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mike quinsey eraoflightDon’t believe everything we read or see. Push through programming. Dismantle conditioning. Open our mind to possibility. Fuse polarity propaganda. Rise above the yin and yang. Use our energy to read our world. In turn our energy will create our world. Cyclical. Spirals. Expansion. And contraction. Growing pains can hurt, they can dig down deep to our core. Become at once the observer and the observed. We see more with our eyes shut than we ever do with them open. The eyes are our weak point easily distracted and deceived. Our energy reacts to frequencies which cannot lie. The more we tune into our energy, the more responsive we become to subtleties in our environment. We sense not only wavelengths within this dimension, we experience frequencies out with this reality.

We become aware of the fourth dimension and how it interacts with the third. We spot tell tale signs of predator DNA or fourth dimension interference with tuned up antennae. Negative beings, who either choose greed, power and hate over love or are tricked into lower vibratory fields, are hugely threatened by light workers. Their energy reads ours, they see our light and like moths to a flame they are drawn to us. Parasites, narcissists, bullies, abusers, primitive young souls and demonized darker souls will all come for the lightworker in the room. Energy vampires come in all shapes and sizes it’s our energetic antennae that will alert us to them. We are no less susceptible to charisma, charm or manipulation that anyone else. We can turn down the volume of matrix senses, and sharpen our energetic sensors with meditation. We can protect ourselves and raise our vibrations using crystals, prayer and mantras. We trust our third eye. We penetrate the false face to see truth in energetic frequency.

We spot the undercover cops, the men in black, the shape shifters, and infiltrators. We instinctively prioritise our safety, listening to our gut, avoiding dark alleyways. Lizards or lizard DNA people become obvious. The reptilian people who do not know what they are, suspect we do. And they are right. This makes them nervous. As with all predators our refusal to bow to their will disrupts their dominant algorithms. They will come for light workers and warriors time and again. We see through their holograms or matrix masks. Our skin prickles. A cloud of darkness emanates from negative people. Nature is what it is. We see the Jedi knights clear as day and cannot believe everyone else can’t see them. Their grace, their grit, their fearlessness and focus. We see angels begging and snakes in suits. We exit stage left abruptly when the energy goes sour. Removal is survival. We stop caring what others see. We stare at the sky. We meditate under trees in the park. We laugh with our friends and dance to loud music.

We are Warriors of Gaia and we do not do fear. We believe in peace. Among all nations, all people’s, in homes and solar systems. We are here to raise the vibrations on Gaia. To assist in the awakening of her people. We come here as starseed, indigo, light worker, healer and teacher. We are human in this lifetime, in awe of the experience. We are frontline warriors here to heal and guide. We illuminate the darkness and flood Gaia with light. We march to the beat of universal love. Our groove is spiritual growth. Our mission is peace on earth. Our challenge is the matrix. We come as volunteers at a rare and momentous time in the multi verse. The creators are here. Many beings with love for Gaia and her people have travelled through starscapes and galaxies to be here for us. We are not alone. We are surrounded by love. Guides, angels and ascended beings gently nudge us along, protecting us. Shine your light bright, cosmic brothers and sisters, protected at all times in love frequency. Peace.


I ask my higher self to power up the pyramid of light that surrounds me.

Shield up in love vibration.

I exhale fear, I inhale peace.

I am one with universal love flow.

I anchor my light Gaia’s grid.

I am connected at all times to universal love frequency. Namaste.



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