Federation of Light: Balance

eraoflight federation of lightUse a first thought of the day like a key that starts an ignition when you awaken. It, when the vibration is positive shapes and gives one in human form a diving board to jump off and align with a grand day.

What do we of the Galactic Federation mean? (since you are co-creators… of your own present life time).

We mean fill the matrix around self to set the program of the moment in motion so happy and joy fill the day before it unfolds.

You may fill the first moments on awakening with a prayer or question for clarity that then the universal beings that are your team or even us can answer.

Or make it an affirmation that holds enormous power. And PLEASE do not forget to add gratitude for that is a jump started just like a key to aid.

Imagine yourself turning a dial of determination to happy and joy, to understanding and patience, to acting inside of a vortex of love.

Its a simple visualization. A simple way that only takes a few moments. You might even think it’s silly but it can aid in you experiencing and feeling the gift of who you are.

See yourself as orchestrators bonding with the new energies, who can manifest and etch into your present moments that which you desire so it can be experienced.

One would think you want to have good experiences and feelings but all too often many are trapped vibrating just the opposite.

With negative thoughts and attitudes and being in a state of fear and discontentment one sets themselves up to that which you truly do not want.

Why does a negative, complaining person always have more to complain about? Because they are bringing it to themselves.

Take a moment and see yourselves as little mirrors. Little beings with antenna or transmission towers that vibrate outward.

This can cause you to take waves of energy to set up your day with your own intentions.

Dear ones you are also towers that can receive great information when you focus and open your conscious mind to get downloads.

These downloads of thoughts as we call them gives clarity on any and all subjects. Attempt to use this abilities to sculpt your day and get the understanding you are entitled to.

If a song or thought comes in do not discount it so fast but rather look at it. See what you are attracting and how it connects to your life.

You may just be getting a message that can help you in the present moment if you stop and listen.

Now we will talk about balance and grounding. Balance and grounding is important during these times when new energies are bombarding the Earth.

These energies are infused with love but they also are cleansing mechanisms to release from your aura and deep cellular body that limits.

They may consist of old thought pattens or fears from this and past lives. If they come up, look at them expose them for what they are, (a gift to heal) and make efforts to release them with kindness for yourself. For your carried them and now they must dissipate to not be lodged in your home of a body so you can move more authentically in peace.

It is time to BALANCE the male and female energies within so you can be a more balanced person. A whole person so to say that can really experience life to the fullest.

This means looking at your female side which is a gentle energy AND Male side which is stronger. They both have a place within.

Another term for male is dark. As you align with your dark side you A) are committing to showing your anger, B)setting boundaries, and C) taking care of you.

Both Female and male energies when fully integrated can give one a new lease on life to where joy and harmony is the norm.

Now to GROUNDING. It is a tool to aid you, as you walk on earth. When awakened from sleep we suggest that you take a moment to
ground inside love by using visualizations, affirmations and the breath. This is a grand aid to setting your day.

If you are going to a place where you don’t want to be send light and love energies to that location. It will be there to greet you when you arrive and can help your interaction with others. The energy you send is subtle but does have an effect.

Now try visualizing while still in bed roots from your form going deep into earth. See them being nourished by Mother Gaia. Let her energize you and help to stand firm in your day.

You may even call upon Gaia to feed your roots with the energies and wisdom needed to move in your day. She is a gift to all and very willing to help for you are considered one of her children.

Make the attempt to connect to the earth. Realize you can feel tremendous power, get wisdom and experience serenity. This picture can entice you to do so.

We conclude this message by thanking you for your attention and allowing your unconscious mind and conscious thoughts to merge so you may feel peaceful in your journey. So you may understand further the truth that you can set your day by your thoughts.

Namaste beloved ones.

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