Message from the Eagle: Hear Us

native american eraoflightEagle Female “It is I the Eagle in trust coming to you live here outside your door!

The plight of the eagle is well known: the poison, the spraying the bugs in the food chain, reaching us concentrated 7 fold. (Heart full of grief and sadness).

Your community hurts us, our species.

We will right this, thus we wish to communicate with your Elders and advanced species, advanced spiritual minds to ensure our safety and survival. (standing in her power with unconditional love).

We are incapacitated , slowly we succumb to the toxins, poisons, heavy metal loads that are carried in fish. The diversity of fish is decreasing at an alarming rate (feel lots of tension at this).

We call upon you to withstand the fear that rolls at you as a tsunami and instead stand steadfast in Love, united and bonded with one mental image, one fixed desire in each loving heart of humans … that of your planet rebirthed into Light and Oneness, regardless of your human “categorising”.

Peace is fledgling now, but it is at least in many places on the planet.

We share our news broadcasting lovingly to all continents, all Life treated as One with respect on one level- Reverently.

We teach you to hear new things, as you tune in to hear our language , ceasing your own chatter in your own tongues.

And this starts the Peace process,

Peace to Listen…

To hear the sounds…

The plight of many on the planet.

We have many sources who clamber to us in telepathy, asking to be heard by you humans, and in the (Universal) Law of Grace, I pass these along.

I ask that you respect those wishes, and be in Stillness and listen, down to the smallest worm in the lowliest (dry and barren and isolated) soils.

There is a depth of of despair, juxtaposed by the Brightest Light of Hope, it is a knife edge, as you would say.

For the sake of your furry friends and many others (reptiles, amphibians, marine life, plants, microscopic life…) we ask you refrain from spreading toxicity.

We search wider for food, unaffected, unharmed by your toxins, and it proves more and more challenging as time marches on on this linear plane of existence.

We sought freedom in connecting with dolphins.

You humans seem so interested in these animals with “complex brains”

We thought our message would come through them.

Marine biologists (up to now) do not tap in and sit in Stillness with an intent to listen to messages from the Animal “Kingdom” .

Their beliefs and desires lock out this possibility .

We had to turn to other sources, other possibilities, to reach you, Humanity,

And so it is.

We wish you well.

On this topic, we approach you with a finality

We have opened and bared our soul distress.

Please hear us

Hear our call.

Please contact us.

It is a privilege (to connect this way).

Bless you

Thank you!”


FM:“Thank you ! (sending Unconditional Love)”


» Source – Channel: Fiona MacEachern

4 Replies to “Message from the Eagle: Hear Us”

  1. Astraios Plejaren

    Namask}{. My heart /mind empathically feel this unjust assault on Gaia’s sentience. As Eye witnessed from afar what could only have been the Spirit of Eagle. Soaring high alerting All of Her continued Majesty and Mastery of the Skies. Ascension is inevitably on the doorsteps of humanities Spiritual veil which will either spiral upwards willingly or unwillingly.
    My heart cries for the uninitiated. Yet compassionately overstands his dichotomy . Many prayers of and for all in these times of growth.
    In service of others…Namaskar }{

  2. Star

    PRAYER By Star Blossom Goddess

    Divine Spirit of the Eagle
    my heart bleeds for you
    and my tears flow.

    I stand in prayer,
    asking for many to wake quickly.
    I ask that Source makes it happen
    so mankind can right the wrongs
    before it is too late.

    I ask that light enters hearts
    of man
    so waters get clean.
    So pesticides and toxins are stopped
    So all can see the gift that flies
    in our skies.

    I stand and bow
    to the eagle.
    Whose gracefulness
    and Divinity
    still moves in our skies.

    I would be heartbroken if you
    spirit of the Eagle left.
    Please hang in there
    for you have my love
    and many others.

    Together we will fight in thoughts,
    in hearts
    in actions
    for you to be properly taken care of.

    May the change happen soon
    so we can live in harmony
    blessed by your open wings.

    And may our animal kingdom
    be embraced as the sacred
    beings they are.