Archangel Michael: The Twelve Sacred Tribes of Creation

archangel michael eraoflightBeloved masters, it is time to expand your knowledge as to how the Creator¹s Plan was designed and how you all have been affected by that plan throughout your many lifetimes, but especially in this lifetime. We have explained many times before that your Earth resonates to the harmonics of the number seven, while your galaxy and this universe resonate to the harmonics of twelve. There have been numerous references to this in the past, some given in metaphors, and many that are so commonly known that you do not even think about their deeper meaning.

The Beloved Christed Being Jesus had twelve disciples and your history speaks much of the twelve tribes of Israel; your astrological zodiac is divided into twelve segments; and one of the major time-keeping systems on Earth divides your year into twelve months. There are many more examples, and if you become more aware of the significance of this number, you will begin to recognize them. More and more often you are dreaming of the number 12:12, and it repeatedly is brought to your attention via your digital clocks. The number twelve carries the vibrational frequencies of wholeness and balance, and you carry within these vibrational frequencies in the form of chakras (or spinning vortices of Light) which will hum and ignite when you have fully activated them.

First of all, you must understand that the examples we will give you are a very simplistic overview of how the Creator Plan actually works, and that we are speaking of this universe only, not the Omniverse. When the magnificent energies for this universe were brought together in the form of a Great Central Sun, multitudes of StarSeeds (those who had previously individualized into God-consciousness) answered the call from the far reaches of the Omniverse to be a part of this wondrous new adventure in creation. The great Beings who were to be the Father/Mother Godhead of this universe filled this new Great Central Sun with their Divine Essence, and all that were to be a part of this new creation were drawn into this great circle of God Light and infused/encoded with the new Divine Blueprint. The greatest number of Divine Sparks were those who had not yet been externalized or had not come into conscious awareness (we often call these the Holy Innocent Ones). As the radiance of the Father/Mother God of this universe burst forth, the first to be created were the Cocreator Council of Twelve, the Elohim Council/Cocreator Gods, the Lords of Light and the Archangelic Realm. There are many subdivisions to each of these Creator forces, but for this short explanation, it will have to suffice.

What we wish to instill in your consciousness at this time, for it is most important for your understanding, is that there were twelve great Rays of qualities, attributes, and virtues brought forth from the heart of our Father/Mother God‹twelve magnificent universal Beings were created which have been designated as Cosmic Monadic/Divine I Am Presence Groups, and these were later divided into twelve more galactic Monadic groups. Each of you is a facet of one of these Great Beings‹you have been separated into a multitude of fragments as you journeyed down through the multi-dimensions, but you are still an integral part of that Great Being, just as you are a facet of the Supreme Creator‹a Spark of the ONE or ALL THAT IS. This is also the meaning of the number 144: 12 x 12 groupings that have been formed at every level of Creation which may contain billions of individual Sparks or souls. When you were ready to incarnate on Earth, after greatly stepping down your vibrations, you were in a Monad/I AM Presence grouping of only 144 souls, consisting of twelve facets/Sparks that divided into twelve. You have interacted with those 144 Sparks down through the ages, dancing to the beat of duality, and playing different roles for each other as you sought to return to harmony and balance. This is not to say that you do not interact with other groupings, but you seek out your intimate soul family, not only to support you, but to interact with in a multitude of ways. In the past, you have not often come into contact with those in your immediate family of sparks or your unit of twelve. Relationship within this group are usually too intense, and you support each other in other ways, often from the higher realms of existence. In other words, you are not all incarnated on Earth at the same time.

We will give you a simplistic overview of each of these twelve great Monadic Beings, and hopefully, through your greater understanding, you will be able to determine which group or tribe, as we have chosen to call them for this teaching, you are functioning within during this important lifetime.

In the highest realms of this universe, you experienced Creation as a Monadic Group which was composed of either First, Second, or Third Ray energies before you descended into this galaxy (Rays Four through Seven are sub-rays of the Third Ray). Then you experienced the galaxy as a group Monad in which there was a mix of First, Second and Third Ray. Here, you joined together in individual groups or soul families that were composed of a certain number of each of these first three Rays (not in equal proportion, however), which also brought to the group a great variety of universal experience. Many have called these groupings “Task Companions” and that is what you were. You mixed and melded your energies and attributes so that when the proper time came, you would recognize your “Tribe” through your intuition and vibratory resonance‹there would be a certain soul signature that would drawn you together. You were then gathered into the auric circle of Light of your Galactic Monad, and from there through your solar system I AM Presence, you fragmented into lesser and lesser sparks of consciousness as you devolved into the fifth-, fourth-, and third-dimensional experience.

You were destined to come together again in the physical or in your astral travels, and you would join together to create a vortex of energy that is greater than the sum of its parts. This melding would reinforce, support, and assist each of you on your chosen path, whatever that may be. It is the beginning of returning to Unity Consciousness. This phenomena is happening all over the world at this time.

What we wish for you to understand is that you have spent much more time in unity consciousness than you have in the greatly diminished, individualized consciousness which you now identify as yourself. The past lives that you have had in this solar system and on planet Earth are just a minuscule portion of what is in your memory banks and who you really are. It was only when you and the Earth sank into the density of the third/fourth dimension that you lost the memory of your connection to each other and Source. Yes, you have gained much knowledge as you journeyed forth on your own grand adventure, and now it is time for you to come together as members of your tribe or soul family to share the wisdom you have all garnered down through the aeons.

The TWELVE TRIBES OF CREATION are broken down as follows:

The universal tribes or groups as were stated above are:


The seven tribes of galactic expression could be designated as falling into these general categories: LEADERS/PIONEERS/WARRIORS * Will to Create ** SCHOLARS * Wisdom/abstract knowledge ** SAGES/TEACHERS * Active intelligence **ARTISANS/CRAFTSMEN * Artistic Creation/Builders of form **

SCIENTISTS * Concrete knowledge ** CRUSADERS * Devotion/idealism ** SERVERS/SEEKERS * Freedom/redemption/purification.

As we stated before, your Divine I AM Presence or Monad is either the First, Second, or Third Ray. Rays four through Seven are sub-rays of the Third Ray. Your Monad never changes, but your soul Ray, physical body Ray, emotional body Ray, mental body Ray, and personality Ray change in different lifetimes so that you can experience all the facets, attributes, and qualities of Creation. Your goal is to attain balance and harmony in all the Ray energies, and so you might say that you choose to experience the energies of the different tribes in different lifetimes so that you can enrich your soul¹s experience. Your Monad Ray is an overlay and affects how you perceive the world and how you act and react to your various life¹s lessons. Remember, there are both positive and negative ways to use the energies of each Ray. We will only address the positive attributes at this time:

LEADERS/PIONEERS/WARRIORS carry the energies of the FIRST RAY OF DIVINE WILL to Create, Faith, Valor, and Protection. These are dynamic individuals who are filled with determination, the desire to overcome and master whatever situation is placed before them. They will usually stand out and come to the fore in some manner. They like to lead and are not followers. This Ray predominately represents the masculine energies of Creation: Outward focused, dynamic, action-oriented, and powerful.

SCHOLARS carry the energies of the SECOND RAY OF LOVE/WISDOM. These souls are seekers of truth and knowledge, and ultimately illumination. The major focus of this group is to turn knowledge into wisdom, and temper wisdom with love and compassion. This Ray carries an equal balance of masculine and feminine energies.

SAGES/TEACHERS carry the energies of the THIRD RAY OF ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE. The plane of Spirit and higher Mental/Causal Mind. These souls are the abstract thinkers, philosophers, and seekers of metaphysical knowledge. This Ray predominately represents the feminine or Divine Mother energies of Creation: Introspective, intuitive, nurturing, and patient.

ARTISANS/CRAFTSMEN carry the energies of the FOURTH RAY OF BEAUTY, HARMONY, AND ARTISTIC ENDEAVOR. This Ray is strongly connected to the Emotional Plane/body and the intuition of the Higher Self. It is often called the Ray of harmony through conflict or struggle. In order to tap into your higher creative abilities you must tame the ego and bring the emotional body into harmony.

SCIENTISTS/INTELLECTUALS carry the energies of the FIFTH RAY OF CONCRETE KNOWLEDGE. This Ray is connected to the Mental Plane/body. These souls are the more linear thinking, analytical types and often become scientists, researchers, electricians, engineers, computer experts, doctors, and nurses.

CRUSADERS carry the energies of the SIXTH RAY OF DEVOTION AND IDEALISM. This Ray is also emotionally based and its energies are focused within the subconscious mind and the Astral Plane. This is a gentle Ray that instills a desire for tenderness, peace, and tranquility. Here you will find the followers who are looking for someone to show them the truth and the “Way.” Those deeply involved in churches and religious organizations often come under this Ray of influence.

SERVERS/SEEKERS carry the energies of the SEVENTH RAY OF FREEDOM, REDEMPTION AND PURIFICATION. This is the Ray of the Violet Transmuting Flame, and the most predominant Ray on Earth at this time. This is the Ray of invocation, manifesting in the highest form and of service. The greatest number of people on Earth at this time are Servers/Seekers.

The five higher galactic/universal Rays are a combination of the first seven Rays infused with the golden/white luminescent Light of the Creator. The radiance of these great Rays is now available to all humanity, and are instrumental in facilitating the tremendous changes now taking place on Earth.

What we wish you to understand is that there are many souls from each of these twelve tribes now incarnate on the Earth plane. True, the number of Beings from the five higher tribes is much smaller, but they are incarnating in greater and greater numbers at this time in order to assist the Earth and humanity through their birthing pains‹the birth into God-consciousness‹your natural state of Being.

Each of you originated from one of these Twelve Sacred Tribes of Creation in this universe. It is an overlay that has been with you from the beginning and which has affected you in every lifetime. Yes, in the beginning you came forth from the heart center of the Supreme Creator, however, your origins in this universal experience could be the angelic realm, or any of these grand lineages. Have we not told you that you are a small Spark of a wondrous Divine Being?

What we also wish to instill in your minds is that because of your unique origins and overlays, you view the world differently than those around you. For example, if your Divine I AM Presence is the first Ray, your impulses, desires, tests, and way of functioning will be very different from those with a second or third Ray Monad. Does this help you to understand why those around you function differently, have different viewpoints and interests, and are drawn to different vocations and avocations?

It is not just your earthly cultural or racial attributes that make each of you unique/different, it is much deeper and more profound than that. And the paradox is that even within your great diversity, you are in Essence all the same. Enjoy your uniqueness, beloveds, find what makes your soul sing and brings joy into your lives, but also look at the greater picture and know that you are all a facet of the Creator. Love others as you love yourself, for in truth, when you do you are extending love to the many facets of yourself. Beloveds, do not direct your attention to all the fear and negativity that is spewing forth out into the ethers, but join us as together we focus on the horizon where a grand New Age of enlightenment is dawning. I am your loving brother and constant companion, I AM Archangel Michael.



» Source » Channel: Ronna Herman


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  1. Pel Rome

    i just got 3 6 9 when doing simple math to break downs those numbers. Thank you this again just gave me reassurance I AM heading in the right direction. Ya see this winter i lost my love and now left here w/2 babies and our animals and needed to find answers as to how I was to amnage this world alone now with all my lil one that i need to guide but my problem be that i was a product of my environment and did like all and got hooked on drugs. Im 31 in early years recovery now w all my friends and my love gone. Where I dont know but i do know I AM on the right path to be able to be able to handle today and so on and be a guardian and empower my kids & all my rescue animals and all my future farm and rescue and sober houses i will open and al the people i get ot help along the way bc i was ABLE TO LEARN TRUTH THAT I FEEL IS GOING TO ALLOW ME TO BE ABLE TO HEAL AND AWAKEN ME TO THE RIGHT ELDERS/MASTERS/GUARDIANS I SHOULD OF BEEN FOLLOWING IN THE FIRST PALCE AND HAD WE BOTH DID WE BOTH WOULD BE HERE AND THAT IS IN SIMPLIST TERMS BC HIS AND OUR STORY MAY TURN YOUR TUMMY AND I KNOW AM LEARNING IT NEVER SHOULD OF BEEN BC WE WERE BOTH EARTHLY GOOD PEOPLE BEFORE WE HAD TO MATURE IN THIS LIEING CHAOTIC SYSTEM WE LIVE IN. MY BABIES CAN NOT SO I AM HERE TO LEARN ALL I CAN AND I WILL MOVE ON TO THE NEXT AND LEARN ALL I CAN SO I CAN HELP MY FELLOW 23 MILLION OTHERS IN THIS EXACT SITUATION I AM BC WE THOUGHT WE WERE BEING SAVED AND TREATED BUT WE WERE ONLY BEING CLIPPED TO A CHAIN WWITH A BALL AND LOST ALL FREEDOM THE DAY WE ASKED FOR DESPERATE HELP AND WAS GIVEN INCARCENAL TREATMENT TO CONTROL THE SITUATION THEY SAY.. sO THANK YOU AND I WILL MAKE SURE TO LEARN RIGHT AND TO TEACH MY FELLOW ADDICTS THE WHOLE BOX AND NOT JUST A BLOCK.