Questions and Answers with One Who Serves

divine love eraoflightOm Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you and we are here to continue, as always, the program that we are on here.

And we want you to understand that it is a program. Not the kind of program that you have become used to, and certainly not your television programs and these types of things, but a program nonetheless. A program that you have been preparing for for a long time; that you have been working toward, and that you are in the process now of completing this particular part of the program we speak of. And as you complete this program everything will begin to shift and change as you have never seen it shift and change before.

So you are in those moments as The Guardian said and as many have said previous to this. You are in those moments where everything can change in the blink of an eye here.

And that is what we want you to know at this time that the energies are rising so swiftly now the vibrations are increasing so fast that The Event, as you know it, this Galactic Pulse, could come at any time here. And in that blink of an eye you could have an entire shift of consciousness across your planet. And that is what we are getting you ready for, preparing you for. So when that moment comes, or rather those moments come, that you will be acclimated to the energies at the time.

We are ready now for questions. You have questions for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q:  [emailed question]  How can we let go fully of our past programs that people created for us or we made it part of our own program and then that we start believing the programs that were repeated throughout our lives?

Joanna/Shoshanna:  A program can be deleted and replaced through the will center as connected to the heart center. It must be a strengthening of the will center through practicing of exercising your willpower or the power of your will in connection with the heart center. (So that’s the answer to replacing the programs you no longer require.)

Q:  [emailed question cont’d]  From who or where does the need come from that I need approval or acceptance from my father/men in my life?

J/S:  Approval is a cultural program designed to weaken the will center and freedom to choose. Exercise the will center to gain independence from approval. (So it kind of goes with the first part of the question.)

Q:  [emailed question cont’d]  I would like to ask if it is possible to find out if my father’s soul/spirit approves or accepts me for how I am. If not I would like to ask you collectively if you approve or accept me.

J/S:  Your father neither approves nor disapproves for that is not the function of a spirit being. He loves you as one in a non-duality state can give that love and all is well.

Q:  [emailed question cont’d]  I want to know if it was pre-decided from my Higher Self to experience a physical impairment and will I enjoy the freedom of a healthy body?

J/S:  A body is an avatar by which the soul embraces its plan for experience and growth. That is what it is. Accept your avatar as the design your soul requires to experience what it needs to move past duality into perfect love.

OWS:  Wonderful! And we would add here, and this is for everyone, it is never important for anyone, any one of you to be concerned about what anyone else thinks, whether it is one of you or even one of us. That is not important here. It is only important that you are aware of what you feel within yourself and how important you feel about those things that you are doing, as well as who you are as a person, as an individual, as One. And this is what is very important. And we completely concur as Shoshana has said here as what was given. There is so much that each one of you bring to the table — and we say this directly here — bring to the table, because of what has been given by Sananda in the past of the tables and the Council Tables. So take what you can from this and we move on here.

Q:  [emailed question]  This questioner gives a story about how as a young girl she felt deep sadness for the world because of the extremes of duality. And then she came to an understanding that the nature of duality and its’ purpose is for the greater cause of experiencing and she replaced her anger with the love. She’s wondering how to overcome this sadness and transform it into joy.

OWS:  What we can tell you on this, and this is also for everyone, it is so important for you all to be aware that whatever you are working on you are working on. Whatever there is important in your life is important to you. So continue on with everything that you are doing knowing that you are working with your Higher Self, working together with your Higher Self.

You have many times, many of you have experiences where those things that occur around the world, those external things bring you sorrow, bring you pain. And this is because of who you are, because of where you come from. You come from light. You come from love. You are in this duality at this time and it is difficult for many of you to move through this process and these old programming that you have become accustomed to because it is foreign to you. It is foreign to you as a … not as a personality here, but as a soul being that you are. And it becomes more and more difficult for those of you that have that empathic quality and you attune to everyone else’s feelings. So if you are one of those, or even if you are not, it is important for you to be there for another being certainly but do not be that other being. Do not be that one; be in their shoes. You can test to being in their shoes. You can see what it is like but do not be in their shoes, if you understand what we are saying here.

 You are in your own shoes. You are in your own body, your own skin, your own vehicle that you have now.

And it is important for you to realize that you have your own path your own journey even though that journey often times will interact with another on their journey. And when that happens, be who you are in that process even though you are there to assist and be of service to others.

