The Galactic Federation of Light: Crystalline Reality

gfoleraoflightWE the Galactic Beings of Light, greet you with admiration and love on this another new day. It is on this timeline where your hearts may open to peel away the veil of forgetting and receive this information that we offer as a gift.

There is a crystalline grid in place for the earth that allows one to move inside its vast sea of energies. This grid as you raise your frequency, aids in your feeling peaceful and brings the benefits with wisdom you can use on your journey of awakening. It gives opportunity to full align with who you are.

YOU precious humans are a work in progress to be recognized as more and more awaken. Some will choose to stay in the three D matrix but many have been working very hard to cleanse and purify their thoughts and cells so they may experience fully the grand benefits as one moves forward in the ascension process to the new earth.

Your DNA has been readjusted and will continue to be worked on often when you sleep. It will help you be more aligned and attuned to the new fifth dimensional reality.

Three D space and the new five dimensional space THOUGH VERY different and is going on at the same time. In three D space you will find yourself stuck in fear, doubts and the orchestrations by others that hold one in bondage.

When one is in the space of five dimensional reality, you can experience a peacefulness and harmonic resonance that allows freedom,and peace.

When chosen and engage fully within in your consciousness it gives one an inner creativity. It allows one to be their authentic self. That creativity means to be connected to your gifts of playing with the energies to manifest which is your birthright.

At the present time, it is normal to move with focus and intent from one reality to another. It takes time to acclimate oneself to the new changes taking place.

Take the time with these new changes that are happening internally to be nice to yourself. To rest when your bodies wisdom dictates. To celebrate when you can, for this is the time to experience a great shift in consciousness. The gift of peace, joy abundance and perfect health is at your door.

The multi level states of realities that allow for true freedom in constructing your dreams is at hand. This new space will allow conscious beings to move as co-creators.
The way they are meant to be inside a love based way.

Humans, once inside this new reality will not be stuck with other peoples agenda’s but by our own free thinking to manifest desires and dreams for the good of all.

Inside this VORTEX OF LOVE one will be able to be part of the core of beings. This becomes like a network of oneness yet with an individuality creative energetic flow, that makes you unique.

A new matrix is and has been formed, away from the old that held one captive. Into the new to be in form inside a light body at a higher vibration so peace can be the norm.

These are magical times whereby those awake are moving toward a conscious state of true FREEDOM. True bliss and part of your inherited God sparks.

It is a state talked about for some time and is now being instrumented and available. Divine timing is involved and nothing is to be rushed. It is unfolding within its timeframe and we say beautifully. It is the new place a home where peace, harmony, and dreams can be cultivated inside a garden of love.

Work to allow yourself to raise your frequency so you can travel to this new reality. It goes on simultaneously so work on yourselves to shed old briefs and move inside love and positive thought. That is your mission at this time.

The new Earth at the fifth dimensional level is available as your consciousness rises and you focus on your desires. Ask for help if you need to from guides, higher self, God, light-workers and extra-terrestrials for the future is NOW.

You shall find your balance as time goes on and you shift so again be patient. If you feel angry, fearful, stressed, experience worries surfacing, feel pulled by people close to you who don’t understand and experience moments of depression with doubts…you are in the three dimensional reality.

If you are happy, filled with joy, feel freedom unlike what you felt before and experiencing a creative flow you are in the fifth dimensional space.

You choose, by engaging your inner heart space and desires. You choose by consciously taking responsibility to be who you are and move in its power.

You are not stuck for everything is fluid and as you awaken to this truth, you will find you can rearrange your reality to suit your needs inside a vortex of love.

We say…GO FOR IT with excitement and enjoyment if you choose. For one you begin experiencing this uplifting feelings you will want to continue.

Understand that Imagination and dreams are the groundwork the seed so to say that make anything possible in the five D reality but not so much in the three D reality.

Between now and the summer months those awake and willing, will experience shifting more and staying longer inside the new Earths five D reality.

Hope on board for the weather is divine in this new Earth world we say with a smile. We use the example of you taking the plunge to swim in new energies. Imagine yourselves as olympic swimmers just getting your feet wet. Just realizing the excitement and passion found in these energetic waters. Moving in open seas where the vast opportunities to be at peace all the time is at hand.

The Earth presently is headed toward what we refer to as LIONS GATE It is the gateway in August that will allow a more balanced and a stable way of being for those who have worked hard to assimilate the energies. For those who have chosen to spend more time in the mode of ascension to the fifth Dimension.

Everyone even if their awareness is limited and not awake will experience something and when they see you go through it more peaceful they may begin to ask for your assistance.

You may travel still back and forth but those who are stuck in three d will be unable to access the higher realms. There are no rights and wrongs. It is up to the souls journey as to weather they move forward on the ascension trail.

IF YOU are reading this text than it is most likely a wake up call for you to consider the options and begin to feed yourself with the information that will set you free from the three D reality.

