The Guardian: New Dawn

precious earth eraoflightI AM the Guardian of the New Dispensation.

I have not been with this group for some time. As I mentioned a while ago I would not be returning, we would not be returning as The Guardians, until such a time that the vibrations have increased enough to allow for the beginning, the process of the New Dawn to come over this planet. And that time is nearly here.

As you hear many times, many, many different ways that you are on the cusp, that you have reached the finish line, that you are nearing the crescendo. And all of these are true. True to the consciousness that is of man at this time. But as you all know man’s consciousness changes with every thought and every moment so it can never be determined ahead of time when the full changes will commence, when The Event will happen.

But know that in these moments now, prior to the great Event, prior to the New Dawn appearing over this planet, you are in those moments before the New Dawn. Moments, of course, could be different timeframe than what you are used to. Because as we are coming to you we are in a place of no time. We are in space but not time as you know it. So when we say moments, that can be at times an eternity for you. That is not to say that it will be much longer. For you are in those moments. You have reached the finish line as Sananda has said many times.

It is only up to you now, each one of you, to continue about your mission both individual and group.

And as you are preparing to continue on this journey for finding those records, and even though those of you, many of you, have not pursued this previously, you have pursued this previously because many of you that are on these calls participated in this forming of those records and the secreting away of those records.

And it is very important to continue this journey, this process that you started so long ago and to find yourselves now remembering. Remembering; knowing from within that you have the key, as has been spoken. And that you are the key. That all of you together, working as One, will find the culmination and the results that you are after.

But only working as One. For if ever there is a differing viewpoint comes in and creates a resonance that is not the resonance of the One, that you must know even beyond that of those records, you are all after the records within yourself, those memories that will return.

And many of you are beginning now to return because everything is in the moment. All of you must come to understand that you are in the moment. And every time that you create within that moment, that you visualize within that moment, you are creating the new world, New Age of Gaia. You are creating that each and every thought that you have, each and every vision that you have. And within this it is time for you to realize just how powerful your thoughts, your words, and your actions are.

It is only you that can do this. We cannot do it for you nor would we if we could as we cannot and will not take the place of your free will. We are always here to assist and guide wherever the call goes out. When that call goes forth we, those of us The Guardians, those that are of the Company of Heaven, the many of the Ascended Masters that you know of, we are all here with you.

Always know and understand that. Believe that.

I AM the Guardian of a New Dispensation. For it is a New Dispensation. It is a new level of consciousness that is coming over this planet and will continue to come over this planet and within each and every one of you the collective you. I leave you now in peace and glory and love, until that moment when the New Dawn arises.



» Source 1 2 » Channel: James McConnell