Goddess of Creation: All About Love

sacred geometry eraoflightNama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family!  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all of you who come to choose to come to share this time with me.  I so look forward to each opportunity that we take in getting together.

There are immense transformations taking place upon the earth that have to do with the integration of the crystalline vibration.   Therefore any time that there is a group that consciously chooses to be together you are creating a portal, or you are creating a space, where all of the crystalline vibration flows down within you in a simple and concise manner.

Many of you find that over the past weeks or months upon the Earth aspects of your life are falling into specific categories.  Those things that feel as if they are in alignment with you and they create a space that allows things to open up so that you manifest what you seek, so that you create a space or a flow that supports you.  Then there are those times when it seems like you are stuck in that same old rut wondering when is it going to happen, what else needs to take place, What do I have to do to make it happen.   You then find yourself following that pendulum that seems to swing back and forth in that space of simply acknowledging I AM that I AM.

There is no right or wrong to any of these experiences.  Each of you in your daily life follow that pathway that takes you into the various experiences.  Sometimes they enhance your life.  Other times they reflect what is holding you back.

I would really encourage everyone to use this as an opportunity of being in the flow of allowing.  Allow yourself to be who you are without trying to be something for someone else, without having to prove something for someone else.  Simply be who you are in any given moment.

Allow yourself to accept who you are.  Accept that you have your faults and those things that work for you.  Accept that you may not actually live where you want to live, but this is where you are.  Accept your body, it is what it is.  It may not be the body you want it to be, but it is what it is in this now moment.  Accept that in this moment this is what your life is.

That frequently can be hard for people, because it’s the Ego’s instinct or the natural instinct, to say no I’m not going to accept it because I don’t want to stay here.  However, you continuously stay there until you’re able to find that acceptance that just says it is what it is.  And with that multiple potentials will open up for you.

Time is moving faster.  You need not stay in that stuck energy for days, or weeks, or months or years. Recognize that not only am I the Goddess, but all the many Angels and Light Beings including your own Divinity are here in support of you.  You are the expression of your Divinity.  You are the person living your life.  Receive peace, love and acceptance that begins within your heart.

From here I invite you to take a moment to breathe deeply sending your energies down into the Earth so that you may have that grounding experience which then allows your consciousness to more fully move from you and to the All That Is.  As you anchor into the Earth you then bring that energy back up into you holding it here within your heart center.  You then have a clear intention of sending that vibration up through your throat, your 3rd eye, your head center, it goes all the way up until you link with your Higher Self.  As you feel, see, sense who you are as your Higher Self you begin to get that expanded perspective of your life.  Open to receive what that may be.

Frequently within this space you have the places where you practice potentials of what you will manifest upon the Earth.  You then shift your energy further.  It flows from within your higher space all the way up into the Soul Plane.  As you follow that thread of energy that links you the person to your Divinity it just immediately brings you into the space of your I AM presence.  Feel as if you open to receive that merging of the consciousness of you in this lifetime to you as your Divinity.

As your Soul you have lived many, many lifetimes.  As your soul you have the ability to transform every thought, every action, every experience into that which you seek to have or manifesting your life.  Therefore as you feel the embrace of your divinity you may also feel as if you are home.  This is the place that loves you unconditionally.  It fills you up.  It supports you.  It accepts you.  You feel that movement of light and vibration.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so I reach out to embrace you as your consciousness, you as your divinity; you as all of who you are.  As the energies merge you feel yourself shifting into the All That Is.  This is such a place of joy.  It is such a place of creation.  As you look around, not only do you find that space which is your own, you can also see potentials available for you and for others around you.

What is your reality?  Is your reality what you create here in the All That Is?  Is your reality the way you perceive your life in your everyday life?  Open, allow for this to unfold howsoever that may be.