The other part of your question was how she can become more productive as a light worker. That is a difficult question to answer because it is an individual question. Everyone has their own individual needs, desires, concerns about and even understandings of what it means to be a light worker. Many of you do not understand what it means to be a light worker. To be a light worker you are here to anchor the light. You are here to work with the light, the consciousness, the love. To spread that love. When you begin to spread that love and that light you then become, you go from the worker to the warrior as Archangel Michael has given you. This is the picture or the visualization that we want you to have here. That you as the workers have now become the warriors. You as the ones who will move into the Order of the Red Hand as you were saying earlier here. You are ones that will become the warriors. This is important here for you to understand that workers and warriors are one in the same, but the warriors are the ones that will take the action, will do what it takes to spread more and more light and love. You see?

J/S:  If I might add something to what you just said, I think it’s important to … and this is becoming a common saying but, ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’. And that’s important for light workers because we can find pain and we can find beauty. And we also are a huge influence on the world. And our vibration can vibrate out to the world and either uplift or push down those that are around us. So it is important to know what our level of influence is and to begin to see the world as something beautiful.

OWS:  Yes, always.

Q: [emailed question]  Cory Goode mentioned a couple of galactic organizations in an interview from David Wilcox called Galactic Federation Blockade and Super Galactic Federation. This questioner would like to know about those organizations.

OWS:  These organizations are one and the same and yet they are different. There are many understandings beyond your three dimensional level at this time that you have not yet come to begin to grasp. You have some of this from your movies and your TV shows such as Star Trek and all of this, and this is a beginning here. This was a purposeful beginning to acquaint you with the idea of a Galactic Federation and the Prime Directive and all of these things. And there are experiences that are happening far far out from this planet at this time that are working to bring about the great shift of consciousness not only here on this planet but throughout the solar system and throughout the galaxy itself because as your planet shifts and changes so too does the rest of the whole because all is one. And if it is happening here, if the butterfly’s wings are flapping here, they are changing something entirely on the other side of the galaxy. You see? So all is one; all is related together here. As to the blockade that has been mentioned here there is a blockade that has happened across the solar system that has kept those from coming in and those from going out. In other words those of darkness cannot come in and those of darkness cannot escape. Okay?

Q:  [emailed question] We know alien abductions are no longer allowed by the Zeta Reticuli E.T. race. However abductions are still occurring by the US government using retro-engineered aero ships giving the impression to people that they are space E.T.’s. Why is the Galactic Federation of Planets still allowing this? Can they stop the government from doing that?

OWS:  The Galactic Federation is working to, in many respects, to curtail a great amount of this. But they cannot do it directly. If they could it would’ve been over a long time ago. But because of the Prime Directive they cannot interfere. But they can assist. Just as we can assist you, guide you, nudge you a long, but not do it for you. They also are working together with those of the what you know now as the Alliance here, the Earth Alliance, and they are working directly with them to curtail many of these activities. And many of these have been stopped. You have not heard of this directly yet, and you may even hear of ones that are abducted and things of this nature yet still, but it has been largely curtailed and diminished in a great many ways here. And it is not occurring anywhere near as much as it was before. And you are correct in that those of the Zeta Reticuli have left the building as you might say. They are no longer a part of this program here and or the programming that has gone on here.

Q:  In my work I help people to get rid of their false beliefs and limiting beliefs, like I help collapse them from the root. And I had gotten the go-ahead to work with this particular individual who seemed to present pretty well but she was telling me how her father was in the Illuminati and he was targeting her and they were targeting her in some certain ways. And I was tracking along with that but at some point I said some innocuous thing which I guess triggered her, and before I knew it I was in the Illuminati targeting her. I said okay, all righty, I guess we’ve got something going on here. So I’m trying to figure out why I was led to actually work with her or to start a process with her because I wondered, you know like I’m trying to work out if do the Illuminati target individuals? Do they do that or is it more of a general overview. And also would a paranoid sort of schizophrenic kind-of-looking-thing would it be true that that person actually is being targeted and it’s kind of putting that together with his or her own homegrown triggers to come up with these kind of bizarre theories and stuff? And I guess my final question is what’s a better way to work with someone or to give them to someone else (I don’t think a regular practitioner) but what’s a better way to assist a person like that?

