The Galactic Federation of Light: Warriors and Co-Creators

gfoleraoflightWe The Galactic Federation stand at your boarders to share, enhance, and celebrate those on earth.

Stop and think for a moment how Divine you all are and what an opportunity you have to awaken to expand and create a new world.

You are all warriors, co-creators and in light of Mothers day we wish to acknowledge all of you.This day and everyday can give you an anchor to feel empowered knowing who you are.

Feel free to look in mirror and say every morning Happy Mother’s Day self. Great to be connected to such a grand being who carries love.

Life comes with no concrete handbook but for the arms and instructions from one called Mother.

She guides when one cannot walk or talk.
She teaches while one is still getting used to human form.
She gives lessons sometimes harsh so we may find our own power to soar.
She feeds us with her dreams so we might tweak them into our own.
She carries love even when one thinks she is cruel,
and has honored your soul by inviting you to incubate within her.
Mother, a gift to be celebrated.

Your higher self and guides are the mother of self. They carry unconditional love at all times.

Carefully leading one for the betterment of their soul. People don’t always understand the reasons but it is clear one is never alone in their journey. Never alone to move over the huddles of life. To see and feel. To experience and expand.

YOU ALL are MOTHERS of your own INNER Child. We ask when was the last time you told your inner child you loved them.

When have you told them they were safe and gave them a hug from inside your heart.

They call. They need and you shall see a change in your life when you do so. The ego head will perhaps poo poo it but to coin a phase used in song and other venues DO IT Anyway.

Sing anyway even off key. Dance anyway with or without left feet or in your mind if feet are not working. Move anyway despite onlookers who may not understand. Even hug a tree anyway for soon they shall observe your peaceful persona and perhaps follow.

The divine realm of Earth comes with grand opportunities. If you can dream it you can do it. A quote coined by Walt Disney.

One who surely have made his mark in this world.

As one awakens they realize the gift they are for you are the gift and the gifted. One can release the confounds of old thoughts and modalities to rise inside energies to dance inside freedom.

A bird flies in open sky like a sculptor shaping the clouds (a metaphor) One to imagine as the human population is moving as such with no walls or limits.

Take the time to examine the self and see the greatness the permeates outward. You deserve to do so and when done it will empower you.

Most importantly know that the new way of being is to be in the HEART. The place that is vast and far more than an organ that pumps blood.

It is your castle. A home where wisdom and dreams are stored. A precious place where sparks of divine song echo every moment.

One has many Mothers/Fathers as they move on their sacred journey.

The Mother who borne you.
The Mother of the higher self.
Mother Earth caretaker of all inhabiting the planet.
Father Sky holder of the solar system.
Mother/Father God creator where by all carry its spark.
And You the mother/father of your inner child.

NOTE Numbers are even that can pulsate with aid to align one and teach with its hidden messages so we choose though a bit of a stretch to include them under the term mother.

Since there are so many mothers all around us just thing about the wisdom one can pull from. Allow self not to be limited by just one way or teaching modality. Every one can provide assistance to be peaceful.

Nature has its teachers. The planets have a voice if you listen to the wind. Mountains and animals have a voice of their own so connect.

As a mother, avatar, explorer, teacher and student most importantly love yourself especially when life becomes challenging.

TWELVE words as commandments to live life that we feel would benefit you at this time are…


We share them because as you move forward in the mode of mother to the self you can reap the benefits and feel freedom.

We leave you with a Happy Mothers day wish int he hope that you will make everyday mothers day so you might celebrate yourselves (without needing praise from another) and carry that inner power.

Divine Mothers infused in the energies of creation. Go upon your journeys with least resistance to embrace all of you as the grand beings of light you are. Bath in this moment Momala’s (Big Smile) and wash away fears that NO LONGER serve for the future is yours.

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