New Moon in Taurus, May 15, 2018; Garden of the Arcane Delights

full moonGrowth doesn’t have to come through strife, struggle and suffering, all the time. At the price of our own sanity, our peace of mind, our well-being.

Sometimes, growth is as simple and painless as tending to our own garden, and planting flowers in it. Flourishing – like Mother Nature teaches us. Receiving. Savouring. Accepting. Grounding ourselves in the Beauty and bounty that surround us, and creating our own bliss from it. Allowing life to flow to and through us.

The New Moon blooming in the fertile garden of Taurus (24°36) on May 15, at 11:47 AM UTC, is an initiation into the resilient wisdom of the senses, and much more. Supported by Mars and Pluto, in a semi-sextile aspect with her ruler, Venus, in Gemini, she also ushers in the Uranus in Taurus era, foreshadowing a 7-year time span of electrifying, innovative, overdue upgrades to our experience of the material plane, of wealth, of comfort, of pleasure. Even and especially if we have forgotten how to blossom and thrive just like Earth does. Even and especially if our skin and Soul are starving.

For although our greed and callousness threatened to obliterate it on a number of historical occasions, Earth is still a marvelous, welcoming place filled with wonder, gifts and blessings, us earthlings being among those. We are both the poison and the cure, the hunger and the food.

The material plane is not an enemy, nor a prison of the Soul. On the contrary – it’s only when we are grounded, that our Soul is free to soar. When we have solid boundaries. We cannot grow wings until we truly find our roots, our own core.

And if we’re not sure how to go about it, this New Moon – and Uranus – will help.

Energies at this time are geared towards manifestation, solidification and implementation; it’s an ideal time to work with resources, values, and anything that can increase our sense of stability, self-worth and self-esteem. A time to keep our heads down and start building stubbornly, confidently, persistently from the ground up, without depriving ourselves of the pleasure of the journey. The seeds we’re sowing will need to be nurtured over the long haul, for their growth will be slow, but inexorable.

Both Mars and Pluto form a supportive trine to this novilune – Taurus might be a fixed sign, but the energies are very much flowing onwards, ignited by the impetuous Martian willpower, and propelled by the slow burn of sustained Plutonian drive.

In many ways, this is not going to feel like an average Taurus New Moon. This is more than a personal shift – it’s a large-scale revolution that looms over us and starts with us. With our willingness to reimagine the space we occupy in the physical world and our relationship with it. With our ability to envision temporary comfort zones that soothe and nourish us without sucking us into inertia. With our efforts to embrace sustainable patterns of consumption. With us embracing ourselves and giving to ourselves unconditionally, until our cup overflows.

Uranus doesn’t recognize man-made boundaries, or differentiate between a small garden and the whole of the world. What happens in the here and now, around us, is simultaneously happening to mankind as well. And because of this butterfly effect, the luscious pastures of Taurus are going to look much different once the Great Awakener has moved on. This New Moon is our chance to get with the times.



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