The Hathors: Sound Frequencies and Energy

spirit and physical worlds eraoflightSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, with my beloved Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I am greeted with the presence of The Hathors. As I connect with them the Sounds that I hear 24/7 truly heighten!!! The have the following message to share:


We come forth this hour to bring homage for many truths are unfolding, we work at a multi-dimensional level and have done so far and wide in time and in space.

We come forth at this time working with you all as the Sound Frequencies unfold, the Language of Light is now being amplified to your Earth.

Spatial knowledge is unfolding… Connections come forth at this time with your inner selves… We speak of Chaos of the Storm unfolding as inner struggles unfold for many now will experience a shredding of the skin just like the snake shreds its skin before embarking on something new. This shredding must take place now as you proceed further down your pathway.

We ask you now as you are transcending to connect with your Teachers to connect with your multi-dimensional Teachers that work in the Cosmos The Teachers that draw close to you in guidance and protection. The Teachers that come from the Higher Planes of Reality.

These Teachers come forth to nurture to teach and to activate you.

We now connect you with the Higher Worlds to connect you to your reality, to connect you with your path of healing and connection. We connect you to the Celestial Sounds ringing forth from this Universe.

Many Souls connecting to Sound Frequencies and Waves are bringing forth all manners of great healing. We are now active upon your Earth working in Sound Resonance, Connection and Healing.

Sofficiagios and Resonances are activating at this time as many of you will connect clair-audiently to the new Sound Frequencies that are coming forth to activate your DNA and spatial memory.

We now set your focus on connection and in doing this we ask that as you approach Equinox upon your Earth to connect with the Higher Light and bring in the new energy the new light. For it is a time of great balance as we focus upon the Balance within this Cosmos – the Balance in your lives. We ask that you focus on bringing in the New.

The Solar Energy over the coming days will increase threshold as the Energies pour forth from the Sun, the Central Sun of your System of Worlds and the Great Central Suns.

We ask you to embrace the cosmic shifts unfolding. The Energy from the Galactic Core coming forth at this time elevating Consciousness upon a grander scale. Once a more unified Consciousness unfolds, unity consciousness is achieved.

With these cosmic shifts unfolding brings forth a continuum of blessings as you are embarking on a New Beginning on your Earth. All has been planned. A catalyst of evolutionary energies are sweeping your earth at this time and over the coming weeks and months as you embark on further waves of greater awakening.

Sound Frequencies aligning with Sacred Geometric Shapes are now being activated the knowledge unfolds to those working with this Energy and Frequency. For those of you who are still to connect with the Sacred Geometric Shapes we ask you to do so at this time as we activate you to this knowledge and frequency. We ask you to connect with the Octahedron, or the Holon of Balance at this time.

We have at this time connected with and activated the 33 Star Gates within your system of Worlds and within each and everyone of you. Many of you may resemble this to the 33 points in your Spinal Column. As you receive this activations you may feel a slight discomfort in your back but this will ease up.

The Star Gate Keepers of this Cosmos have connected with their Essence and are working fully as per their Life Paths and Codes 33/6 activating the Star Gates and the Christ Consciousness to Humanity at this time.

It is now time to step forth on your pathway into your transcendent being that is outside of time and space, and with the knowledge that is revealed to you, you can affect time and space in new ways. Then you become creators, or more accurately, co-creators.

We leave you now with Divine Love and Peace.

We are The Hathors and we speak through Elaine this Day. » Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio