The Collective: Confusion

thecollectiveThe latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Bringers of the New Earth!

We see many of you facing new forms of confusion, as you work to know your Truth on levels you have not previously dealt with in this Earth life.

The confusion is in part due to the rampant disinformation now being disseminated on the internet, and in part due to large changes in how your brains and inner heart-mind function as you integrate with these powerfully rising energies.

Many are reading articles that state that Ascension comes down to a single “Event” that occurs in one day, or that it occurs suddenly with a blinding flash of solar light, or at a moment when Galactic ships appear in the sky, decloaking everywhere.

The dreams and etheric nighttime experiences you have are also confusing, as they greet you upon awakening in the morning with the strange feeling that something great has happened—something that is life- and time-altering, yet you cannot get a clear fix on what it is.

Or you read the nighttime dreams that display your inner fears, often relayed in metaphoric or allegoric form, as literal interpretations of events that are occurring or will soon.

We send with this Message an upliftment of energies, to release you from both fear and confusion—the oldest weapons in the push against human Ascension.

We have previously warned that the dinar/dong/Zimbabwe currency scam is a very dark web, both energetically and in terms of what it means for Lightworkers on the practical level, in part because those participating in that dark scheme will lose their claim to the NESARA funds that all peoples are otherwise entitled to.

We have also spoken of the very broad net thrown over many of the spiritual growth websites, social media postings, and other teachings.

As with much of organized religion, those writing for or running these media channels sometimes have only a tenuous connection to Ascension energies or their own higher self.

They have aligned their energies with darker interests that have promised these dear ones money, fame, or other ego-based inducements to pull them away from their path, and to direct their work to a place of lies, disinformation (or unintended misinformation), distortion, and transmission of energies that lower Lightworkers’ vibrations to one of vibration fear, confusion, guilt, shame, and the feeling that they may be excluded from the Ascension process.

We can assure you, no one who intentionally seeks the Light, who aligns themselves with Divine Love and all it holds will ever be “excluded” from Ascension.

One need not call oneself a Lightworker, Starseed, spiritual seeker, Light Warrior, or any such term in order to reach the Ascended fifth dimensional state.

We wish to assure you as well that you are not alone in your confusion, wondering if you will Ascend or if your loved ones will.

Nor are you alone in occasionally falling for deliberate disinformation such as the currency scam, the belief in a one-day “event,” or in certain Earth changes being cataclysmic for millions.

We encourage you to release the obsessive need to read or hear channelings, informational reports, and “expert” commentary on Ascension matters from unverified sources, or even to watch mainstream news, if you find that your overall energies—the feelings in your body and heart-mind—are lowered by them.

There are only a few sources of Truth in terms of the technical economic/political information now being disseminated on the internet, and if you seek these genuinely, you shall find them.*

Yet you need not be restricted even to those channels of Light data and information.

Mother Nature Herself, as well as your own higher self and soul, are some of the greatest channels of Truth you will ever find on this planet.

Your own realization of such is a great moment of empowerment and inner growth that enlivens every crystalline aspect of your consciousness and outer being.

As you place your hand on a tree or rock and ask for its wisdom, you are assisting your own Ascension in beautiful higher ways.

The higher wisdom, Earth energies, and Life Force of the tree, rock, stream, or soil will assist you far more fully in re-membering, re-claiming, and re-establishing your higher self in your human body, than any number of left-brain forms of information.

One great reason for this is that human language has over the centuries become devoid of connection to the higher self.

It has come to ignore the energies evoked by certain frequencies of sound, certain syllables, and certain notes and tonal levels in the voice that connect the heart-mind quite fully to the body and the intentions of the higher self, including manifestation of outer forms of health, Love, and Abundance.

The ancient languages knew of this power source of tone / syllable / volume, and took full advantage of it.

The modern languages that are so revered in the Western world have largely gone unconscious in terms of the vibration of tones, syllables, and volume.

And so the repetition of Sanskrit mantras has been long mocked in the media, as have been Native North American and other indigenous language forms that were built first around the vibration of certain notes and sounds, and what those vibrations demonstrated and drew forth from etheric energies.

Your usurpers knew well that the tonal frequency and shape of sound emitted by the human voice was instrumental in the act of Creation and manifestation.

We wish for you to begin to fully grasp on a conscious level that which you have long known on an unconscious, heart-mind level—that it will never be the distracted musing and survival-based exercises of the left brain that lead you forward now.

You are in fact in the midst of the monumental journey “from the head to the heart,” and Earth’s very stability depends upon it.

And so, yes—you can well believe that there are distracting, fear-inducing commentaries, news reports, images, films, music, and advertising that pushes you insistently into the survival-based vibration that interprets Ascension birth pains as “the end.”

Nothing could be further than the Truth, and in your high heart, you know this, dear ones!

We ask that you release all fear- and survival-based teachings of any kind, whether they be dire predictions for the economy, talk of new wars starting, painful images of children fleeing violence, or anything that disturbs and upsets you.

We do not encourage you to hide in a closet and pretend that the Earth is entirely at Peace, though She has already paved her way to such vibrationally.

We ask that in those moments when you become unsure about the state of Earth life (and at the start of each day) that you concentrate on well-being, Peace, the beauty of the day, on whatever health, financial Abundance, Love, and reassurance you have in your life, and give Thanks for these, with all your heart.

Then extend that wonderful feeling of stability, calm, Peace, and reassurance to the Earth and humanity in all their current transformation and transfiguration.

Extend that beautiful vibration to all planets and stars, and to your beautiful Sun Sol.

Extend it to all living things—all people, trees and plants, animals, honey bees, the oceans, lakes and rivers—all living bodies and forms of consciousness upon the Earth, moving or unmoving.

Yes, even to those who are making a concerted effort to keep you in fear! Send it to them most of all.

Your love will surprise, disarm, and direct them to realize there are other ways to exist in this Universe, other than the way they were trained to exist.

It will remind them that Joy exists, that Love and Peace exist. That these are separate and empowering states that converge in moments of pure empowerment.

This is why the new mother holding her baby experiences the Truth of her goddess status.

You are reminded in such moments that you are no one’s victim, that you are never locked out of the Light, that you are always loved, and that All Is Well.

Indeed, co-Creators—do you wish for All to be Well?

Then visualize and give thanks, as if that were the case everywhere in the world.

You may feel that “my small vibration will not carry very far!” and yet, we assure you—it is no small vibration.

It has created worlds, and it is re-Creating your own world, at a phenomenal and miraculous rate.

Namaste, dear ones!

Tell your Spirit team (or us) that you wish to feel and fully realize our presence with you.

Then fear not the power of our presence, for you are One of us and One with us, always.



» Source » Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan