The Creators: More Than One Path

the collective“Because there is no one answer, many of you get stuck. You are looking for a single and solitary truth to guide you through your lives. You want everything to be cut and dried. You want there to be only one way, only one path. This is causing many of you to feel stifled. You are waiting and wondering when you will receive what it is you think you need in your lives.

You are creating it all. It is not that you are here just to discover your path. You are here to create it. We want you to get out there and start throwing some things up against the wall to see what sticks. We want you to have more fun with this and see it less as a do-or-die situation.

Many of you were taught that you only have one life, and that if you don’t get it right, something very, very bad will happen to you upon your death. And this has created much fear in you, for if you do not choose the right way, the right path, you could wind up in that horrible place. We say to you, you are not ever going to find yourself damned for all eternity or in a situation that is irreversible.

Sometimes when you find yourselves in a pretty bad place, that is when you get your best ideas. So take what you would consider to be a risky step so that you can see what happens. See where it takes you. Take a chance on something that you have some uncertainty about, because when you are a creator there is nothing that cannot be undone.”