Horus: Gateways Initiations

horusSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team Heru has the following message for you all

Dear Children,

I Heru, speak through the heart of my beloved to the Hearts of you all.

It is indeed a time of many blessings that is being poured forth throughout this system of worlds – all is as planned.

Gateways Initiations and Great Epiphanies have been planned by you in this Now Time to unite all your Timelines and bring your collective abilities that you have learnt throughout the Journey of your Soul across this time and space continuum.

For each and everyone of you are the great weavers of life planning and weaving as this Divine Energy unfolds.

It is a great time for you to step forth now upon your journey to unfold your abilities and contribute to the Collective to assist HU-manity in this now.

Your Earth is undertaking a shift in Energy and many challenges face the hearts of HU-manity in this now time. This Energy that is being anchored in the Leylines Vortices and Sacred Lines and Sites are sending ripples in the Earth’s surface.

We are renewing the Energy of your Earth – we are preparing and renewing old stagnant Energy. We are focusing right now on the Lemurian Energy and raising the vibration and consciousness of Lemuria to the hearts of you all – much of this lies covered in the depths of your oceans and this is now surfacing to your consciousness.

See now beloveds the Truths are now surfacing. Enlightenment is the key to your Hearts and it is by working from the Sacred Chamber of your Heart that all things in this Universe is made manifest.

It is now a time to connect upon your remembering and as you do, so much more unfolds.

For in this System of Worlds you are the Creators of your own reality – this is how it has been willed – you have been given the tools – you have been given the keys from the universe to be the great weavers of your own reality. Allow me to explain this to you dear children.

Allow yourself to turn around, facing the sun of your own divinity, facing the sun of your own maker who is your Self, you will see that it is you who builds your landscape. You build your trees. You build your companions, your creatures, small and vast. And yet you destroy them as well. And yet you harm them and poison them, and grow them ill. And in this, you harm yourself, you poison yourself, you grow yourself ill. For there is no separation. For there is only illusion of separation.

What can you do to bridge this understanding? You can start to believe. You can start to see through the veil of illusion, and you can bridge that.

And you can know that by your touch the very thing comes into existence. It is more than a matter of cells. It is more than a matter of space. It is more than a matter of atoms upon atoms. It is the waves. It is the ripples. It is the vibration that you create, that you source. It is all of this and more, and you but need see. Look upon the plains through different eyes. Look upon the plains through different lens. See the matrix of your making. See it now, pulsating around your world, through your world, constructing and creating your world.

This is what we mean by the web. This is what we say when we know you are together as one. You pulse, a heartbeat upon this planet, this living resource that is your bloodline, that is your life, that is you. The sun’s rays help you breathe, bring you breath, and each expansion, each sigh, each ripple of knowledge that filters out into the system that is creation, is YOU.

Embrace this. See how you can change your world for a better place. For an understanding of Grace let you look down upon yourself and see your own coming, see you in the light of your making. And then know that you are the eagle that soars; you are the bear that rises; you are the human who stands, the whale who sings. You are the creature who is the mightiest and the smallest. You are the breath of air that is life. Each and every one, each and every one. That is you.

All there is to gain in this House of Love that IS you, a body of flesh of your making, a house and a castle of your making. Come into the world BRIGHT and ALIVE. The Source of your being is the source of all beings. Within this you are known. Within this you are seen. Within this you are recognized. You are whole. You are complete. You are without doubt, one.

Here, unity and unification do not need be discussed, do not need be debated, do not need be questioned, for doubt no longer exists. You swim as a school. You swim in a pool of your making that creates you whole. Your head moves and your tail moves, and you move as one. That is all. That is all there is.

It is that the politics of the world will change when this understanding is taken in. It is that globalization will take on a new meaning. It will come into a being of unification beyond the paltry attempts of current governments. It will know more than what is currently seen. It will understand more than what is currently known. And light will be shed upon the physics and science of your minds, but it must be allowed to do so; it must be encouraged. It must be known that there is more; that there is a spark of waiting no longer, for discovery and exploration are continued.

And you can do this, each of you, in your own exploration, in your own discovery of thought, when you turn around and face compassion for yourself; when you turn around and project that compassion into the one you look upon in the mirror of yourself and in the mirror of the other; Compassion upon compassion. Love and intent of good will. Only this. What else would create a harmonious society? What else but this?

I ask you now, take one step, one step today: Look upon the face of yourself in the mirror and smile; say a kind word to yourself, to yourself first. Know YOURSELF and then you will know the other, and then you will know the Source of the other, and the Self. And you will understand them as one.

There is no bifurcation. There is no separation. There is NO dualism. There is no binary. There is ONLY unification. There is ONLY oneness. Know this and much will change. Know this, and everything will become… One.

Be the Change – Change starts with you and once you embrace the Change – see the Change take place around you.

You are the Leaders now in this time – this Life Cycle of Ascension and the Change starts with you.

I AM HERU and I speak through Elaine this day.

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