Sananda: You Are Remembering Your Missions

sanandaLord Sananda   

And I AM Sananda.

And as always it is wonderful to be with this group, this family, this family of light, this family of love.

Those of you that have been drawn back together again. Those of you that were with me; that were with Sanat Kumara; that were with Ashtar; that were with Aramda, Archangel Michael, and all the rest. And those of you that are here with us at all times just as we are here with you at all times. As we have said many times we are in this together, we are pulling this all together.

And because of you, because of each one of you and the missions that you are on, and remembering those missions now — many of you are beginning to do so. Many of you are beginning to recall, beginning to remember those times long ago when you found yourselves together either with each other or with us in various ways. Some of this is coming back to you now. — And many of you are beginning to remember who you were in past times. All of that is beginning to come back.

You’re beginning to realize that you are all one. All of us are one together. And this is quite a revelation for many because many, throughout your lives, you have been taught that you are an individual and that you are an individual unto yourself. And in some ways yes, that is true.

But in other ways you are an individual and you are also one with everything. And this, of course, is somewhat of a paradox here. But know and trust as you continue to recall, those times, those memories, coming back to you, that all is in this process of orchestration.

All is being brought together in many different ways. And in many different ways you are being directed. Directed to go forth, to move to certain places, to journey to certain places. And those of you that are on this journey, those of you that are on this journey of remembering your missions: your individual missions; as well as your soul group mission; you are here to do all that you are learning to do. All that you are remembering is more the word here. You are not necessarily learning, you are re-learning. You are re-membering.

Because so much is yet in front of you. And many of you have no idea yet quite of the missions that you are on and of all that you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime, this lifetime … that has been building for a long time now. Through many, many lifetimes, many thousands of years you have been working at this. Working to come to this moment, this very moment in time.

We can say that you have arrived. You have arrived at that moment. But many moments are yet ahead of you.

And I am saying it in this way that many moments are ahead of you because it is important for you to live in every one of those moments, to not only focus on the future and what the future will bring.

Yes there are wonderful things ahead. Wonderful things that you have been building toward. But there is also the moment Now. The moment that you can cherish for your entire lifetime. For the memories that you are creating now are more important than the memories that you are remembering from long ago.

Create those memories now. Be those memories now. And as you do that you will create the wonderful golden vision of the New Earth, a new Golden Age of Gaia.

I leave you now.

I AM Sananda. All of my peace and love be with you, each and every one, of you as you continue on with this journey, and as we continue on with this journey together with all of you.



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