There is a lot that has been taking place upon the Earth.  By this I mean many of the energies are transforming, which gives every person the opportunity to look at their life and decide, what does it mean to me?  What am I doing in my everyday life?  What do I ultimately seek to have as I live my life? Sometimes people enjoy coming into this space and use it as a springboard to move out even deeper into the Universe.

In your dream state or perhaps your meditative state you frequently will come here to the All That Is.  It is a place where you try on alternatives and potentials for your life.  I therefore invite you to try on unconditional love.  You are coming up to that time upon the Earth known as Valentine’s Day, which is all about love.  As with any holiday there are those who excitedly anticipate the holiday for whatever it may be and then experience.  For others holidays may have a tendency to be a mirror reflection of all the things that are not going right in their lives.  Howsoever you live your life that is the key word, YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE.  Okay that is I guess a phrase.

I invite you to take a moment as you gather the energies around you of what’s taking place in your life at this time.  How much of your life is defined by somebody else’s expectation?   As I ask that question there are large number of people that say very little or none.  Excellent.  However, there are others that say, but I’m married, or my children expect that, or my parents expect that.  It’s a long list of expectation that society has created and you interpret as what you need to conform to.

When you consider unconditional love in your life how do you look at yourself.  Do you look at yourself with compassion?  Recognizing that you’ve probably made mistakes, recognizing that you have certain things in your life that are not exactly where you want them to be.  There are many things that come into play when I see people, or work with people, that feel that dislike or that disconnect within them.  When you look at your life if there are certain things that perhaps you don’t love, either about yourself or a situation, is it possible to step into acceptance.

I hear from many of you that acceptance is still not something that you wish to have in your life.  I would therefore like to transition that energy.  As you breathe inside of yourself whatever your mental body states as this is a reality, or this is a truth, or this is what is happening to you around acceptance of your life let that come up now.  Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and clear it out.  Indeed as you look at your life how much of it is constrained within rigid guidelines of what should be or what is?  Swirl that energy through those guidelines and ~whew~ clear it out.

I invite you to take another moment and as if your Divinity is this beautiful – it can be a person, a color an unformed energy – howsoever you wish to perceive your Divinity allow it to come as if it is right beside you.  You then open up your own perspective of who you are and what is happening in your life, and then look at yourself through the eyes of your Divinity.  You’ll feel the love.  You’ll feel the acceptance.  You will feel patience.  Allow that to wash over you, moving through you, so that you feel this transformation.  There we go.

How does unconditional love look to you?  It is realizing that your physical body is what it is.  Unconditional love is accepting that those frustrating things in your life are that they are.  Unconditional love is knowing that in any given situation you live your life, you give to others, you do what you do at the best of your ability and therefore it’s enough.  Breathe deeply and let that wash through you.

If anyone else outside of you is judging you, making choices for you, deciding what is real or not real within your life; disconnect.  ~whew~ Let it bounce back on to them.  Only you can allow someone else to dictate in your life.  I would therefore say to you fill up everything within you from this space of your divinity, acceptance and allowing, so that as you live your life with others you can live from a rich and full potential.

During the recent full moon it was a Super Moon, it was a Blue Moon that included a total Eclipse.  There were vast amounts of energy that came into the Earth.  I know that some people spoke of a Stargate that opened up.  So let’s take a moment and ask what is a Stargate?  A Stargate is a portal that comes from various places within the Universe and the Omniverse and is a direct flow into the Earth plane.

There are non-terrestrial beings that may come through the Stargate.  You yourself may energetically move out through the Stargate.  Ultimately it creates a flow of the crystalline vibration from the Omniverse into the Earth itself.  As this crystalline vibration comes in at a higher capacity it helps to raise the vibration of the Earth and it also helps to ease in any transformation that you may be moving through.

As we speak of love this crystalline vibration, that is in an even greater degree infusing into the Earth, will assist you with having that balance so that you can make changes; so that you can feel a more loving, generous experience from yourself to yourself, from your Divinity to your Human self.

Take a moment and allow your consciousness to expand so that you may tap into the energies of this Portal or this Stargate.  As you feel yourself in alignment with that have a clear intention that it sends that energy or that vibration through you.  It moves through your consciousness.  It moves into your everyday life.  I would invite you to utilize this as an opportunity to clear out your everyday life.

Often times I hear people speak about how much they enjoy being in the higher light vibrations.  Of course that is completely understandable, because the higher the vibration the greater the amount of unconditional love and support there is for all within that vibration.  People want love in their lives.  People want to feel a connection to others in their lives.  In order for this to be that long lasting experience that you seek to have you benefit from receiving love and knowing what it is to feel that within you.  Then allowing yourself the gift of opening to compassion, to love, to experience on all levels.

Feel as this moves through.  Accept who you are.  You can tap into the Stargate.  You can tap into the universe.  You can tap into anything that is available out here for you in support of you.  However no matter where it comes from you’re the one to accept it.  You are the one to receive it.  You are the one to allow for this to be your reality.  It may feel comfortable or it may feel awkward.  Breathe in to experience all that it is.

What is love?  Are you open to receive love?  Can you share love with those who are around you?  Take a moment and gather your intention around love allowing for all of that to come to shift and move through your consciousness into your physical reality.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  Here within the All That Is there are so many layers and levels of transformation that are taking place.  Each one of you bring into this group, as you come together, that which is specific to you.  Then as we look at everything as a whole it covers so many different levels of experience and awareness.  As you gather observe the Hologram of the Earth as it comes up within this group.  Look at that hologram as it represents the Earth, as it represents the matrix.  So too observe how this Hologram has linked specifically with that Stargate that opened up.

As you perceive how that increased flow of the crystalline energy is having an effect upon the Hologram you may notice bits and pieces being cleared out and released.  You then observe how it rotates, moving through the entire group, and you let go that energy, you let go the Hologram so that it may flow down.  It moves down into the Earth.  There is that part that moves out into the Universe in this instance tapping into that opening and that flow of the Stargate.  It then continues down.

As it moves through the outer matrix of the Earth it’s clearing out the energy of the collective consciousness.  It moves going into the center of the Earth.  So that as you these energies become anchored within the Earth there is an expansion.  There is a flow of that accelerated energy from the crystalline light that creates a great a balance is it merges with Gaia.

It then comes up through the layers of the Earth creating balance within the Earth and upon the Earth.  It clears out the energies around each one of you.  It clears out the energies as it comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers.  As it moves through all of that space around you gets cleared out;  Letting go of the random energies that no longer serve people, and transitioning it into that which is much more balanced in that crystalline foundation.  It moves through the collective consciousness clearing out within that space at the same time.

As you allow your focus to be back within you the person have a sense of anchoring once more within your physicality.  You may feel those energies as they come up with in the Earth.  You may feel your own which is anchoring you here.  You may feel the energies of the Universe.   As everything settles back within you the Human you bring everything in your consciousness back with you anchoring it into you in this now moment.

Take a moment to just feel who you are.  Ask what is love to me?  Accept yourself, honor yourself, appreciate who you are.  As that fills you up from within you send it out into the world.

You have opportunities that come to you in many, many different ways.  This different format may be through others, through what you read, through your daily experience, perhaps through meditation.  As you create within your daily life create from a place of love.  As you have that intention immediately the flow of the crystalline vibration, and the flow of your divinity, magnifies within and around you.  Be love in all that you do.

As we move through the next days and weeks to come.  As we move through this month of love, of relationships, may you have the flow and the energy that begins within you for you; be it a jumping off point so that it can affect transition in all parts of your life.  Being open to love is the foundation for all that may be happening.  Love is the crystalline energy.   Love is the 5th Dimension.  I would therefore invite you to embrace love in all its forms, accepting it, allowing it to become a part of you in your existence, you in your life.

Beloved family I am always with you and within you.




» Source – Channel: Shelly Dressel