From Human Body to Lightbody

body of lightI see many “questioning” how or when or if they are even experiencing “this”… Physical Body Ascension, Galactic/Higher Self/Pure Source Light Embodiment and a part of this “movement” or huge shift into a much higher dimensional existence…. So I write/share a little here to assist with the “how”, which is just a tiny portion of this immense process as all RETURN through Awakening to Remembering…. Ascending with their bodies after their own “Fall from Consciousness” into the Unconscious Realms of Amnesia…. as the veils and foundations of realities vastly dissolve and take all new form.

Our human body was carbon-based, just like a diamond in the rough. It was dense and “packed” full of “heavy” programming, deep within each cell of our bodies… and then it was time (vibrationally) to wake up/awaken/start to remember…

Yet, because the human body anchored each physically in 3D, D standing for Density and Dimension… our consciousness has to “wake up” first. Technically our consciousness is not asleep. We were, our bodies were… and the waking up process means that the body must awaken, purify, cleanse, clear… every linear, conditioned, fixed, limited, distorted, illusory, unconscious program… which is an immense process of ENDURANCE, while undertaking the hugest task ever; Evolving from unconscious sleeping human to fully awakened Universal/Cosmic Light BEings/Soul/Galactics incarnate in a physical body… to walk a literal Heaven on Earth.

This process occurs deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside of our bodies, on a cellular, molecular and atomic level. It’s our Quantum Energy Body, which humans don’t know how to interpret or understand. This means “re-working” how we listen, how we understand, how we perceive everything and re-working how all REALity is….

Our realities are actually Quantum, not physical as our human aspect “thought”. Our realities are CREATED by our Quantum State of Consciousness, and each’s “human” experience (ego/separation/duality) chosen/designated/programmed in each’s DNA upon incarnating/walking into physical form here. Until it’s time for one to start waking up from the deep state of amnesia, living deep beneath the veils, each is living out a human experience, which changes the moment that AWAKENING CODE (1111) is activate inside of each’s cells, codon’s, template……. The next phase is a LONG and intricate PASSAGEWAY of Ascending, by way of Transcending all things ego/separation/unconscious held within. It’s an awakening of each’s Consciousness, from within the body, which activates the LightBody…. yet at first, this “Light” of each’s Soul is small, dormant, asleep…. as the human experience had a human body…. because it played out certain roles necessary to complete a karmic clearing process…. to then move on to many others…..

Through each’s consciousness expanding, then each can achieve and ascended state. At first by way of consciousness, then physically, which can take years. For me personally, once I started to awaken, I was still completely unaware, didn’t have a clue to any of “this” and had to stumble my way back into consciousness, awakening, remembering…. which was beyond intense, which was the journey I chose here. I chose the harsh and rough, because I was soooo deep asleep and embedded in the matrix program. Waking up was the hugest challenge that I had. It took my whole lifetime up until that “point”. My human aspect (ego) was so strong, I fought with everything that I had, so everything I had had to go… so I didn’t have any more safety mechanisms or excuses… and I’d get on-board finally…. through immense pain, immense everything… Being a walk-in with no other physical incarnations… I had to “do” every extreme in this incarnation. Extreme is awesome when it comes to Quantum Jumping… yet the/our human aspect doesn’t do well with things it can’t control. Ascension is the opposite of control. It’s Unifying with “invisible” aspects, it’s having to accept what isn’t physically touchable as “real”.

Each’s Light is their Energy Body, the Light of their Soul, that awakens through many ways. Electrical jolts, shocks, traumas and magical experiences alike, all different stimulations for the body to release emotions “tied to” (or attached) to a mentality, belief, thought. First “trapped” ones, “lower vibrational” ones that represent discord, like perceived fears, judgments, blame, shame, guilt, anger, hurt and more…. all a part of an akashic record held in each’s cellular imprints and body templates, which houses each’s “all existences” vibrationally where all is “housed” or “stored”. These cellular imprints represent reality, which is subjective and changes as each awakens to new truths, new awareness, new realizations and understandings that challenge the fabric of reality as it once was. As YOU BEcome Energy, your physical reconfigures/adapts. Your energy body will be your primary body, with your physical body working in unison with this. When you allow your light to deplete, your LightBody will shut down and your human body will be the body you are functioning with. This is why it’s so important to re-generate and learn to sustain/maintain/generate your own Light from inside and not “spend/waste” your energy on that which is not creating/supporting NEW EARTH realities for us all. (This will “lend” to your physical abundance). You will re-create everything in accordance with Universal and Cosmic Laws/Rules/Alignment/Codes (whatever word you want to use).

PHASE 1: The human experience of separation by way of a deeeeeeep sleep. (3rd Dimension)
PHASE 2: Awakening to “something more”, yet not quite understanding “all” (Duality phase/4D)
PHASE 3: Ascending of/through Consciousness and then Physical Body Ascension (5D-12D)
PHASE 4: Multi-Dimensionality and Service through Purity & Unity Consciousness Love (13D+)
PHASE 5: Incarnate Star Council Members called into Service (we are now in this phase/2018): Avatars/OverSoul Embodiers of the Diamond Rainbow Body Template and Carrying 2222 Codes

I’ll announce the next phases accordingly. As each “completes” the initiations, passageways and activates the keycodes in their own DNA for embodiment and fulfilling these higher purposes/roles/missions here. They may change a bit, as I typed this up by observing today. As I see more, then all adapts. 🙂 Tis how we flow here. ♥

At first, your energy body is your subtle body. The one you have to tune all of your attention (conscious awareness) to in order to hear, match up frequencies, vibrational energies and more. The more each does this, the more prevalent the energy body becomes, eventually activating fully to awaken the WHOLE BODY CONSCIOUSNESS that merges with your/each’s field (Merkaba then StarGate). This “merging” (integration) is a continual process, as is clearing any old programs that emerge/present. The human is “slow” to process. The more crystalline, the “faster” processing is, yet it takes the whole body to process, as the human body goes offline from the old Matrix and comes online with the Energetic and Crystalline Matrix of NEW Earth, then the Plasma Networking system and more. The more Light held, the more crystals evolve, the “faster” and easier one’s LightBody can process Light Encoded data with their whole body, through the Quantum Unified Field of Super Consciousness, all surroundings, inner and outer realities and more. In high anchoring times, the Crystalline LightBody “goes offline” to upgrade and the human body has to sleep/shut down/relax/slow down and disconnect from the external to “process” and integrate Light Data, overloading the human body systems until each can rebuild their new bodies in accordance with much Higher Dimensional Cosmic Frequency Light. Physical Density constantly changing, the structures of our cells, the capabilities of our “bodies”, as our DNA/RNA recodes constantly, as our bodies recalibrate constantly to HOLD the immensity of Quantum Cosmic SOULar Galactic Photonic Frequency Light.

Stellar StarGate openings and alignments, planetary shifts and Gaia’s restructuring coincide with each of our Earthly Soul Bodies as we do simultaneously with them. Our bodies and fields, holding all, every cellular organism of our body must awaken and be completely re-coded, re-patterned and re-worked.

At first, our denser bodies anchored us in denser realities, where energetics were not understood. Everything was very “physical”. All of this changes to become energetic, with the physical constantly being “density changing and physical form changing” as a result of our Individual Unified Quantum Consciousness. The more light we hold, as LOVE, the less density our bodies hold, so Light can zoom zoom zoom through our bodies and reconnect us on a multi-dimensional level here. Our bodies do the work for us and we gain access to our highest purposes/missions and roles through HOLDING the highest Light Quotient possible at all times. We are constantly integrating, stabilizing and shifting as are “realities”…. for these are Super Mega Quantum too. Our access replaces physical experience, as it once was. The physical takes on all new meanings, nothing like dense/unconscious old human ego ones. We have our own language, which is Light… spoken and transmitted through LOVE… through Purity, through our Divine Presence and Essence…

It’s been challenging for me lately, as I don’t speak “human” very well anymore, and I’ve actually had to utilize someone else that can still “understand and speak human” to help communicate as the bridge between galaxies/cosmos/universes…. I had someone here with me that understands “my/our” language who can still translate that into human…. This is a part of the throat chakra and 2222 Codes that are re-working our language centers. Communicating across “galaxies” to those who are still waking up and function linearly takes alot of energy on our part. It’s actually “hard” on our physical bodies, all of the energy it takes to explain what is simple when received through our open and unified hearts.

LOVE is our existence, LOVE is our foundation. We don’t have realities that are less anymore. We don’t have the capacity for “less” and we barely remember ones that are “less”, unless the vibration presents for us to see/feel/observe and “deal”/shift/resolve/dissolve appropriately ourselves/together as love. Love is the basis for all that we are and do… there are no other realities that exist. Communicating LOVE to the “not yet” conscious is tricky, because “our realities” don’t make logical sense. This is because all must be FELT and the human aspect has shut down, not wanting to feel or feels “too much”, not able to maintain balance as their heart opens fully. The fear and judgment of FEELING creates a distortion within itself. Communicating FEELINGS without distortions means complete self-awareness, self-respect, self-care and holding this for each other as well. The beauty is that we don’t care if our realities don’t make sense or fit into “others” perceptions of what “reality is”. Our realities don’t play out karmically, the loop cycle of timelines being re-created from unconscious programming that eventually dissolve/collapse (in order to unify on a higher dimensional plane of existence). Ours are CREATED from Zero Point Field… from where the Purity of Love exists within us all. Light is our “doing” energy. It’s how we transmit all. It’s the FORCE, the POWER that CREATES… and holds all of our NEW EARTH REALITIES in place.

Love is our Divine Feminine. Light is our Divine Masculine. Creation is our Divine Child Aspect that’s Genius, wise and pure. It takes all 3 (three fold flame) to ignite our SOUL Fire from within. Clearing any human distortions as we do, is a part of this process as well.

We’ve entered a phase (for human bodies), where “eruptions” and “distortions” will become bigger, louder and more visible in every way. The increase in photonic and plasma atmospheres makes all heard/felt/seen, more powerfully and “easily” than before. The physical body/Earthly bodies and Gaia’s and our Universe/Cosmos…. we’ve amped all up huge. This is a great time of “change”, as more stand in their power (many will be “fighting it out”), speak out, stand up and take their power back, stepping completely out of old realities/timelines…. The more inner balance, inner peace, inner connection, the less the “extreme” behavior occurs. Focus on inner-balance and stabilizing these cosmic activations/upgrades, as it’s easier to maintain your entire reality (all gazillion of them) simultaneously if you do. ♥

I’ll be writing more to the Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Frequency Holders, Light Keepers, Bridgers, NEW Earth Anchors and Stabilizers as we go. Y/Our Roles become more prevalent as we move into these next phases, so honor your processes, your bodies and you… embracing your WayShower Roles in a multitude of ways as they present. Many shall be called to step-up/forth in varying capacities, to fulfill much higher purposes/roles/missions now. Your human aspect “will not like” these parts, so recognize which aspect you are BEing in every moment here. Embodiers/Avatars/Peaceful Powerful Rainbow Warriors…. Hold your space/place and shine your Light as bright as you can…. be as visible as you can…. affect all as LOVE in every way, every exchange… It’s beyond important for us all. (p.s. If you are reading anything I’ve ever shared, this is you!). ♥

I love you! Keep doing and being magnificent! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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