OWS:  The Illuminati, or the cabal, the dark forces, the deep state, the elites, whatever you want to call them, are working to do everything that they can to hold back this ascension process. They have known about it for a long time and they do what they can. And when they come across someone who is influential in some ways in working to bring this ascension process forward, they attempt to, as you say, attack them directly so that they are thwarted from doing what they came here to do. So they will attempt to do this from time to time. It happened much more in the past. It is happening much much less now. Because they are still attempting to do the same thing, they are still directing these attacks but more and more because the vibrations have increased, those that are receiving the attacks are not being thwarted by it as much as they would have been before because they have a force field you might say around them. Being with the vibrations. The vibrations in a sense would create a force field that those of lower vibrations cannot penetrate. You see? This is how this works. In the past this would’ve been called magic. It is not magic it is simply science. So there is so much yet to be determined about this as to when you work with someone are you saying work with someone that is has been directed by these forces? Is this what you are saying?

Q:  Uh, I just stumbled on her. I thought she was of the light. She seemed to come off as a light worker-type person but then there was this switch, you know. A switch just turned and it was almost like a paranoid thing now I’m in the Illuminati. She’s accusing me of being in the Illuminati and coming after her and all of this. So I was confused what was the reason that I was meant to work with her or at least start a process? Was it to see that there are certain individuals that I absolutely can’t work with or was it for me to realize the connection between people being targeted and how I’m triggered?

OWS:  We understand now. Whenever you are ‘directed’, as you are saying, to work with another individual for whatever that might be, you may be directed in that respect and work with that person until you do what you came to do. What you came to do in this sense was to bring out that other part of this person so that it could be brought out in the open. But we would not suggest to you at this time for you to continue to work with this one because it is not in your best interest to do so at this point. You could if you want to. Certainly, that is up to you. But there are certain ones of vibration that are not akin to your vibration. This is not only to you who asked this question but to all. As you come in contact with those of lower vibration that will tend to then bring attempt to bring your vibration down and that is not what you want to associate with. That is not to say if your family members are of low vibration not to associate with them but protect yourself always. Always know that you are protected with the Light and visualize the Light around you or within you and you can there are many ways of doing this and these have been given many times before. Okay?

Q:  Yeah. Yeah. Okay so it sounds like the job got done and that’s enough of that. Okay. I wasn’t sure if I was missing reading that I was directed to work with her. But it sounds like there was a job, it got done, and that’s it.

OWS:  That is correct. But go within yourself to ask this. Do not ever allow those of us to interfere in any way, although we do not see this as interference in this respect. But we do not want you, yourself, your personality to see this as interference for then we begin to create a karmic situation. And that is not what we are here to do.

Q:  Has Cobra been compromised?

OWS:  That is very brief! [OWS just requested all questions, from this point on, be brief.] Very good. No. He has not been compromised as you are saying. Since you ask it directly like this, this we can give an answer to directly. He has not been. They have attempted to many many times but he has great protection around him and he has a great mission that he is upon here. And he is continuing on that mission. There are many across the planet that from time to time are directed or feel that they are directed when they say by their higher self, or whatever it might be and it is not. It is their ego coming over them and moving them in a direction to … to … the only words we are coming up with are “put down” another individual; another light worker or warrior. And this one certainly is a warrior. He is here for reason. He has a great mission here and is continuing to work on that mission along with many of the others as you are coming aware of who they are. Okay?

Q:  My question is more of my seeking guidance. I have a four-year-old that seems to know exactly where he’s from. He believes it’s from the stars. And then the other night we’re outside and there were some ships passing by and I was like, “Look at the plane.” And he was like, “No, that’s an alien ship.” So a lot of them passed and he started saying, “Oh I want to go to the ship. Why can’t they pick me up?” I started to joke with him saying there’s no where for them to pick us up but he was really serious. He started saying things like the aliens must be good aliens. They are friends. And, this planet now is also for the aliens as well. I guess my question is how can I nurture a child like that, because obviously they know what they are talking about. They’re very knowledgeable about what’s going on; sometimes more than we are as adults. I just wanted to know how we can nurture that knowledge without over stimulating what he knows?

OWS:  You already know the answer to that. And you nurture that one by working with that one. You allow that one. A better word here than working, you allow that one to be who they are. Yes it is correct as you are saying this little one knows who he is and is working in the process here to continue the memories that he came in with. And you are, as this is one is continuing the program, the process (better) here to keep those memories within him and will be able to do that more if you are encouraging him. This is again as we always do for others who might have the same situation or something similar to this that can be directly to you now too. Work with those ones. Do not let them begin to think that they are out of the ordinary. Keep them out of the box. Do not enclose them in a box. Many of you, many of you as children were put in boxes and you stayed in those boxes. But it is important for you to live out of the box; to find yourself experiencing outside of the lines you might say. And more and more that you can do this and bring those children up in this way and assist them in being who they are, not who others attempt to make them into. You see?

 And we would say here that this one has said he was from the stars. We would tell you that you are all from the stars. In fact you came from the ether’s you journeyed to the stars and you are moving from the stars into the innermost planes of consciousness. Contemplate on that a little bit here!

J/S:  I’m going to add something as a mother to a mother. One of the things that is coming to me right now is to let your child know that others may not believe him but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. It means that they have their own opinion. And to let him know that the world might not always agree with him but he needs to stand by his own understanding.

OWS:  Yes. Very good.

Q:  I heard a channeling recently of The Guardian and I really, really responded to it and felt this great understanding and really resonated to it. And then when Sananda stepped aside and announced The Guardian I felt great excitement and joy. Who is The Guardian? Is it a collective? Can you tell us a little bit about The Guardian (or the collective of The Guardians)? And do I have some sort of connection to The Guardian or that collective?

OWS:  What we can tell you is The Guardians — they are not one Guardian, they are many Guardians, and they are a collective — and they have been around for a very, very long time. We cannot even begin to explain to you in your three-dimensional understanding just how long that would be because it is beyond time and space. But they have come, come back you might say. The Guardians have returned and they are those of the Blue Avians, as you have heard. They are some of The Guardians. And there are others including this one that came through the James here today and has come through at other times previously; this one of the New Dispensation. And there are others. And they are back here now because they you might say that they find themselves in a situation or come whenever there is a situation where there is a major shift in consciousness in that planet and the solar system and galaxy as is happening here. And this is why they have returned to assist this entire process. They, along with all of the others that are working with you here to bring this about. So they have returned. They left for little bit and now it appears that they have come back again to continue to assist in this process.

Q:  I know that we’re all able to make our bodies so that they are totally healthy. I’m just wondering what the best meditative process is to accomplish that.

OWS:  It is not so much the best meditative process but it is the best process overall in that you believe and then you will see. That is what is missing in many of you in the ‘knowing’ process. Because you hear of various health curious and things of this nature and then your first thought is does it work. And as soon as you wonder if it works then it does not work. You see? So you must come to the knowing. You must come to the believing and knowing and then it will occur, whatever it might be. So if there is a, say a diagnosis of cancer. The first thing many do is they go to their doctor and they find from their doctor what is needed and then their prescribed chemotherapy or radiation or surgery or whatever it might be and this is always just a temporary healing that might come at that time but it is not reaching to the source. And you must always go to the source of that. And what is that source? The Source is your own Higher Self. Not that the Source is creating that situation within you but it is the disconnection with the Source that is creating that or your belief in that disconnection. You see all of you came here in this planet in this evolution at this time and you separated yourself from the Source within you purposefully so that you could experience this sense of duality here on this planet and in this evolution. And it is now time to change that to go back to reconnecting or knowing that you are reconnected with this God Source within you. And once you have done that there is nothing that can harm you. [Audio interference by unmuted phone.]

It is continuing to be important for you to recognize that you and your Higher Self, or where Yeshua said, “I and my Father are One.” That is what he was speaking of. And as soon as he knew that he was One –and it was something he had to work on too, it was not something that he was directly born with and kept with him his whole life. He went through life situations just as all of you do. — But he came to understand through meditation, through going within directly, that He and His Father were One. He and the God Source within Him were One. And once he had that revelation here then everything began to shift within him. And that is when he went to on his journey to find the Masters who would work with him and as they did.

Q:  The other night when I was sleeping — I don’t think I was dreaming — but I actually, for the first time, heard a voice in my ear, like it was outside of myself. It may have been in my head but it sounded like it was coming from right by my ear. A loud voice said something which woke me up. I opened my eyes and was happy about it. I wanted to know if you could tell me who that was and if this is hopefully a beginning of a new opening for me?

OWS:  We will not tell you, of course, who that was but we will tell you that it was. Within your experience as soon as you say, oh, it was in my head, or it might’ve been my head, you discount it …

Q:  No I really didn’t discount it. That part of me is changing. I am trusting now and so I knew somebody had said something. It didn’t really matter if it was outside of myself are in my head. Somebody said something and I know that.

OWS:  That is correct. It does not matter. As we have said many times it is not the messenger that counts it is the message that comes. Whether it is within your head … and of course where would that be coming from then, or if it is coming from another outside of yourself. Whatever it is it is the message. Listen to the message. If the message resonates to you then go with it. It is the same thing as those that receive a message of that one of Cobra that was compromised. If the message felt right to you and for many it did not feel right. It did not resonate to them. And for them then it is important to go with that resonance to feel it to know it to understand it. You see?

Q:  Yes. Could this be the beginning of a new opening for me in that way?

 OWS:  You are always in the beginning of a new opening! [Laughter]

Q:  I have been doing this for a while now but somehow I feel like I know I have opened the wrong door in the twin flames situation. I was wondering what you guys see for me. Can I change the mistake that I made with that door, that I’ve opened the wrong door?

OWS:  We do not quite understand what you are asking here. You have opened a door. What kind of a door are you referring to?

Q:  A wrong door. Bad, wrong, mistake, error.

OWS:  Wrong door. But what is making you believe it is the wrong door here?

Q:  Because it’s getting to the point where I feel like it’s I just feel like it’s wrong. I feel like it’s not right. I was better, I had more confidence before I opened that door. I had more confidence. I was more assured of myself. So I was wondering if you could help me and if what do you see for me. Can eventually go forward and be the happier person that I was?

OWS:  What we can say to you if you are opening the wrong door as you are saying and of course figuratively here. If you are opening the wrong door then maybe you need to close it and not go through it. And not to be on the other side of it. When you do something of this nature and it does not feel right to you then it is likely not right for you. If it flows, if it goes, especially as these vibrations continue to rise here it is important for you more and more (and this is why we say this so many times,) go with the flow. Go with the flow. But if the flow does not feel right to you then do not go that way. You see? If it is taking you in a direction that is not right it is bringing pain to your body and ill health to your body, then it is something that is not meant for you if it does not resonate. You see? So it is time then to always go within yourself and ask within yourself what is meant here. Where you should go next. What steps to take. It is one thing to ask outside of yourself but it is so much better to ask within. Okay?

Q:  I have an insatiable curiosity and what came to me the other day during my meditation has really piqued my curiosity and that is are these great beings that communicate with us and help to guide us actually linked with us as we are linked with everyone else? So that our ascension is critical to their ultimate happiness and linking with Prime Source?

OWS:  Absolutely. 100%. No question about it! [Thank you!] You are linked to what everyone in the universe. Everyone! Everyone is One. This is why we say so many times be the One. You are all One. We are all one. And we are all connected. And when you fully come to that understanding then all of the programming that you have gone through here on this planet all begins to dissipate. It begins to fall off into the background into your past memories here, and it becomes just that, a memory, and no longer is guiding you and moving you and directing you in your life. You see?

Q:  Thank you. That is so true I was just afraid I was being too literal. But I’m on the path. Thank you so much.

Q:  I have a question about the mysterious Sphynx. I want to know why it was built. Some say it’s a hell of a lot older than Egyptian times. And I believe it is a lion, not a lion body with a woman’s head. What was it built for and what’s the meaning of it? Is there anything buried under or in it? And does it have a message for us in this special time that we’re in now?

OWS:  It is so ancient you cannot begin to know just how far back it goes. It predates the pyramids certainly. And it is a symbol you might say. A symbol that has carried on from various many civilizations that have come here to this planet and it is a continuing of the Galactic process that has gone on in coming to this planet. That is how we can say that. It is a symbol of the Mother Sekhmet here. And it is a very important understanding that will come to those here on the planet when the Grid, that has been spoken of, the Consciousness Grid here on the planet has been reconnected across the entire planet here. The lay lines and all of the sacred sites have come together again. And then there will be the activating of the pyramids again, including the Great Pyramid there that is behind this symbol here. And yes, there are what we would say locations below this that have, some have been discovered and not spoken of yet, and some have not yet been discovered here or recovered here.

