature has already dawned on you, or you may well not yet know Who You Truly Are as yet, yet one day you will.

One day you will know Truth for your Self no matter what. And when this day comes, the steps of what your Earth Life might have been – well, they won’t matter a whit to you. It certainly will no longer matter to you what your status in Life was. Such a little thing as status or erstwhile definitions of success or not success won’t be your focus nor your inspiration. No longer will it be of consequence to you if you were a humble servant or a great big mucky-muck. Such little things will no longer make much of a difference to you.

When you catch onto the God within, what care you about lesser gods? Next to your Self-Realization, what compares to the Real God that you feel stirring within you at this very moment of Vastness?

What you were once panting for is no longer on your mind. You live in a different world now. You could be in the same house, yet where you live now takes precedence over any past house you lived in, even over your worldly dream house. You may be beyond past dreams now, for the perceived truth of you is a Truth of you, yet experiencing Who You Really Are is even better!

There is no reason to compare yourself to anything or anyone when you know the Truth of Who you are right now and have always been and forever are.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff