HeavenLetters: Depending upon Happenstance

heavenlettersGod said:

Yes, often days on Earth seem like skirmishes to you. You want more of a day, or you want less of it, depending upon happenstance and your view. You are not always hard to please. I understand that you do deal with every day as best as you can at the time.

In retrospect, you may see alternate roads you could have gone down. You could have been less cranky and resistant to life. Some days, not every day, you could have been less thrown by life. About some days, you could have even come to shrug your shoulders and say: “That day wasn’t so bad after all.”

Of course, there are days you still mourn and wish they could be undone. You would much rather have days that don’t rile you. In some cases, you wish that you not rue your own deportment.

I would love to get you onto more evened-out paths. You, too, wish you could be more mellow. In this case, life would not run over you to the degree it seems to. Oh, yes, Beloved, if only your putting down life in the first place could be of the past and no longer continued. If only you would meet life more than you confront it.

At the very least, life is paving the way for you. Life is clearing the path. You don’t want to play the victim, nor do you wish to be an assailer. You can swim in life in any direction you want. You don’t want to give the impression that you are expecting heartache today.

In your mind, you often fault life. You would love to be on an even keel with life. How you would love to be at peace with life rather than at swords with it. Compared to you, life is the Giant, and you are not. And so you feel bound.

In going over some days of the past, you seem unable to rewrite a better script. This is the thing. You put yourself at the mercy of life. There is nothing you can do about it. You see yourself taken advantage of. You are unable to try to put a pretty face on life.

At the least, you may feel addled by life. Of course, you would love to be comforted by life. Meanwhile, you may be on life’s back, for life could be getting ready to hassle you.

You would try out another world to live in, yet you don’t know of another world to switch over to. Even if you were sure that another world existed, you are unsure that you dare to leap over to it.

You are the person in the story of the Lady or the Tiger who has to decide which door to open. In your case, it may seem you have no choice of which door to open. It opens itself to you before know it. Sometimes you feel that you are offered Tiger or Tiger and never offered apples or oranges.

Any day can bring a thunderstorm or a blizzard or a drought. You don’t know what you may wake up to. You have no conscious choice. You don’t want to sound ungrateful. Life has been good to you now and then no matter how much it left you shaking in your boots. You would love a guarantee.

Beloveds, you see the bits and pieces of life when, all the while, there is a whole world there. Make a large sweep of your cowboy hat in front of you and offer life a grand welcome. And give life a good chance to respond to your welcome.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff