Spring Equinox: Next Energy Threshold

itstime eraoflightdotcomThe March 20 Equinox is the next key energy threshold, and as such, it offers a gateway into a new future. This applies on both personal and collective levels. Changes already underway across the planet are getting a significant boost – issues illuminated in a big way and creative solutions arising. Continue reading to understand how this applies to you.

Leading Up to Equinox

The days leading up to Equinox are chaotic, and the energies difficult to navigate. Part of the challenge involves the sudden change in energy – one moment calm and steady, the next moment erratic and fiery. Even the most seasoned practitioner can be tested in staying balanced. Regular grounding, meditation, and patience will help you navigate this time period.

New opportunities can begin to present themselves now. We’re sitting in the energy window of Equinox, and because of that, potentialities are already swirling in your field. Some of them are only seeds of things you have been magnetizing – others are in varying stages of ripening.

Acting on Your Potentials

Some potentials could be ready to begin actualizing in this window. Actualizing involves action on your part. This means you need to be present and actively engaged with what shows up. You may receive a text, get an offer, intuit something, or get a creative idea as you do a meditative walk. Each of these will require action to turn the potential into a tangible  manifestation.

One of the most important things you can do over the next several days is to allow time for stillness. When you become quiet and turn off the world – for even a few minutes at a time – you can connect with your inner wisdom and flashes of insight that may not otherwise come. Give yourself these moments – lots of them – between now and Equinox.

The Mercury Retrograde Factor

As a reminder, we have a Mercury Retrograde starting March 22, soon after Equinox. This is a time when some things slow down and it’s usually not the best time to start something brand-new. That said, whatever things you begin working with now can continue developing during the retrograde. That will be a good time to set foundations and do essential research for your project. Example: if you have a book already edited, you can use the retrograde to find the right publisher and get that process going.

In “Predictions 2018” Premium, I have a section, guide to 2018 energies, with more tips on this year’s energy cycles and how to work with them. I cover things like Equinox and Mercury Retrograde.

Tap Your Highest Potentials

Do not underestimate your ability to tap your highest potentials. In cycles like this one, in fact, you are being energetically nudged to reach for your best. The energies, even if they bring up big challenges, can catalyze a powerful inner transformation that previously eluded you.

On Facebook this week I wrote more about life purpose: “Staying in touch with why you do what you do helps you keep the momentum of your life work going. Find your passion by remembering your why.”

Regularly step back from daily activity. Remember why you are here on this time. Reflect on how your reason for being here translates into something you offer in the world. Let your reason or your why fuel your passion to live fully. When you do that, why would you settle for anything less than your best?



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