Message from Bruno Groning: Don’t Deviate from the Good Path

meditation one eraoflightTHIS IS THE PATH TO GOD.

Always side with good and avoid evil.

If you ally yourself with all that is good, unite with the forces of light and go about your daily chores with the loving angels of heaven, evil can’t get to you.


Evil exists and aspires to throw a good person off course.

Evil spreads as soon as you give too much space to your ego and don’t monitor the accuracy and purity of your actions.

Evil waits for you to contaminate your soul when you – due to lack of visible success – prefer a bad deed to a good one.

Evil can only manifest in insecure, distrusting and doubtful people.
Therefore it is obligatory to heal these self-deceptions so that evil can’t find breeding ground.


Nourish the good in you, and good appears all around you. Don’t expect immediate visible success. What you may expect is that a good deed always has positive effects on your life and promotes your spiritual wellbeing.

What is a good deed? What does it mean to be good?

Your conscience knows, and your conscience lets you know what is good or bad. Your conscience is inner knowing, and as soon as it alerts you, you know which direction to take and what to listen to.

Being good means listening to one’s conscience and doing what feels good and right, doesn’t hurt anyone and can’t flatter your ego. Everything that in all conscience is free of sin is good.

Anyone who acts by this maxim can’t be touched by evil. Because evil feeds off a person’s doubt, distrust, disbelief and dissatisfaction – and is an expert in putting the world at someone’s feet when the moment is right in order to make them lose themselves.

Is Good dead in this world?

No! It is more alive than ever! Many people have come around and still do. Soon evil will have lost its power over mankind – and huge, drastic events will cause this dissolution. God has returned to this earth, and more and more people become aware of his presence and accept his offer: the offer to receive his full protection.

Cleansing and clearing days lie ahead of us all. Carried by God’s grace and the humanity’s desire for a life in God’s light, everything changes in this world.

Internally, a new human being is evolving, and externally, a new earth is emerging – and until then the “good path” needs to be kept up. This is each and everyone’s mission.

Don’t deny evil, but recognize it and overcome it. This is the path to God.




» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl