Mother Mary: Calling for Ascension Leaders to Come Forward

mary eraoflightMother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that all light workers who have been working for Gaia and humanity, have done a remarkable job. Gaia had been deep in a rut, and now she is in a better position. She is loving the place she is in now and she wants to continue the upward movement. Besides Gaia, we also have tremendous forces at work. These forces are divine sent. They represent our beloved Divine Mother and the company of heaven. They are everywhere. They are here just in time when Gaia needs them the most. For that, Divine and the company of heaven, are very grateful for their help and presence. They definitely make our life easier, and humanity definitely benefits. Our light workers are so appreciative for the Divine and all the helpers out there.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In the recent shifts, Divine noticed that there are a few important light workers who are supposed to lead the ascension journey, But are not on the scene. In other words, they are no where to be found. If you are the leader and you are supposed to be the ones who lead every one else on this spiritual path, and we can not see your actions and deeds, even though you made yourself known to the world. Then how are you going to lead? How are you going to be the leader, leading humanity and Gaia home? How are you going to set the example for others to follow so that in the process, you can complete your mission? Think about it dear heart. If you are supposed to be an ascension leader, we were supposed to have seen you by now, leading the ascension efforts and making contributions to Gaia and humanity. That is the case for some of our prominent ascension leaders, and that is unfortunate. I hope you heed my message, reflect on what it means to you and hopefully you will come out of the hiding, and start to lead.

Besides a couple of these leaders, I also have noticed that even though some leaders are indeed trying to make themselves known, and trying to lead. In reality, they are not effective. The reason I say that is because I often see these souls who are trying, are often behind the scenes, and often behind the light workers. So now, the question is how are you going to lead if you fall behind. Who are you going to lead if there is no one behind you? Does that dawn on you that you are far behind the momentum and humanity, and you need to catch up first before you even consider leading effectively? That is my advice for you dear heart, catch up first before you can actually lead anyone. We need leaders. But we also know where you are and how much you need to catch up before you can be in a leadership position. So, that is the message for our potential leaders and souls who are supposed to be the leaders right now. It is important that you get the message, get yourself in the leadership position as soon as possible so that we can continue to move the Divine plan forward. In other words, partially the reason we are stuck in this phase is because our ascension leaders are not ready. We have to wait for them. And now time is running out. We need them to step up, to be ready, in position, so together, we can move in to the next phase. That is urgent. I want all of your leaders to hear it. Time is running out, hurry up, get yourself ready. Let’s get the ball rolling. Let’s move to the next phase. We are ready, so are you. You just need to hurry up, get to the front of everyone, start to lead.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In the next few days, Divine is going to continue the push for final disclosure. We have the rules that the final disclosure have to happen in a certain way, By certain individuals, and together, we usher in the new Golden Age. In order to do that, we do need some souls to do the disclosures first, and the final disclosure follows. So, I am calling these souls, if you are destined to be the last ones, please go ahead do your part, we are ready, so are you. We know you are waiting. Now the waiting is over. Get yourself up there, start the ball rolling. We are here, waiting for the final announcement. Let’s do it, you and I, together, we get things done. I am Mother Mary, I love you. So it is.




» Source » Channel: Linda Li