Many will migrate as travelers to the new earth. The bridge is available to cross as your desires and the energies increase. There are a barrage of beings who will aid in your moving to the new earth so do not worry for all are taken care of.

It is a multi dimensional shift. The waves of cosmic energies are moving and lifting many into pulsations of diamond light. know that your bodies are being bombarded and going through great change.

A PARADISE on new Earth is now being seeded and has been for some time. This whole shift of change has been professed by many cultures.

It is here in real time and the birthing of a higher way is a gift to be reckoned with inside of gratitude and excitement. Many galactic friends stand in service to guide those across the rainbow bridge when ready are in waiting. This bridge will brings one to the 5 D new Earth.

BE AWARE that you are being transmuted into a crystalline form of a human for the purpose of aligning with your gifts and be an authentic human capable of manifestation and living in harmony with all life.

The more you begin following your heart and rise in consciousness the easier it will be to travel into the fifth space of new Earth.

Balance is important, as one connects and self flows with the new energies. Best to eat well, take care of body and welcome in the change as you adjust your consciousness to being a sage in the new world.

Resistance inside fear does not help so if it comes up focus to integrate it into heart so it may dissipate.

Know beloved ones that your central nervous system is being rewired for this new way of life that is why you may feel extra tired. It can be taxing on the body but is necessary for it will allow self to attune to amazing gifts which can be deemed as magic- like.

Your new powers will be able to use intention and visualization to shape reality and therefore it is necessary to attune the inner body like the parts of the brain to take in this new electrical pulse that carries information.

It will be experienced as electricity running through you so the body needs time to adjust. If all this sounds frightening than worry not for it will take place inside divine timing ONLY when you are ready and choose.

Humans are meant and will in the new Earth be able to shape energy into form. Diamond water codes will aid this process when you move into the new reality. These water codes carry and ignite ones abilities to be able to manifest so there is much to look forward to.

Much Preparation is being made for the migration process to begin. It is a time where all those who move to the new Earth can connect to ones allies in nature as well as other galactic beings.

We wish to make this IMPORTANT POINT… There has been, in the three D realm a separation between nature and all her children and that will change in the new Earth reality.

To live on earth is to honor nature and many cultures long gone and some still present know this. This is truth and will be re-recognized as people migrate.

Please dear ones, begin to learn how to connect to earth. Practice to feel oneness and learn to listen to earths allies even crystals, the wind and animals carry wisdom.

if you start right now by connecting to nature. Go in the forest the benefits will amaze you. Talk to the elementals, rock beings, and Natures family. It will be healing for you and aid in later days.

Hug a tree. The result will be one your body will appreciate. You can even ask nature to take away any resistance left and it will do so. Perhaps you can sense a gentle wind taking worries away or water cleansing you as you sit in a river. The forest trees will also aid by releasing its vibration to help your body release toxins.

LIFE IS A GIFT AS YOU ARE and these times are indeed exciting as you move forward and celebrate as the new humans. You will be the ones that make the new Earth a paradise of creation.

Take a moment to breath into this thought.

It is your DESTINY and the Destiny of the new Earth to become aligned with the universe.

BREATH deep again and gaze into heart as you vibrate this truth
It is GOD’S decree that YOU become authentic beings of love and light your essence.

And it is now time to make a new world taking your God sparks to be creators.

All will experience becoming shamans communing with nature as it is meant to be. Old views of how people treated the earth as a commodity to be exploited will not continue.

Allow yourselves to dream with an inner excitement. And as you look around realize that already there are many changers going on behind the scenes to assist with people awakening.

The THEME in the new earth will be love and respect. Respect of nature, the elementals and one another and self. It will be a world where reaching out to the divine aspects of nature and the wisdom from the galaxy will be a regular practice.

The love, you carry will permeate and aid in bonding as these new times allow you to bond with your higher self, inner child and other beings. The process is going on right now so breath deep and embrace this wonderful new feeling of peace.

We can hear you echoing but there is so much strife, violence hate and other not so nice attributes but know that this is in shift and you much allow time to heal it and release its hold. Just carry your love of heart and it will help by traveling into the grid of consciousness for others to tap into.

New schools will form in the new Earth fifth dimensional realm and they will will teach children to work in communities to grow up and use the magic that flows within to create. They will feed the younglings with the fuel of love and compassion peace and joy.

If you have seen the movie The Last Mimzy there is a scene that can give you a glimpse of a classroom. It is toward the end of the movie but it is pertinent. The children are in an outside classroom. Surrounded by nature. One can feel the love present and at the end of the class all the children fly off to go home. If you did not see the movie we suggest you rent it for it has rich information.

We close this day of heighten energies as we send you again much love. It is a grand adventure indeed that all weather they ascend or not have agreed to.

Blessings, as you rise in frequency and travel on new highways with love.

The future is HERE. REMEMBER you are Earths future so ride its carpet to dance and anchor inside love. Your birthright calls.

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