The New Energy is Here

newlightearth eraoflightThere seems to be less and less wiggle room in the new energy for being disconnected from ourselves and getting away with it.  You can label this new space we are in any way you want, but bottom line seems to be…there is no free pass for being out of alignment. Even though we know we are transforming and recalibrating, and have really crappy days, and our patience has worn down to a nub….we know that we are creators of the highest order.

So, how do we manifest in the new energy?

There is a basic principle of how consciousness works in the physical dimension.  We attract energies of like resonance by the state of our consciousness.  Our consciousness in the physical realms translates into our frequency or our vibration.  So as we vibrate, we attract.   It’s been referred to as the Law Of Attraction.  For example, if we are predominantly in a so-called negative state of consciousness we will attract so-called negative experiences.

And we have all experienced this in our own life.  We notice that things seem to flow when we are feeling more connected to ourselves.


Sometimes I long for the good old days of awakening, which I refer to as the honeymoon phase of this transformation.  Before my life started falling apart, and when I first discovered the LOA.  (Law of Attraction).  What a delicious discovery when I found a book called The Power Of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale.  At that time I had no concept of the ascension process.  Later on in my life there was Abraham (through Esther Hicks) and Seth (through Jane Roberts) and a variety of teachers whose messages intrigued me.  All totally appropriate at the time.

(Since we receive information from the higher realms through the path of least resistance, and an active mind can be quite resistant to change,  many of our earlier spiritual teachers or non-physical assistants were working with us through the part of our minds that was open to awareness. These teachers needed to included the mind in the process, or we wouldn’t have been accepting of the material presented to us.  Eventually the information filtered through the mind and into our heart and our knowingness.)

And so as we are ready for more, the next teacher appears.

So, early in my awakening, I was introduced to a universal law that I surmised was telling me I just have to think positive thoughts and good things will come to me.

Wow, I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends about it.  And I even enjoyed pointing out to them that they were doing it all wrong.  That they were too focused on the negative in life.

So I went on my merry spiritual way and fell flat on my face, wondering why this new pearl I found wasn’t  working very well for me.  Then I realized something was missing.

The teaching just wasn’t going deep enough.  I was hungry for more.  And I wasn’t really sure what the more was.

As it turned out, the more was that I had to go beyond my mind, and go into feelings.  The reason the LOA didn’t work for me is because it’s not a mental process.  It’s all about feeling.  We can’t attract energy without feelings.  And we are attracting all the time, but not with the mind, but with the feelings and emotions.

Consequently, we may be taking all the right actions to create health or wealth, but if we are feeling lackful, if we do not feel worthy of health, if we feel poor or ill, that’s predominantly what we will attract more of.


But, then how is it so many of us who are awakened, who are moving into the new consciousness, are having our lives fall apart?  Why are we experiencing less than vibrant health, less than grand wealth, and broken relationships?

If we are so damned aware and conscious, you can’t prove it by our lives.

“The Light we have summoned into our lives and our bodies is potent, and it will disrupt all the places we are stuck, and it will pull to the surface those energies, physical and emotional, to be cleared.”

That is because the light we have summoned into our lives and our bodies is potent, and it will disrupt all the places we are stuck, and it will pull to the surface those energies, physical and emotional, to be cleared.  All in order to make space for the joy that is our birthright.

Some energies seem to be more stuck than others.  There seems to be more resistance in some places.

And it is not our job to wrestle with those things, physical or emotional that come up. It is to just allow them. Because the moment we go mental and try to process them, or figure them out or fix them, WE STOP THE FLOW.

The temptation is to want to do something, anything.  But a major key to this process is to accept our human self, to feel into our soul’s unconditional love for us.  To not make our human self responsible for this process of enlightenment.

Now, if you are anxious about a physical condition, it’s ok to seek medical assistance, if that feels right.

It will at least help the mind to feel more at ease. Sometimes you just want to get your gums scraped at the dentist or have your eyes checked. Whatever feels right. Really there is no right or wrong.

I personally try to avoid doctors of all kinds, but at times I have checked in with the medical world. If something really concerns you, have it checked out.  If nothing else, you get to experience your own wisdom against the so-called experts.

And keep in mind, most doctors do not have a clue about the light body and the ascension process. They don’t know that your body is being recalibrated down to the DNA level.

