Free Energy and the New Consciousness

energy updateWe have moved into a new energy.  We have access to energy at any time.  How we use it is up to us.  It’s here to serve us.  As masters we allow life to serve us.  Sound good?

It is good.  It’s great. But if we are dragging stuff into the New Energy that is old, that no longer serves us, it will not be pretty.

If we insist on dragging in sympathy, empathy, lack of self-worth, old wounds….the new energy will just exacerbate those,  and we will be flatlined.

Energy has a way of magnifying things.  We have all heard horror stories of those who came into fortunes, maybe had a huge lottery win, and within a year or two, lost it all and were even deeper in debt than before their windfall.

And many self-destructed in a number of ways.

If they had issues of lack, the money (energy) just magnified that lack.  They may have drawn to them the money to work through the issue.

As we watch powerful men being called out for abusing their positions with sexual scandals and harassment and worse, we find that those behaviors and attitudes are not created by their particular positions of power or status, but they already held those traits.

But the position, along with the money and power it wielded, just magnified the issues.

President Trump’s ever growing chaos in the West Wing is a prime example of how energy works.  How much more power and status is there in this world than where he sits?

But of course we all know he already embodied all the qualities that are now being brought to the surface and expressed.  All that energy directed toward him as commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation in the world, is magnifying all his unresolved issues.

But in this case, he is needed, not because he is a balanced, compassionate and a self-aware person, but because he isn’t.  He is helping on a soul level to hi-light where more awareness is needed.


So, energy.  It’s free.  It’s available to everyone.

We on the forefront of the ascension process, more specifically the embodied enlightenment, are working with a new consciousness, a brand new energy.  An energy that is potent, and requires us to be discerning.  To understand that when we ask for more money, for example, we need to be sure we are not carrying around a poverty consciousness.  Because asking for more energy, in this case in the form of money, will absolutely bring back to us more lack, more of the same.

Because energy is neutral.  It’s not sitting there saying, “Hmmm…looks like Sally over there is asking for more financial resources.  Ok, here it comes Sally.  And don’t worry, even though you are vibrationally in a lackful Consciousness, we got you covered.”

Energy doesn’t have awareness, it’s just a tool to create with.

We are the creators, and we get to express with it, and it will come back around and show us where our frequency is relative to self-worth, to lack.

Most of us doing this deeply challenging inner work are generally not wanting a high-profile life, simply because we understand that we could get easily distracted from all that energy directed toward us.

We also are not so interested in sequestering ourselves to an ashram or being a total recluse.  We have done that in other lifetimes.  This lifetime is different.  We may want to express and share our gifts and our soul and human wisdom.

But those we will be attracting with our energies will be a much smaller number compared to the world’s population.  And that’s fine.  In the new consciousness, it’s not about quantity, it’s all about quality. A small amount of awareness, of consciousness, goes a long, long way.


There is a part of us that wants instant manifestations, and wants a great deal of what we consider the good stuff.  And we certainly deserve all of it, all that life has to offer.

But there is also a benefit to there being a time lag, and that is so we can hone our frequencies to match those of our I AM.  In other words, make sure we are not still indulging predominantly in victim or lackful energies.

This of course takes trust.  It takes allowing our soul to do more and more of the driving for us.  To feel into our soul’s joy, passion, and carefreeness.  To allow that passion to be more and more a part of our life, more and more in our body.

It requires less trying to figure things out and being bold enough to care less and less about how we are going to make it happen.

There will be trial and error.  There is the feeling that our life is turned upside down at times.  But it’s all part of the process.

Using the new energies is much more fluid than the old, more lumbering  ones of 3D.  And they require us to boldly release anything that no longer serves us.  To turn to our beloved partner, our soul, to guide us to the frequencies of joyful creations.



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