What Do You Wish To See More Of On Era of Light?



7 Replies to “What Do You Wish To See More Of On Era of Light?”

  1. Catherine

    Hi there…it would be great to see more channelings that address the specific challenges of parenting during ascension.
    So few transmissions spend any time on this and it would be so helpful for those of us trying to balance that responsibility in 3D while also living multidimensionally.

  2. Michael Stephenson

    I would like to be able to print some of the health articles that are posted, but your site does not allow any printing of any articles.

    1. titaniumlotus

      Dear Michael,

      I share your thoughts as well in that I would like to copy/paste foreign language comments into a translator for read.

      KejRaj is that possible with the current web platform?

  3. Mary Back

    less is more. When I get 10 emails from you, I have to decide what is most imjportant because I get 50 more from others. LESS IS MORE

    1. divsy

      Sorry, not necessarily; some of us don`t get from others. And with more we may find something interesting/our choice. Blessings.

    2. titaniumlotus

      Dear Mary,

      If I may suggest, one could exit the email notification alert, then scan the site daily for that which interest you.

      I share this thought as I had the same issue with email notifications a plenty from sites over coming my email inbox. My solution was to thin out the notifications and scan the sites daily. 🙂

      1. titaniumlotus

        I should add, I venture to Era Of Light many times daily to absorb articles 1 at a time. This gives me time to absorb and reflect that which is shared.