So, whether the desire is for health, wealth, or anything, really, it comes down to energies are attracted to consciousness.  If we are not feeling particularly passionate about life, then that is what we attract.  A so-so experience.  Many of us feel like we have been there and done that with life.  We don’t have a big drive to create much in the way of a career, or a business, or travel or any of a number of things.  And that’s the issue right now for so many on this path…the lack of passion.

How can one create without that fire, that passion?


We are discovering that we are not using outside situations in order to feel joy as we did before.  We are discovering that the real, sustainable joy is something we each have within us.  The old adage, happiness is an inside job, has become a truth for us.

We are learning that we have a presence within us that is already filled with joy, so we don’t have to figure out how to get there other than to allow this presence more into our life.  Essentially we are cutting out the middle man.

Because all the stuff, all the material things are desired for one thing, and that is for how they will make us feel.  We notice that those who have attained so much in the physical world are even more unhappy than before and that is because they thought their unhappiness was because they lacked certain things.

So here we are, having discovered this secret of life, that happiness is really something we have access to within, yet, we are still struggling with certain physical needs.  It seems like a dichotomy.

But we are really experiencing a process that extracts from us all the resistance to the joy that is our birthright.  We, as the human personality, are tremendously resistant.  And as the resistance is released, things do have a way of being there for us in synchronistic and unexpected ways.


We have heard the term, New Energy bantered around, but what is it, really?  It is the coming together of the resistant human and the eternally expansive divine.  It’s never been done before.  Not on such a level that we are seeing on the Planet now.  It’s a melding of the light and the dark.  Of the masculine and the feminine.  It’s an integration of all the parts and pieces of us that were lost.

And this new energy has a different operating system than the old, dualistic one.  It doesn’t seem to follow the same patterns as the old.  Many of us understand this because we are experiencing things differently now.  Things we try now do not seem to work, and we know on a deeper level it’s because we are trying to use the old, dualistic energy.

The new energy seems to have a potency to it, which can knock us off our feet if we are not paying attention to how we are feeling.  If we are indulging in too much dense energies, we get zapped., whereas in the past we could get away with it.  We are having to be much more discerning. (article continues below image)


So, then how do we create from this new place?

It’s a profoundly different place we find ourselves in, for sure. And, while I would love to be able to give a direct and clear answer, I cannot. And that’s because, now brace yourself, you and I are the forerunners, the pioneers.

We as a group of individuals, even though we have not met one another in person, are here as innovators. Much like Tesla or other pioneers of new thought.

We are the first to go through this historical process. Even our entourage on the other side of the veil is not able to give us a roadmap, or a celestial manual of how this is done.

That’s the good news, and the bad news. It’s good because it’s exciting to be the first to dive into places few have gone before. To pave the way for those who follow us in their own awakening process. It’s always thrilling to be in the vanguard of change.

And, of course the bad news is it’s damned hard. It’s infuriating. It stretches us to our limit physically and emotionally. We feel so connected, and then we feel nothing but doubt, and even hopelessness. We wonder what we even signed up for.

What the hell were we thinking? Is this just some weird, cruel cosmic joke?

But then all the great innovators and visionaries had tremendous doubts, and were not supported by their peers or the consciousness they were born into. They felt many times that they were just groping in the dark.

We however have the advantage of being connected with each other virtually, and having some amazing people channeling messages of support and guidance, and  making those messages available to us for free. And that love, wisdom and support is invaluable.

And our non-physical entourage is looking at us in awe, and also waiting for us to create new experiences and wisdom that we will be sharing with them.

It’s an awesome responsibility to be god, also. To have the creator abilities of the gods. It means stepping out of victimhood. It means not having anyone else to lean upon. Yes, there is the support, but at the end of the day, it’s up to us. It’s our choice to allow this incredible experience fully into our life.

And we are. We are doing it.

And as far as how we will create our dreams, that is a book that has not really been written yet. We are in the process of writing those books. We are the bold ones who are playing with these new energies that have been created (by us) from bringing together two seeming opposites, the Human and the Divine.

At times we may feel like we are not doing anything of significance, but rest assured, we are the unsung heroes. Very few came forward to say, ” I want to go first into the unknown.”



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