Q:  Going on what the Guardian’s just said and you’ve also said it before, that the financial transition will take place either just before or just after The Event. The Guardian has just said that The Event is very, very close. Now this week I heard information from two different sources that there is a massive upgrade of the financial systems globally from a security perspective that kind of locked the cabal out of the systems and stop them from stealing funds which they’ve been doing for decades. So can you give your perspective on that? Can you confirm or not confirm that that happened this week?

OWS:  We can say from a higher perspective here is that everything is in control and everything is being orchestrated as we say. And the financial system is in the process of a changeover. It has not happened yet as you know it directly, but much of the inner workings have been put together here and are ready to turn this over whenever the signal is given for this. And the signal coincides with the various portions, or those of The Event, those mini events leading to the major event here. So all is coinciding directly with this. And of course no one knows the exact moment of this but the Father, the Prime Creator Him/Herself. You see? We know it is not directly what you wanted to know. You wanted to know if it was next week or the next two weeks here or something of this nature. Or giving a date here. And we told you we do not play that game here. That is not what we are here for.

Q:  I wasn’t asking for the day. I knew you wouldn’t answer that. But it was more that there were two pieces of information that maximum security upgrades had occurred because the lots of delays with the cabal stealing funds and so on. I just wanted to know if you knew anything about that because that seemed to be, I felt that was a huge leap forward for this process for the security upgrade if you like.

OWS:  There have been many leaps forward as you would say and are in the process of coming together more and more. And the security measures as you are saying have been put in place and they are working to shut the cabal out of the picture more and more here. That is correct.

Q:  Hello, One Who Knows. My wife and I have been facing challenges getting pregnant and it feels as though this being, this very unique being that wants to come in as our child. And that uniqueness requires a certain amount of patience as the level of orchestration to it feels that we can see directly. It also feels as though there may be some interference energetically. Trying to stop or circumvent this orchestration. And it’s been almost a year now and the patience is getting to be that aspect of it is challenging us. I was wondering if you might have any advice or reassurances and any information about the being that wants to come in.

OWS:  First of all we are not the One Who Knows. We are the One Who Serves. That is first of all. And it is important for that because that is what we are here to do is to serve. To serve mankind. Just as we have been served in the past as we were one of you. We were here as many of you know. We had other lives. We had other experiences here just as you did and we are still here in physical body.

As to your direct question here we can tell you that it is very important here for you to let go. If you hang onto this, if you become frustrated by this, if you become disconsolate and depressed from this, it will make it even more difficult for your partner to conceive here. So it is important for you to let go, let the process happen and ask for assistance. Ask for help. Ask for the one that is coming through to be able to come through. Look at it from a different point of view. Do not look at it from a three- dimensional understanding in that it may be difficult to conceive or your doctors tell you this and that and all of this. There are many times when doctors have said that this person will not be able to conceive a baby and yet that one has a baby. You see? The doctors do not know everything. In fact they know very little in this time and scheme of things here. So it is important for you to directly contact that one as you say that is attempting to come through and assist the process by letting go here. That is important for you. Okay?

Q:  I had to travel for a 3-day spiritual thing a couple of weeks ago and on my way back spirit threw a hint to me. A receipt for an airport-to-airport shuttle in New York my number was 2012. And they said be careful we’re going to call this number and they kept emphasizing the number 2012. I was like 2012, that was a long time ago. What did spirit want to tell me? And when I came back it was big thing about Cobra message. [reference to Cobra website] But for me it was like three days I was somewhere else. So my question is can I have any confirmation that I journeyed for those three days somewhere else and the trip was justification for being where I am. It was like I journeyed in the Inner Earth or something like that.

OWS:  You said you’d journeyed. We understood you say that you moved from your area that you lived into Florida is that correct?

Q:  I had to be there for three days.

OWS:  Yes you went there directly. So your question then is where you went while you were there? We do not understand what you are referring to here.

[caller appears to have dropped]

Then we release channel here now.

Please know that as you continue, as you continue this journey, as you continue to work forward and continue to rise in vibrations that you are preparing the rest of your life as you do this.

This is what we want you to think about more and more. Every single thought that you have, every single vision, every single visualization is creating for you ahead of time here. You are creating the new age. You are creating the fifth dimensional experience that you are all going to have. So think about this as you come to, thoughts that come to you that are seemingly negative to you, they are dark, they are part of the old programming, the old paradigm. And then know that those thoughts have as much power as the thoughts that are creating the New Golden Age for yourself as well. Okay?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.



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